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Prokhorov buys €25 m island


Russian steel tycoon and the owner of Onexim group became interested in the island during his New Year holidays which he spent in the Seychelles in early 2011. The price Prokhorov paid for this exotic nook was 25 million euros.

North Island is one of the most beautiful islands of the Seychelles chain. It boasts pristine, almost virgin nature. From the beginning of this year it has become  Michail Prokhorov’s property.

The island has a private resort for the rich and their girlfriends. There is a villa for 30-40 persons which was also sold to Prokhorov. It is not enough to be wealthy to visit Prokhorov’s island. One has to be super-reach.

A source describes the luxury of the island: “An apartment here will cost approximately 2500 euros a night. 130 servant are at the disposal for 30 guests. The island is a closed area. You can not enter or exit it without permit. The privacy is very important.”

Prokharov’s assistant Lidia Grishina said, that the purchase was a private matter and she would not give comments.

The Seychilles has become an attractive place for investors, because it is the richest part of the African continent which is enjoying an investment boom.

Igor Grigorenko, the owner of Royal Safari Company, a travel agent which organises tours to the islands, says: “People travelling to the Seychelles have no shortage of money. Most of them come by their own planes. There is almost no budget tourism in the Seychelles. A week in the islands costs about 10000 euro”.

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