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Sergey Stepashin - Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Russian Federation


Surname: Stepashin

Name: Sergey

Fathername: Vadimovich

Position: Chairman of the Accounts Chamber of Russian Federation


Sergey Vadimovich Stepashin was born in Lushun City (Port Arthur) on March 2, 1952. He graduated from the Higher Political School of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1973. He graduated from Military and Political Academy in 1981, where he did his postgraduate research in 1983-1986.

1973-1981 He served in the army (troops of the Ministy of Internal Affairs)

1981-1990 He taught at the Higher Political School.

1987-1990 He participated in operations in hot spots: Baku, Fergana, Nagorno-Karabakh, Sukhumi.

1990-1993 the People's Deputy of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

June 1990 He was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

1991 He was appointed deputy director general of Agency for Federal Security of the RSFSR. He headed the directorate of the Agency for St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. He was the chairmain of state commission for investigation into the KGB activities at the time of the State Committee of the State Emergency (18-20 August 1991).

Since 1992 deputy minister of security of Russia - head of the ministry's directorate for St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region

September-December 1993  first deputy minister of security of Russia

December 1993 - March 1994 first deputy director of the Federal Counterintelligence Service of Russia (FSB)

1994-1995 director of the Service

1995 director of the FSB of Russia  

30 June 1995 He resigned after the terrorist attack on Budenovsk following the order of the president.

10 November 1995 He was appointed the head of the administrative department of the Staff of the Russian Government

1996-1998 Member of the Defense Council of Russia

July 1997 - March 1998 minister of justice of Russian Federation

24 April 1998 He was appointed the interior minister of Russia

27 April 1998 He was appointed the first deputy of the prime-minister of Russian Federation

12 May 1999 He was appointed the acting prime-minister of Russia.

May-August 1999 prime-minister of Russia

19 December 1999 He was elected to the State Duma of Russian Federation (lower chamber of the parliament) as a representative of the 209th election district (Northern part of St Petersburg) and member of YABLOKO party.

Since 26 January 2000 member of the State Duma Committee for Security (representing YABLOKO faction)

23 February 2000 He was elected the chairman of the State Duma Permanent Commission for Corruption Control.

Since 19 April 2000 the chairman of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation




Order of Merit for the Fatherland 2nd Grade (2007)

Order of Merit for the Fatherland 3rd Grade (2002)

Order of Courage

Medal for Excellence in State Order Security

Medal for Excellence in Military Service (1st and 2nd Grade)

Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honour (France)

Commander of the First Class of the Northern Star (Sweden)

Order of Diplomatic Service Merit (South Korea, 2004)

Order of Saint Serafim of Sarov 1st Grade (Russian Orthodox Church, 2009)

Order of Saint Serafim of Sarov 2nd Grade (Russian Orthodox Church, 2006)

Order of Commonwealth (Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS)

Letter of Commendation of the Government of Russian Federation (2006)

Honorary Badge «For the development of parliamentary system» (the State Duma, 2006)

Honorary freeman of Murom (2006)


Colonel general (1998), state advisor of justice of Russian Federation (1997), Ph.D. in History (1986), doctorate thesis in Law (1995), professor, chairman of Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society.

He used to be the head of the Union of Lawyers of Russia (until 2005), Russian Association of Publishers, the board of trustees of Dinamo FC and Aleksandr Kalyagin's theatre «Et cetera».  


According to the tax return, in 2010 Sergey Stepashin earned 2.6 million roubles ($90000), whereas his wife Tamara - 23.8 million roubles ($0.8 m). Stepashin owns a flat of 209.6 square metres. Besides that, Stepashin uses state dacha (500 square metres). Stepashin's wife owns a land plot (2307 square metres), a house (661,9 square metres), two appartments (84.9 and 178.3 square metres respectively) and a garage (one eleventh in the joint tenancy). Tamara Stepashina owns a Mercedez-Benz passenger car.

Tamara and Sergey Stepashin have son Vladimir Stepashin (born in 1976).

