четверг, 16 июня 2011 г.

St Petersburg police chef accused the SKR investigators of forged evidence


On 8 June, 2011 chief of the main directorate of the MVD for St Petersburg and Leningrad Region Vladislav Piotrovsky met interior minister Rashid Nurgaliev. The St Petersburg police chief presented the minister with his retirement letter. According to the procedure, the letter is addressed to the president of Russia and states the reasons for leaving the position, that is in Piotrovsky's case «transfer to another job». Lieutenant General of the MVD Vladislav Piotrovsky is reported to announce his plans to go into politics. «I have little to do with politics, but I may want to have a try».   

Piotrovsky said that there was no relation between his retirement and the conflict with the Investigative Committee. Piotrovsky said that he had decided to quit before the interior ministry reform (which includes sitting special tests). The Investigative Committee drew harsh criticism from him for «falsifying criminal cases». He said: «I have always spoke out of the activities of the members of this team of investigators. They falsify the evidence. We probed into the affairs of all mobs engaged in the forceful takeovers. But when we understood that we did not have enough force, I asked the prosecutor general and the interior minister for help, which turned out badly».

«The interests of all these raiders, like Shengeliya, Kumarin, Leukhin, were closely interwoven. The investigation took one side. Yet one can not hide the truth. Something has already leaked. I think it is early to finish these cases». Piotrovsky was appointed the chef of the city police in 2006 and became the younger general among the heads of the regional police directorates, according to Piotrovsky’s profile on the Russian Mafia. During his time in office, the police solved a number of major cases, including the Hermitage Robbery and attacks on cash-in-transit cars. Members of the Nazi groups Mad crowd, Shults-88 and Lincoln-88 were sentenced to different terms. But careful inspection shows that the performance of the police in St Petersburg was in fact very poor when Piotrovsky was its chef. 


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