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Kyrgyz court found US citizen guilty of corruption


The charges against Mr Gurevich were brought after investigation into his action while on the board of state-owned (90% stake) Manas International Airport Company, main Kyrgyaz air hub. The prosecution proved the businessman had promoted unprofitable asset sale. The deal under which the airport sold its fuelling complex (which was an airport’s subsidiary’s asset) inflicted estimated $ 3.1 million damage.     

The courts found out that Gurevich had been acting on behalf of “an international criminal group”. Chairman of the board of directors of the airport Mr Ravshan Zhamgyrchiev and a number of former officials were also found guilty.

Russian-born Yevgeny Gurevich who managed MGN Group was a financial consultant of Kyrgyz government. He is now a USA citizen. In spring 2010, just before the upheaval in Kirgizia, he was involved in a criminal scandal. The media reported that an Italian court issued a warrant to arrest Mr Gurevich on accusations of scam and mafia-connections. He denied all charges.    

After Bakiev was toppled new Kyrgyz government opened a case against Bakiev’s son Maksim accused of embezzlement of a Russian credit.  Among the accused was Mr Gurevich who was believed to get some money from the scheme.

Late in April 2010 some reported Gurevich had been arrested in Kazakhstan. The reports were later denied.  


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