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Konstantin Malofeev - Managing partner of Marshall Capital Partners fund


Surname: Malofeev

Name: Konstantin

Fathername: Valerievich

Position: Managing partner of Marshall Capital Partners fund


Konstantin Malofeyev was born on July, 3, 1974 in Pushchino, Moscow region. In 1996 he graduated from Law School at Moscow State University. He studied in the same years as Alexander Provotorov.

In 1996-1998 he worked as a lawyer in the investment company Renaissance Capital.

In 1998-2000 he worked at the brokerage firm Regent European Securities and the investment company CentreInvest.

Since 2001 he was head of investment department at Interros Holding Company.

Since 2002 he was head of corporate finance at investment banking department of MDM Bank.

In 2005 he established Marshall Capital Partners.

On February, 10, 2009 he became member of the board of directors of Svyazinvest OJSC and head of the Strategic Development Committee.

In February 2008 Finance magazine evaluated Malofeyev’s fortune at 230 million dollars. In 2006 he founded the orthodox school of St. Basil the Great.

Source: information collected by Russian mafia web-site





In 2005 Konstantin Malofeyev took part in an attempt of takeover raid of the Samara communications company SMARTS, owned by Gennady Kiryushin.

SMARTS was preparing for an IPO. The company had an agreement with Marshall Capital in accordance to which Marshall Capital was to buy 20% of shares from SMARTS minority shareholders before the IPO. But Malofeyev and his partners Michael Leshchenko and Sergey Azatyan managed to purchase only 0,125%.

Malofeyev realized that his services were no longer needed. He offered Kiryushin to pay compensation, that is, to buy five shares of the company for 10 million dollars. And after the entrepreneur’s refusal he sold the company to Pavel Svirsky, a well-known specialist in mergers and acquisitions and head of SIGMA group.

Svirsky bought Marshall Capital Partners renaming it to Sigma Capital Partners and the 5 shares of SMARTS owned by Malofeyev. After this he hinted to Kiryushin that he should prepare for the company to be sold at a dumping price. Kiryushin refused. The conflict escalated to a war. Svirsky was obviously more powerful as he was supported by officials of the Ministry of communication, their colleagues from Rossvyaznadzor (a communications monitoring body), MVD, FSB, Prosecutor’s offices including Prosecutor General’s office, and the chairpersons of arbitration courts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Kiryushin drew increased attention of authorities. His company was subjected to dozens of audits and lawsuits; criminal cases were suddenly initiated. The apotheosis was a criminal case at Moscow Basmanny district prosecutor's office. But Svirsky still could not force SMARTS to have the final battle. Kiryushin won all court hearings initiated by SIGMA to acquire shares of SMARTS.

On June, 1, 2008 a criminal case under article 159, part 4 (large-scale fraud) was filed against Sergey Azatyan, assistant to Svirsky and Malofeyev. The case was initiated by Investigation department of the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg police. He was charged with an attempt to seize 260 thousand dollars. As a result, according to rumours, a meeting was held in Moscow. Svirsky assessed financial loss and asked when the former owners of Marshall Capital Partners would repay the money spent in vain. According to rumours, about 10-15 million dollars were pinned for payback on Malofeyev and Leshchenko who had joined him.

Source: solomin, 10 August 2009


In 2009 Konstantin Malofeyev, investment banker, almost ruined a successful company, failed to conclude an agreement on buying stake in another company, and was cynically ignored in the third.

The U.S. Lexington Capital Partners, managing 15 billion dollars in private and public pension funds had some of the money in the funds managed by Marshall Capital Partners. And it began negotiations with the investors about their closure. Against the background of such news, Nutritek shares dropped in price by more than 20% during the week.

Marshall Capital Partners was going to become a co-owner of the St. Petersburg grocery retailer Lenta. One of its co-owners, Oleg Zherebtsov signed an option agreement with Marshall Capital to purchase 35.4% of the chain stores for nearly 100 million dollars. There are rumours that Konstantin Malofeyev’s Marshall Capital even paid the entrepreneur 1 million dollars so that he would not change his mind. But Zherebtsov still refused to conclude the deal with Malofeyev and sold his shares to the U.S. fund TPG Capital and VTB Capital.

Konstantin Malofeyev’s Marshall Capital Partners were thinking about buying shares of the pharmacy chain 36.6. Negotiations were difficult and the chain found another partner, the largest Russian pharmaceutical distributor SIA International. Marshall Capital was once again left with nothing.

Source: igolkin, 15 April 2010


On February, 10, 2009 Malofeyev was elected member of the board of directors of Svyazinvest. According to Yurchenko, Malofeyev had long been familiar with Minister Igor Shchyogolev. Shchegolev and Malofeyev were introduced to each other by their mutual friend Arseniy Mironov. He now heads the Department of Information and Public Relations at the Ministry of Communications. Earlier he worked with Shchyogolev at the ITAR-Tass and for the Protocol Administration of the president. Malofeyev has known Mironov since childhood.

Apart from Malofeyev and Provotorov, at least three other former Marshall Capital employees hold key positions in Svyazinvest. These are Michael Leshchenko, Svyazinvest deputy CEO (in 2005-2008 he was managing director of Marshall Capital Partners, and then became advisor to Shchegolev); Anton Khozyainov,  deputy CEO and financial director of Rostelecom (who held a similar position at Marshall); and Sergey Ogorodnov, who became head of the company Infra Engineering which was the contractor of Svyazinvest subsidiaries.

Source: Vedomosti, 11 October 2010


In 2010 there was an outbreak of a major scandal involving the deprivation of Scartel (brand name Yota) of its licenses for radio frequencies in the range of 2.5-2.7 GHz. Experts believed that Roskomnadzor and its parent organization, the Ministry of Communications, acted in the interests of business entities close to the Ministry of Communications which had not been participants of the telecommunications market previously.

Stanislav Belkovsky, President of the National Strategy Institute, directly named those behind Roskomnadzor’s attack on Scartel. It was a group of businessmen close to the top officials of the Ministry of Communications. Among those people there were Gregory Berezkin, owner of Rusenergotelekom, and Konstantin Malofeyev, former managing partner of Marshall Capital Partners and member of the board of directors of Svyazinvest, the right hand of Igor Shchegolev.

A political analyst says that "Conflict between Scartel and the regulator started with the group’s intention to build a federal 4G network and the search for vacant frequencies for it. And the fact that Medvedev personally advocated for Scartel is unlikely to protect the company. As the Russian political system reality shows, it is not the word of the head of state that is decisive. It is who can pool the largest administrative resource.”

Source: IA Rosbalt, 10 August 2010 

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