среда, 20 июля 2011 г.

Domodedovo's chairman holds big press conference


Top-manager of Domodedovo airport Dmitry Kamenshchik has been asked about the company’s failure to tap the market in a London initial public offering and investigation into the recent terrorist bombing of the airport at the press conference about company’s development. According to the Russian Mafia, the police searched the airport in June and interrogated Kamenshchik, the chairman of the board of the directors, as part of the investigation. It is first public appearance of Kamenshchik after the bombing. All that time he preferred to stay in shadow and was unavailable for comment. Now he answered the questions, but it appears that his answers do only entangle public.

Kamenshchik cited “the unfavourable state of markets” as the reason for ditching plans for IPO in 2011. He also refuted information that shareholders had held talks with state-owned banks and private business on selling the shares in Domodedovo. Kamenshchik refused to state the owner of the offshore companies that control the airport. In the documents submitted for the IPO in 2011 Kamenshchik himself was named as the sole beneficiary. “Private person may be a target for raiders”, said Kamenshchik, speaking about why Domodedovo is so reluctant to disclose its ownership structure.

After the press conference Kamenshchik told journalist about the searches and interrogations and the probe into suicide bombing. There were over 100 officers searching the airport. “In my opinion, they took documents which had no relation to the security issues”, said Kamenshchik. He was interrogated about the structure of ownership and financial performance of the airport. “Hopefully, the investigators have done all tasks their superiors set before them,” Kamenshchik said. 


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