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Vladimir Palihata President of ZAO


Surname: Palihata

Name: Vladimir

Fathername: Mironovich

Position: President of ZAO





Vladimir Mironovich Palihata was born on September 23, 1967 in the village Zolotniki, the Terebovlyansky district of the Ternopol region of the Ukrainian SSR.

In 1985-1987, Palihata served in the Soviet Army. In 1991 he graduated from the Electrical Barshchevski College, on electrician major. Palihata was mentioned in the press as a graduate of the Moscow State Academy of Business Administration, the organization management department.

In 1991, Vladimir Palihata moved to Moscow. In 1991-1993, he worked as a manager-forwarder and served as head of a trade-purchasing co-op.

In 1993, Palihata began to engage in private enterprise, acting as an independent trader at the Russian Commodities and Raw Materials and the Moscow Commodity Exchanges.

Since 1997, Vladimir Palihata left the stock market and switched to invest in the real economy. In a subsequent time, he consolidated assets in Russia and Ukraine located at the electrical plants productiing low-voltage switching equipment, complete electrical equipment, generators and engines, and headed a united concern Rosenergomash.

The media wrote about the social activities of Palihata as head of Rosenergomash, in particular, about his participation in various charitable projects. In 2009, Palihata as president of the concern signed an agreement on provision of charitable assistance to children of needy families of the Republic of Kalmykia ( "Rosenergomash» signed an agreement with this region to build the plant "Elista Energomash» in 2007). The media wrote about the support that Rosenergomash had been providing to local sports after becoming in 2007 the general sponsor of the Olympic Committee of Russia, and in 2009 — Partner of the Fund «International Sports Academy by Vladislav Tretiak». In October 2007 the President of the Russian Olympic Committee, Leonid Tyagachev and president of the concern Rosenergomash, Vladimir Palihata signed an agreement according to which the concern Rosenergomash became the General Sponsor of the Olympic Committee of Russia.

Vladimir Palihata is married and has three children.
Sources: Kommersant ? 7 (4307) on 19.01.2010, IA "Regnum" from 20.04.2007





In 2000, Vladimir Palihata was mentioned in the press in connection with the criminal investigation of products falsification of the leading foreign companies-investors in the production of consumer goods in Russia. The main suspect in the case was Alexander Nozhkin, while Palihata was mentioned among the detainees, and in February 2000 he was in custody. The investigators who conducted the case, had been suffering a strong pressure of the criminal organizations.
Source: Vedomosti ? 18 (100) on 02.02.2000


In 2004 Palihata appeared in media publications as a leader of the investment company "Sphere", which the press accused of forceful takeover. Palihata was often associated with the famous raider- General Director of OOO "Business Contract" Nikolay Nesterenko, who had begun his career as a personal bodyguard Vladimir Palihata.
Source: Kommersant ? 7 (4307) on 19/01/2010


By 2004 after four armed takeovers Edward Taran gained control over Irkutsk plant Angarskcement (formerly Angarsk Cement Mining Plant). Taran was assisted by his business partner, Vladimir Palikhata, head of the investment company Sphere.

Source: The Moscow Post, 20 April 2010

Vladimir Palihatu was accused of seizures of the Moscow Institute for designing plants of the basic chemical industry (Giprokhim) (later the brother of Vladimir Palihata- Ivan Mironovich Palihata became one of the owners of the institute), the Ulyanovsk plant «Kontaktor» and the building of the magazine staff «Novoe vremya” on Pushkin Square in Moscow. The takeover of the magazine staff was implemented by Palihata on the tip from the owner of the Moscow pub chain "Kruzhka", Eugene Antimony. Dmytry Minakov - CFO of the edition contributed to the change of owners of "Novoe vremya". Palihata also carried out takeover of the capital OAO "Metalist" — he agreed on the information transfer along with the counseling center "Protection Strategy", from which the heads of "Metalist" requested for the assistance to the company in difficult times. The plant's «Metalist» Takeover was produced by the methods of force, with the assistance of the MIA. several criminal cases were initiated on those forceful takeovers, in particular, on takeover of "Metalist". But the owners did not manage to return the company captured by Palihata. 

