вторник, 6 декабря 2011 г.

Yabloko inspired by a landslide in London


For the first time in recent years turnout at the Russian State Duma elections in the UK exceeded 2 thousand voters and was as high as 2,208 people. 1,745 voted in the embassy in London, 307 in the trade mission in London, and the rest of 156 people in the consulate general in Edinburgh.

With the votes counted in all three polling stations, Yabloko garnered 906 votes (41%), the Communists 436 votes (19.7%), Just Russia 348 votes (15.8%), United Russia 233 (10.6%), and nationalistic LDPR 159 (7.2%). Yabloko is wildly seen as a party of impoverished intelligentsia, which uses the rhetoric of social democrats and is in favour of market economy.

In Russia Yabloko enjoyed more moderate support. The party garnered far less than 7% of votes, which gives a party representation in the State Duma. The party leaders said they were ready to contest the State Duma results.

“Without doubts, we will contests the outcome of the elections. We are getting ready to take steps. We will announce what we are going to do next after the official results of the elects come through,” said Grigory Yavlinsky, co-founder of Yabloko.

He said that the party had serious reasons to disagree with the results. Yavlinsky added that Yabloko would continue working despite the defeat.

“The support of voters tells us that we have to continue our work, regardless of the figures they will give us tomorrow in the morning,” said Yavlinsky, referring to the official announcement of the results.


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