вторник, 13 ноября 2012 г.

Berezovsky hunt: disgraced oligarch’s accounts blocked in Russia

Bailiffs have arrested accounts and property remained in Russia of living in London businessman Boris Berezovsky to return the money evicted by Aeroflot company and the government of the Samara region.

 Execution of the judicial decisions has been placed under special control of the Director of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) Arthur Parfenchikov. "At present, some executive actions are being committed to transfer the established funds belonging to the debtor in favor of the claimants," the press service of the FSSP in Moscow said.

 The total amount of all the claims made by the Russian courts at the present time is estimated at 3.333 758 billion rubles. All information arrives to the capital, since the debtor is registered in Moscow, the department explained.

 Within searches the assets and property of the disgraced businessman, 75 banks were checked.  In some of them, Berezovsky's accounts have already been arrested. In addition, the regional offices of the Federal bailiff service carried out check in 83 subjects. In a number of them, «compulsory execution» measures had been applied, the press service noted.

According to Boris Berezovsky, he really still has billions of rubles in his home country. "In Russia, I have property at approximately 150 billion rubles. And, of course, I don’t tell where. Let them seek,” the businessman said. “I am not aware whatever they have taken."

 In the search for Berezovsky's funds outside of Russia, the Prosecutor General's Office is engaged. The most part of assets of the businessman is abroad. He has been living in London since September 2003, granted political asylum.

 In 2007, the Savelovsky Moscow District Court convicted Berezovsky in absentia of embezzling about 215 million rubles from Aeroflot in connection with foreign currency revenue transactions of the airline through Forus and Andava Swiss companies. As part of this decision, Aeroflot recovered compensation of $ 52 million. Taking into account changes in exchange rates, this amount corresponded to the size of the damage put to the company through the fraud of Andava bodies. The money confiscated from Andava company was transferred to Aeroflot from the account in the Swiss National Bank in late August 2010. Besides, in mid-June 2012, the High Court in London, where the airline had also filed a lawsuit for $ 85 million against Boris Berezovsky, Nikolay Glushko and Forus group of companies, confirmed the right to consideration of this claim.



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