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Better late than never

On June 27, 2012, a “library of compromising” compromat.ru and online newspaper Moscow-post.ru stopped working in Russia. At the same time administrative proceedings for libel was instituted on the founder of another network periodical - Parity-press - Vladimir Popov.

Of course, it immediately went to discuss that with the return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency it had been decided to "tighten the screw" on the media. However, as Rumafia reporters found, the head of state had nothing to do with it. Most likely, he was even “thrown under the bus” to show him off in the West as a "suppressor of journalists". In this situation, everything turned out to be much easier. Two brothers, the former head of the personnel department of the presidential administration Sergey Dubik and Gazprom top manager Nikolay Dubik, were very upset with a couple of articles on their personae. Actually, because of these publications, Sergey had lost his high post, and Nicholay had had some serious problems in the state corporation. After that, they decided to put it across with the media by their usual ways. These ways were when the sites were closed without the court decisions, and journalists were dragged to the "showdown" with the prosecutor.

The anger of the Dubiks was caused by three publications titled "Dubik Almighty", "Dubik Almighty-2" and "Dubik Almighty-3”, which were published in the affected resources in February and March. The articles represented journalistic investigations provided the information obtained from different sources. In particular, they told how Sergey Dubik had introduced into the Kremlin practice a system of sale of positions: both heads of large state-owned enterprises and heads of whole regions as well. The articles also told how he had been involved in illegal privatization, how he had forcibly sent some Kremlin staff, who tried to disturb him, to a psychiatric hospital, how he had built his own "vertical of power", consisted of corrupt MVD generals (all of them had not been certified). It was unearthed less about Nikolay Dubik. The journalists found out that he often drove drunk. They noted that after many contracts Nikolai Dubik was in charge in Gazprom, large sums of money had been arrived to his personal Ventobel Swiss bank account. At the same time one of such pay-sheets was published. It had been confiscated by law enforcement authorities during a search.

As a result, in May, Sergey Dubik lost his position in the Kremlin. He received an honorary, but insignificant post of the adviser of the President of the Russian Federation. Nicholay, according to some sources in Gazprom, had some aroused serious problems in the monopoly. For him, an internal inspection was even appointed, during which he was sent to a long vacation.

For some reason, the Dubiks didn't claim the media immediately after the publication. They waited while Putin would become president, then they began to quietly "include" their resources. Thus, the Moscow Prosecutor's Office was involved. It started investigation on Kompromat.ru and the Moscow-post according to Dubik's claim. At the very begining of the investigation, even without finding out the fault of the journalists, the Moscow prosecutors demanded from the domain registrar RU-Center to suspend the delegation of compromat.ru and moscow-post.ru addresses.

Both sites moved to other addresses - compromat.net and moscow-post.com. It happened, we remind, without any judgments. Moreover, even the Moscow Prosecutor's Office did not "reveal" at whose request these two resources had been closed in Russia. It is clear that the news of the closure of the two influential sites spread over other media, which began to put forward different versions of what it could mean. The main one was that they settled scores with “compromising” resources according to the President decision. The fact that behind all this history were exclusively the Dubiks was "opened" by the prosecutor's office of the Yaroslavl region. It turned out that Sergey and Nicolay had claimed to it too, because Parity-press had been registered in this region. The issue was personally taken by the Deputy Prosecutor of the region Belhoroev, who decided to "beat" his Moscow colleagues. He did not suspend Parity-press but immediately instituted administrative proceedings against the founder Popov (for libel). Popov got acquainted with the prosecutor's decision, where he saw the name of Dubik. It was also mentioned in the materials of the case that Sergey and Nikolai had appealed to the Moscow prosecutor's office.

There was the fact the heroes of the "war" with the media could not get away. Sergey Dubik himself in an interview to Vedomosti was forced to admit that he had adressed to law enforcement for violation of his rights, but he said he did not know which sites had been disconnected, and why. "I complained about the defamatory articles, which had been distributed in electronic media," the former head of the presidential staff said.
"The president was out of all relations to this situation, it was a personal initiative Dubik and the manifestation of zeal from some prosecutors," a source in the Kremlin said. Moreover, he expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that originally Dubik had tried to hide his role in this story by all means, and the situation had aroused certain suspicion towards Vladimir Putin.

And "manifestation of zeal" from some prosecutors was not surprising. Even when Dubik headed the staff of the President, all appointments to senior positions in law enforcement took place with his approval. Therefore, there are still a lot of his henchmen in different departments.

When all the "masks" are open, there is a very sensitive issue. It is said in the resolution on initiation of proceedings on Popov that the Parity-Media’ publication titled "Dubik Almighty" states that "Sergey Dubik, along with several unidentified persons committed a number of criminal acts: unlawful placement in a psychiatric hospital (Article 128 of the Criminal Code) , receiving a bribe (Article.290 of the Criminal Code), impeding the production of a preliminary investigation (Article 294 of the Criminal Code), abuse of official power (Article 286 of the Criminal Code)”. At the same time, the Deputy Prosecutor of Yaroslavl region immediately and resolutely believes that Dubik did nothing like that. And how he can be sure without a separate verification of the facts set forth in the articles? However, for some reason, the prosecutor's office is not going to start such an investigation.

Obviously, Dubik and his war with the media only has spoiled his life. First, he has drawn the attention to the publications "Dubik Almighty." After the scandal with compromat.ru and Moscow-post.ru, these articles were mentioned and quoted by dozens of mainstream media. And the facts they set out have become public once again. Second, Dubic almost hurt Vladimir Putin's reputation in the West, where they look at the persecution on the media very serious.
Rumafia.com publishes the resolution on initiation of the case against Vladimir Popov and a pay-sheet about money transfer to Nikolay Dubik account. 


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