среда, 1 июня 2011 г.

Prosecutor General blocks Berezovsky’s assets


Swiss and French law enforcement agencies have frozen 21m Swiss francs ($25m) worth assets in accounts of Forus Group, following the request of Russian Prosecutor General, VEK reports. The company was used by Boris Berezovsky, now a fugitive oligarch, for asset-stripping activities, namely the scam which defrauded Russian company Aeroflot, the prosecutors say. Berezovsky has refuted the information, saying: «I did not know anything, I have learned about it from the news. The yachts have not been seized whatsoever, and I do not think the accounts have been blocked». He said that his prosecution in Russia was politically motivated. He added that Moscow could not prove in a foreign court that he fraudulently acquired the shares of state run Aeroflot and siphoned money. Meanwhile, the prosecutors said that Berezovsky's assets were frozen after courts in England and Wales ruled in favour of Aeroflot and obliged Berezovsky and his associates pay over $100m in damages. The lawsuit against self-exiled oligarch was filed in April.

In February 2011 the prosecutors seized two yachts worth $20m owned by Berezovsky, the Russian Mafia (rumafia.com) reports. Other valuables were seized, including paintings of old masters.


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