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Russian hi-tech boss earned 11 times less than his wife


According to the income tax declaration, in 2010 director general of state-run high-tech holding Rostekhnologii Sergey Chemezov earned 36.8 ($1.2 m) million roubles, while his wife Ekaterina Ignatova - 319.9 million roubles ($11 m).

Chemezov owns a land plot in Moscow region (6.3 hectares), where a country house (1670 square metres), a guest house (513.3 square metres) and other buildings (814 square metres) are situated. Besides that, Chemezov owns GAZ-13, VAZ-11193, ZIL-410470, Cadillac Eldorado and NefAZ-4208-10-17 automobiles, VTZ-2048A tractor, 3 all-terrain vehicles and 3 snowmobiles. In 2010 Ignatova earned 319.9 million roubles ($ 11 m), compared to 427.5 million ($14.7 m).

Average income of CEOs at Rostechnologii decreased in 2010, due to 25% salary cut.

Second after Chemezov is Vladimir Litvin, head of corporate procedures and asset maintenance department. In 2010 he earned 35 million roubles ($1.2 m).

In 2010 deputy heads of Rostechnologii Igor Zavyalov and Nikolay Volobuyev earned 16.8 million roubles ($0.6 m) and 9.3 million ($0.3 m) respectively. First deputy to Chemezov Dmitry Shugayev, in charge of foreign network and exposition activities, ended up the year 2010 with 9.4 million roubles ($0.3 m).  

Rostechnologii’s chief accountant Natalya Borisova earned 11.8 million roubles ($0.4 m) in 2010, head of the group of advisors to the board of directors Oleg Chernov - 6.7 million ($0.23 m), head of innovations and strategic development department Azret Yusupova - 5.5 million ($0.19 m) with head of legal department Vladimir Kudashkin - 4.9 million ($0.7 m) - at the bottom.

In December 2008 Dmitry Medvedev signed the law which made it obligatory for the prime-minister, vice prime-ministers and federal ministers to submit the declaration of their individual income, as well as the income of their family members (spouses and minors).  


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