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Leonid Lebedev - Owner Of Sintez Group

Surname: Lebedev

Name: Leonid

Fathername: Leonidovich

Position: Owner Of Sintez Group


Leonid Lebedev was born on 2 May 1956 in Moscow. In 1979 he graduated from the chemical, petrochemical and criogenic machines and equipment engineering department of the Moscow Institute of Chemical Engineering with a specialization in mechanical engineering.

In early 1980s worked as an expert at the USSR Chamber of Trade and Industry, held different positions at Mosconcert and its industrial facilities.

In 1988-1990 he was a President of the Soviet-American joint venture Sintez International

Since 1990 - Chairman of the board of directors of Sintez Corporation, Chairman of the Council of JSCB Obyedinenny gorodskoy bank

1993-1996 - Chairman of the board of directors of JSCB Investitsionnaya bankovskaya korporatsiya
Since 1995 - Chairman of СJSC Corporation Sintez
In 2002, elected representative of the State Council of the Chuvashian Republic in the Federation Council of Russia.
September 9, 2006 joined United Russia

 Source: Wikipedia.org



 In 1992, when Latvia gained full independence and placed customs barriers, Lebedev and his buisiness partner Mark Garber signedSintez records away to the musician Alexander Kutikov. The holding company, in its turn, focused on trading exchange commodities - oil, wood and pipelines. Sintez had created Negusneft company, entitled to field development at the small Varyngsky deposit in the Khanty-Mansiysky Autonomous District, and also had purchased 10 percent stake of Nizhnevartovskgas, 15 percent of Rosneft-Sakhalinmorneftegas and 15 percent of Yaroslavsky oil refinery plant. As told by Lebedev, by the end of 1990s the total annual turnover of gasoline, heating oil and diesel fuel via Sintez had reached 15 million tons. At that time, Sintez was controlled, besides Lebedev, by two men - a narcologist Mark Garber and the former assistant of the Odessa picture studio director Alexander Zhukov (father of Daria Zhukova, Roman Abramovich`s girlfriend), who was in charge of Sintez production export and shiftment in Ukrainian ports.

Source: Cinematographe in Russia, 22 January 2011 

In 2002-2003 Lebedev appeared in the court of Italian city Turin, in the criminal case of illegal arms trafficking from Ukraine and Belarus to Yugoslavia. On August 5, 2001, Italian police arrested the co-owner of Sintez`s Ukrainian sub Alexander Zhukov as suspect in this criminal file.

In March 2002, the Sintez sub`s offcial Dmitry Streshinsky became the only person named in this case to be convicted by the Turin court. He received a fine imposition and one year and eleven month suspended prison sentence. On January, 16, 2003, other suspects in this case, including Lebedev (along with Kuzma Medanich, Mark Garber, Alexander Zhukov, Andrey Vazhnik, Anatoliy Fedorenko) were cleared up of criminal charges for lack of evidence, because Italian law doesn`t recognise arms trafficking outside of Italia as crime.  

Source: Kommersant, 17 January 2004 

In 2006 Rosneft denied any interest in participating in Sintez group`s offshore projects. They refused to take part in the project on the ground of disclosure of confidential data. For Sintez this break came as a surprise.

Source: Vsluh.ru, 07 November 2006  


In summer 2008 Lebedev bought 43 percent stake in TGK-2 for 18,6 billion RUB loan from Sberbank. His buisiness partner in the deal was a German energy utility RWESintez`s lawyers registered Kores Invest company and made a buyout offer to minority shareholders. However, having estimated the risk, RWE backed out of the deal in September, with Sintez to pay $800 million of the investment plan. Besides that, after the market had dived, a RUB 16 million buyout was presented by minority shareholders. Unable to pay the costs, Lebedev filed a lawsuit against his own company, arguing that he didn`t give consent to make a buyout. In December 2008,  TGK-2 was enlisted in the governmental support program, however, its shareholders had to wind down a number of projects and slash the expenses.

Source: Forbes, February 2009 


Sintez group, owned by senator Leonid Lebedev, is still trying to sue the German RWE for pulling out of partnership on TGK-2 deal in the midst of the crisis. The Sintez group filed a Euro 675 million lawsuit against the German concern.

Source: PRIME, 21 May 2012 

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  1. Actually few people outside Russia know that Leonid Lebedev has a very negative reputation in Russia. His name is linked to a series of scandals and lawsuits in this country and abroad. He was accused of illegal trafficking of arms, fraud, embezzlement of funds of lenders and business partners, money laundering, withdrawal of funds to offshore structure etc. He is a real mafioso. Moreover, for 13 years (since 2012) this mafioso has been taken part of the political elite of the country. In April 2015 senator Lebedev left the Federation Council (Russian Senate) after the scandal with the income declaration. More compromising information and documentary evidence see here: http://gangstersinc.ning.com/profiles/blogs/russian-boss-leonid-lebedev