Source: solomin from 08.06.2006


Vladimir Palihatu was accused of organizing forceful takeover of the Open Joint Stock Company "Scientific-Research Institute of Elastomer Materials and Products" (“NIIEMI”). The company "Sphere" (led by Palihata) first captured the building of the research institution in Moscow, then took over management of the institute. After falsifying contracts for the sale of shares and holding several trials (the hearing of the case on transfer of the NIIEMI ownership was held in the court of the Shatsky District, the Ryazan region by judges agenda-driven of Palihata), then the company of Palihata became the stake holder of the research institute. Later Palihata re-registered the institute under a new legal address in Novosibirsk. Afterwards "Sphere" sold the enterprise to the Moscow River Shipping Company, directed by Roman Trotsenko. Given the evidence, the law enforcement agencies instituted a number of criminal cases. One of them was against the raiders - Palihata's former guard Nikolay Nesterenko was indicted then, Director of OOO "Business Contract". Another one criminal case was initiated by supporters of Palihata - against the legal director of the institute, Sergei Reznichenko. Furthermore, they rumored in the press about the contract murder organized by raiders in connection with the seizure of NIIEMI — then investigator from Karachay-Cherkessia who had been investigating the criminal case on forceful takeover of the institute - died in mysterious circumstances.
Source: Proceedings of 25.07.06


In 2005 Andrew Grivtsov, the investigator, worked in the Moscow prosecutor's office, and Ruslan Parkin was his immediate supervisor. Grivtsov was instructed to investigate the raider attacks on Research and Development Institute of Elastomers public corporation (NIIEMI), a case that mentioned Vladimir Palikhata and Nikolai Nesterenko. Grivtsov managed to gather evidence proving Nesterenko involved in the raider activities, which resulted in his name being put on the wanted list. Palikhata did not respond to summon notices; and as there was no heavy evidence against him, no criminal proceedings was initiated against him.

Source: Rosbalt, 24 February 2011


There is information on the Internet resources that in the 90's Palihata was a rank and file member of the Ukrainian criminal gang — the Ternopolsky OPG. When hiding from the law enforcement agencies, he moved to the village Bolshevo, the Moscow region. In 1999, Palihata became a defendant in the criminal case on article "Fraud" and "Forgery of documents" despite he had no Russian citizenship; he was arrested but soon released on bail. The criminal case was closed.

According to the Moscow Registration Chamber, cited by sources - at the beginning of 2000, Palihata was the owner of OOO «Granvey "and OOO "Streim Tour"; the authorized capital of both companies was nearly zero. At the same time he acquired a cottage for a few million dollars near the village of Zhukovka, in the cottage village "Country-pro" and invested in real estate in England and France.

Palihata was accused of the fact that his participated in revocation of the "Sodbiznesbank" and "Kredittrastbank» licenses. The reason for revocation of the licenses served a conflict between Vladimir Palihata and the shadow owner of the affected banking institutions Alexander Slesareva for control of the metropolitan department store "Moscow". Palihata made the forceful takeover by the order of Roman Tsepov (owner of the security company "Baltic-Escort», who died under mysterious circumstances in September 2004 in St. Petersburg).

Together with Tsepov Palihata enlisted the support and patronage of the MIA senior officials - Vice Minister Andrey Novikov and Nikolay Ovchinnikov, deputy chief of operatively-search bureau of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District - Alexander Osipov, FSB general and Head of Economic Security of the Government of Moscow - Alexander Korsak, representatives of both chambers of the Federal Assembly, the heads of the Prosecutor General, Ministry of Justice, etc. A friend of Vladimir Putin, Leonid Tyagachev was on the side of Slesarev in the conflict. Palihata managed to win the fight, he received profits from the sale of captured department store to the U.S. company in the amount of 25-30 million dollars. In October 2005, Alexander Slesarev and his family were killed on the federal highway "Don" — There was no information of Palihata's involvement in the shooting of Slesarev family. But they talked of Palihata's involvement in the poisoning of Roman Tsepov.

In February 2005 Palihata set contact with Boris Berezovsky, who recommended him to the owners of Yukos as a man who could save their assets., Boris Berezovsky planed to organize a campaign of his candidate for the Russian presidency in 2008 on the funds received from the projects of Palihata. According to the Ukrainian politicians Bogdan Gubskiy and Michael Brodsky, who had met with Berezovsky and Palihata, their campaign headquarters had been financed through Ivan Palihatu, the brother of Vladimir Palihata.

