среда, 30 ноября 2011 г.

Baturin held for forging promissory notes


Viktor Baturin was detained on Monday by Moscow police on charges of huge fraud after chief investigative directorate within GU MVD for Moscow opened an investigation into what appears to be a crime under Article 159.30 and 40 of the RF Crime Code, i.e. attempted large-scale


Baturin is reported by Rumafia.com to have been arrested in his Moscow office. Baturin, who is the brother-in-law of former Moscow mayor, is suspected of an attempt to sell forged promissory notes of Inteco-Agro and Inteco company to a British investor for 5.5 billion roubles ($180
m). Earlier a note of Inteco was called by Rosagrolising company to cover for buying gricultural machinery and cattle, but it turned out that the note was fake. It took time to clear things up with the note, and the police did not announce Baturin's detention.

By Russian law Baturin can be held in custody for 48 hours only, but it is likely that the court will issue an arrest warrant against him. The investigation into Baturin is led by the same police unit which probed into the recent real estate scam.


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