четверг, 26 мая 2011 г.

Yakemenko doubts Kashin was beaten


Vasily Yakemenko has brought libel suit in Moscow’s Khamovnichesky Court against Oleg Kashin who blogged he did not doubt in Yakemenko’s version of his beating. Yakemenko also filed suits against Noviye Izvestiya newspaper that quoted Kashin’s blog on its internet site, and political analyst Aleksand Morozov who mentioned Yakemenko in the article claiming «the youngsters of the period of idiotism» might be the ones to blame for Kashin's beating.   

Yakemenko, the Russian Mafia web portal (rumafia.com) earlier reported, called Kashin «zomby», «lizzard» and «amphibian» on his blog. The words triggered public indignation and Yakemenko stopped blogging. He explained his words by «a bid to stop endless speculation on tragedy» in his last blog.

At the trial, a representative of Noviye Izvestiya proposed to summon Gazeta.ru on-line publication as a witness, because the newspaper quoted Gazeta.ru. Yakemenko’s lawyer Sergey Zhorin supported the motion. But Kashin said that it was he who said about Yakemenko’s version and judge Igor Kananovich did not accept the motion.

The Judge offered to settle down 0.5m roubles ($17,500) libel suit with each of 3 defendants but both Yakemenko and the defendants refused. The plaintiff's representative also refused to change the sum of the suit. Kashin's lawyer Ramil Akhmetnaliev asked court whether it needs the evidence of the attack on Kashin. The plaintiff's representative said that the files of investigation were classified and that is why it was interesting to know how Kashin could prove he had been attacked. As a result, the judge asked Russia's Investigative Committee to provide the papers, which can prove the investigation into Kashin's beating was opened.    

Kashin also asked to summon to court first deputy head of the Staff of the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov. The journalist claims this is a person who coordinates the political movements of young people. But this motion was not accepted. 


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