At the suggestion of Berezovsky, Palihata learnt that the businessman Suleiman Kerimov had received an order from Oleg Deripaska to acquire the company "Glavmosstroy». Palihata acquired a significant stake in OAO «Mospromstroymaterialy"- one of the major shareholders of Glavmosstroy - by quite unlawful means. The struggle between Kerimov and Palihata was hard: from the custom criminal cases up to the kidnapping. Palihata won, and in April 2006 he successfully sold for a song the stake he inherited in «Mospromstroymaterialy» of Oleg Deripaska - analysts estimate the amount of the transaction to more than $ 20 million.
Source: www.zahvat.ru on 2.08.2006


In 2007 Palihata was mentioned in the media as president of ZAO "Regional Community of the power machines" ("Rosenergomash") and the owner of 75 % of that company, and a year later the press told that the concern led by Palihata, which came to the Ukrainian market in 2007, carried out forceful takeover of the engineering enterprises of Ukraine, in particular, ZAO "Plant of large electrical machines" in the Kherson region, "Novokakhovsky Electric Machine Building Plant", "Elektromashina", "Etal". In July 2009 the structure of Palihata controlled half the volume of electric machines production in Ukraine.
Source: "Kommersant" ? 6 / R (4306) on 18.01.2010, "New Region - Crimea" of 08.02.2008, "Southern Reporter" from 03.03.2008


Palihata became a victim in the criminal case of a bribe extortion of 15 million dollars. According to him, an investigator for particularly important cases of the main investigation department under the investigative committee at the Prosecutor's Office Minister - Andrey Grivtsov said that there was evidence of involvement of the head of "Rosenergomash" to the forceful takeover of the Institute of Elastomeric Materials and Products. The investigator suggested Palihata to pay for the failure of his criminal responsibility. Apart from investigator Grivtsov there were other suspects of the bribe extortion, those were: a former deputy prosecutor of the Central District of Moscow - Ruslan Parkin, Head of Anti-Extremism Internal Affairs of Moscow - Sergey Hatsernov and mediator Sergei Kirimov. Andrew Grivtsov pleaded not guilty. At the same time, the ex-security guard of Palihata, Nikolay Nesterenko is now on trial - he has been charged in the seizure of the buildings of the Institute of Elastomeric Materials and Products and a forceful takeover of OAO «NIPKP "Terminal". The investigator Grivtsov had been leading the case of Nesterenko before his arrest. Grivtsov's Counsel told reporters that her client had been investigating the case of fraud and forceful takeover since 2005 and found that the main defendant in the criminal case was Vladimir Palihata. According to the counsel, Palihata "set up" Grivtsov in order to avoid a criminal liability.

There was a version published that not Grivtsov, but Sergei Kirimov had extorted money from Palihata, and when the latter refused to give the bribe, Kirimov appealed for help to a former investigator Parkin.
Sources: Kommersant »? 7 (4307) on 19.01.2010, www.gazeta.ru on 18.02.10


On January, 14, 2010 Sergei Karimov, unemployed, was detained as a mediator after an attempt to withdraw 8 million dollars in Interkommertsbank. The second mediator, lawyer Ruslan Parkin, escaped and was put on the wanted list. Then followed the arrest of Grivtsov, the investigator. Basmanny district court issued a warrant for Grivtsov and Karimov to be arrested.

The Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case against a group of people headed by the investigator, Andrew Grivtsov, over bribe extortion of 15 million dollars. The case was initiated in January 2010 when the victim, Vladimir Palikhata, Rosenergomash president, filed a claim.  Palikhata said that the investigator Grivtsov blackmailed him with supposedly existing evidence linking the businessman to large-scale fraud, namely the attempt to illegally takeover the buildings of the Institute of Elastomers public corporation. According to Palikhata, the investigator demanded large sums of money in exchange for taking no measures to motion prosecution of the businessman.  

Source: Kommersant, 11 November 2010


The 15 million dollars bribery case investigation was actively interrupted by Senator Lyudmila Narusova, who literally inundated law enforcement agencies with questions. Narusova persistently requested senior officials in the prosecutor’s office and the Investigating Committee (Yuri Chaika and Alexander Bastrykin) to question those mentioned in the case, then to allow the lawyer to meet with suspects, and even offered to be questioned as a witness.

Source: Vazhno.ru, 18 February 2011


On March 18, 2011 charges against Andrew Grivtsov were put forward in their final version. He was indicted of crimes under art.30 part 3 and art. 290 part 4 of the Criminal Code (attempt of large scale bribe extortion). “I will defend my innocence in a jury trial”, said Grivtsov. “My prosecution was motioned by Mr. Palikhata whom I was about to accuse of large scale fraud." Lyudmila Narusova, member of the Council of Federation and friend of Mr. Palikhata, became another source of problems for the investigator. "She used her legislator position to write more than 20 requests and letters to the investigation that are now attached to the case", said the investigator’s lawyer, Alexander Zabeyda. On March, 16, 2011 Narusova said in an interview that Vladimir Palikhata did ask her assistance to protect him from blackmailing and she advised him to address the Attorney General, Yuri Chaika, personally. "He followed the advice and wrote a statement, I handed it over to the Attorney General,” said the senator.

Source: Kommersant, №47 (4588), 19 March 2011

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