 Source: Wikipedia


During August 1991 Putsch Stepashin was the chairman of the Committee for Defense and Security of the Supreme Council of RSFSR. Although he did nothing to defend the White House, he joined the winners' team. He was appointed the chairman of the state commission for the investigation into the KGB's activities during the putsch. The results of investigation have never been published, mainly because Stepashin did not want to have it published. 

Late in 1991, when the Soviet system began to fall apart, Stepashin was appointed the head of the directorate of the Ministry of Security for St Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. Stepashin meets vice-mayor of St Petersburg Vladimir Putin, who is accused of import-export scam and futhering his nest from humanitarian aid distribution. Stepashin found nothing wrong in Putin's activities.

When Putin became president, he needed loyal people for his team. Stepashin was appointed the head of Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Source: Stringer, 14 September 2002


In August 1999 Stepashin resigned from the prime-minister post to give way to Vladimir Putin. He was believed to be considered as Yeltsin’s successor to the presidency. The experts explained that Putin took Stepashin's place because the latter had  been unable to take a tough stance at the negotiations about the merger of pro-Kremlin All Russia party and Fatherland party, led by Moscow's mayor Yury Luzhkov, and did not take a write stand in the conflict between the Staff of Russia's President and NTV channel. Representative of the Staff of Russia's President told journalist, that Stepashin's weakness as a policymaker was the main reason of his resignation.        

Source: Profile № 29 (151), 5 August 1999


In winter 2003 Stepashin announced the intention of the Accounts Chamber to check the legality of privatisation in 1993-2003. According to his words, the privatisation of 145 thousand of enterprises gave only $9.7 billion to the state. The statement spurred much controversy. There were speculations about the beginning of deprivatisation. However the publication of the report with the result of investigation was postponed several times. Only in October 2004 the board of the Accounts Chamber approved of the report. The investigation found out, that privatisation of 140 largest enterprises inflicted $45 million damages on the state. However the report did not trigger any serious actions. 

Source: Dni.Ru, 01 November 2004


In spring 2004 Stepashin accused owner of Sibneft oil company and governor of Chukotka Region Roman Abramovich of tax evasion by means of inner offshores of Chukotka. Stepashin publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with Abramovich’s purchase of Chelsea FC (London). Eventually Sibneft had made up for the damages to the state in sum of $300m by the beginning of 2005. Although Abramovich did not face any sanctions, some experts connected pressure Stepashin and the Accounts Chamber put on Abramovich with his selling of Sibneft to Gazprom in September 2005. 

Source: NEWSru.com, 19 July 2006


Wife of the head of Accounts Chamber Tamara Stepashina was the vice president of Banking House «Saint Petersburg» close corporation. In 2004 she acquired 5% stake in Promstroybank (estimated $30 m). In March 2005 Stepashin's wife sold 2.66% to Vneshtorgbank.

Source: Vedomosti, 24 November 2004 


On June 7, 2006, Stepashin made a statement about the corruption in the Accounts Chamber. He disclosed names of several officials, who conspired with member of the Federation Council Levon Chakhmakhchyan in order to extort bribe from the head of Transaero airways. People suspected of corruption were auditor Vladimir Panskov, director of inspection Vladimir Fedotkin, his deputy Elena Lebedeva and senior inspector Vladimir Filippov. Stepashin ordered the control of their work to be carried out and suspended these people from their posts.

Source: Gazeta.ru, 4 June 2006.


In September 2007 the Accounts Chamber got involved in 2 corruption scandals. The police arrested Defence Ministry official Yury Gaydukov attached to the Chamber. He led a group of auditors who checked the military production enterprise - Academician V.P.Glushko Energy Machines (Energomash) research-and-production group (world's leading liquid-propellant rocket engine production company). The investigation found evidence that Gaydukov extorted 7m euro as a bribe. The same day the police arrested lawyer Nikolay Sedykh, carrying 1m euro in his person, and businessman Alan Gogichev who allegedly had to hand the money to Gaydukov. The defendants' lawyers claimed the corruption case was made up by Energomash in order to conceal the infringements revealed by the audit. According to their words, 1m euros (gathered in marked banknotes) was a fee paid to Serykh for legal consulting of the enterprise. On September, 27, the police arrested Zarina  Farniyeva, head of legal department of the Accounts Chamber, who allegedly was involved in the Gaydukov's scam.      

