вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

Navalny on the loose


Famous blogger Aleksei Navalny was released from jail last night after a court sentenced him to 15 days in prison for obstructing police at the 4 December protest march, which was held without advanced notification of Moscow police.

Before Navalny left jail the only available information about his release had been its exact time - 2.30 a.m. Russian parliament MP Ilya Ponomarev whose status stipulates free access to any police station began searching for Navalny. He founded Navalny in Maryinsky Park police station. An hour before Ponomarev arrived in his car, Mrs Navalnaya had been told at the same station that her husband had been to a different place. By half past two, a few people gathered outside the station. On the door there was a sign: “Wait! You will be invited!” Navalny, accompanied by Ponomarev, came out at quarter to three. He asked photographers to let him first greet his wife, saying that a family reunion photo would be very romantic. But no one yielded to a point, and Navalny began to speak. His words contained nothing new and were laced with his famous “crooks and thieves” catch phrase.

“We got into jail in one country, 15 days after we get out in another country,” he said. Deprived of reliable information, Navalny looked as if he were afraid to say something in a wrong way. He made it clear that he saw the situation change in the country.

“Putin will not be legitimate president,” the blogger and anti-corruption whistle-blower said.

“It would be illegitimate act of succession to the throne. One crook hand over power to the other crook. Free presidential election is among our claims. In those elections lots of people will take part, me possibly”.

Navalny said nothing else about his plans for political future. 

“To avoid provocations”, Ponomarev undertook to see Navalny home.

On Wednesday, leader of minor opposition group Ilya Yashin has left the jail where he served the same term for the same offenses. Rumafia.com reported, that he refused to have a crime prevention talk.


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