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Kasyanov rejected Medvedev’s advice


Mikhail Kasyanov, co-chairperson of People's Freedom Party (PARNAS), called indecent President Dmitry Medvedev’s advice to eliminate the violations and try to register the organization again.

Earlier Medvedev said that he saw no political motives in refusing to register the party. “They need to remove the ‘dead souls’ of the party list and then register.” said the president. “I think that members of PARNAS are fully capable of presenting properly filled out paperwork. We all know the people in it. They are a product of the system. "

According to Kasyanov, Medvedev must realize that the decision of the Ministry of Justice is illegitimate. “It is quite obvious that the agency must register the party because there is no legitimate reason for refusal, and the President knows it and plays the game, which we do not accept” stressed the politician in an interview to a radio station.

On the party’s web-site Kasyanov in his comments calls Medvedev's statement cynical. “He (the president) should not connive at the actions of the Ministry of Justice, but to see the irregularities and order the Ministry to make a legitimate decision and register the party”, - explained the former prime minister.

According to The Russian Mafia web-site (rumafia.com), the Ministry of Justice refused to register People's Freedom Party because the party's charter does not comply with federal law. In addition, by random checking the lists of party members the agency found that they contain information about citizens who died before December 13, 2010 when the party was established, and also information on minors and on the citizens, not registered at the stated place of residence.

 The decision of the Russian Ministry of Justice has caused frustration among some human rights organizations and foreign ministries in other countries. In response, Aleksander Lukashevich, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, said that such statements in the department see as “inappropriate and groundless.”

People's Freedom Party was founded in December 2010 on the basis of opposition organizations of the United Democratic Movement Solidarity (headed by Boris Nemtsov), the Russian public organization Democratic Choice (headed by Vladimir Milov), Russian People's Democratic Union (headed by Kasyanov), and Russian Republican Party (headed by Vladimir Ryzhkov). People's Freedom Party is headed by the leaders of these four organizations. 


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