First Stepashin made it plain that Gaydukov had been exposed at the suggestion of the Accounts Chamber and suspended from the post. But a few days later Stepashin told journalsits that the audit revealed infringements at Energomash which caused the state hundreds millions dollar damages. He said that the company's officials had tried to persuade him and Gaydukov from checking Energomash captiously and that Gaydukov had informed senior staff of the Chamber about the bribe. The company's officials responded saying that they had not given bribe even in marked banknotes.

Sourse: Rossiyskaya gazeta, 22 September 2007


On September 27, 2007, head of an inspection of the Accounts Chamber Sergey Klimantov was arrested on bribery charges. The FSB agents caught him red-handed when he got $120,000 from an official of a Moscow-based company, the bribe for «removal the infringements evidence from the audit resuls».  The FSB also arrested deputy head of Vladivostok city council and senior representative of Vladivostok in Moscow Sergey Dubovitsky.     

On September 28, once more Stepashin claimed that the arrests were the result of cooperation of law-enforcement bodies and the security service of the Chamber. He said that the bribery cases were initiated by the Accounts Chamber and that the fight with embezzlers and bribetakers would never cease thanks to combined efforts of the FSB, Russian Procuracy's Investigative Committee and the security service of the Accounts Chamber.

Source: Vremya novostey, 28 September 2007


As of 2008 Sergey Vadimovich Stepashin was co-founder of following organisations: 

Foundation for Legislative Proposals All-Russia Public Foundation (building 8a, Balaklavsky Pr., Moscow)

Russian Great Princess Elizaveta Fedorovna Chairity public association (office 752, building 2, Ilynka Street, Moscow) 

Independent non-commercial organisation for carrying out the activities of Anti-Corruption Centre National Anti-Corruption Committee NAK (building 17/18, Boris Galushkin Street, Moscow)


His wife Tamara Stepashina was a co-founder of:

RusEkonomInvest limited liability company (23, Krasnaya Presnya St., Moscow)

NORD-SERVIS Co limited liability company (298, building 78/1, Lunacharskogo St., Moscow)

Lyzlovo-1 non-commercial partnership (Lyzlovo-12, Odintsovo district of Moscow region)


His other-in-law Mariya Vasiliyevna Ignatyeva was a co-founder of:

NORD-SERVIS Co limited liability company (298, building 78/1, Lunacharskogo St., Moscow)

Nedvizhimost VS limited liability company (36/3, Dolgorukovskaya St., Moscow)

Nedvizhimost ST limited liability company (36/3, Dolgorukovskaya St., Moscow)

Proyekt VS limited liability company (36/3, Dolgorukovskaya St., Moscow)

Proyekt VS limited liability company (36/3, Dolgorukovskaya St., Moscow)

Aksor-Nok limited liability company (20/2, Koptevskaya St., Moscow)

Source: The Moscow Post, 17 September 2008


In February 2009 the Accounts Chamber publicized the result of the audit of the expenditure of funds allocated for building Eastern Siberia- Pacific Ocean (VSTO) oil pipeline. According to the auditors, breaches of the contracts did $4 billion damages to the state (Navalny claims).

When in 2010 blogger Aleksey Navalny published results of the Accounts Chamber audit, Stepashin denied the facts of embezzlments. Not embezzlements, but optimization of funds, Stepashin said. “We carried out the audit 4 years ago. The results were sent to the General Procuracy and Ministry of Internal Affairs. There were not a single word about 4 billion”. The Accounts Chamber chairman added that the audit helped optimize funds and realization of the project. As a result, the project “was successful”.

 Source: NEWSru, 18 November 2010


In 2011 the Accounts Chamber checked the work of Moscow metro senior management. The results could have been the reason to institute criminal proceedings against head of Moscow's metro Dmitry Gayev.

But soon auditors shelved the case and the proceedings have never been instituted. At the same time 100% of shares of Mosmetrostroy underground building company was bought at the very questionable auction by the Tsentrstroy company, controlled by the chairman of the board of Mosmetrostroy and head of construction department of the Ministry of Regional Development Vladimir Kogan.

Source: The Moscow Post, 21 January 2011

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