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Tatyana Golikova is to spend 5m on new furniture


Tatyana Golikova, Russian health and social development minister, plans to spend 5m roubles ($0.17m) on a new cherry tree Leonardo leather suite of furniture which consists of 40 pieces. The government contract no. 0173100005411000095 have been posted on the internet, quoting state budget as “a source of investment”.The contract contains a detailed description of each piece. The carved table top with accessories in the form of inlaid pilasters of bronze colour rests upon two pedestals with carved handles. The table top is covered with natural leather.

The suite also includes 8 wardrobes made of mahogany, each having bronze pilasters, carved and inlaid.

There will be 7 tables in the office - the minister's table, coffee table, table for negotiations, table for informal talks, working table, table for briefings and another table. The contract gives such requirements for the ministry's chair: made of natural wood, сovered by elite Italian cherry Alcantara leather, with a function to support head.

A source in the ministry said, the furniture will be put in the hall for receptions and collegium meeting hall. He explained high prices for the suite by special requirements set for decorating rooms in the ministerial building. “The interior has had the same style since the time when the building was occupied by Northern Insurance Society and later the Constitutional Court”.

The deadline for the bids is 10th June. The auction, according to the Russian Mafia portal (rumafia.com), is to be held on 17th June. 

Ria Novosti

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