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Kaspersky’s son ransomed


Ivan Kaspersky, who went missing in the north-west part of Moscow on April 19, has been returned safe by the kidnappers. According to some sources, they were demanding 3m euros for the son of software entrepreneur.

Yevgeny Kaspersky was in London when his son was abducted. He immediately flew to Moscow where he contacted his close friends from the FSB. In order to prevent leaking of information Kaspersky decided not to report the abduction to the police or to the Investigative Committee, because of the threat from the kidnappers who, when demanding the ransom, also recommended Kaspersky Senior to keep silence. According to another version, the kidnappers could have asked the entrepreneur for intelligence.

It is no secret that the intelligence service wildly use the Kaspersky Lab products, in the first place to prevent cracking state-run e-systems which contain classified information. Yevgeny Kaspersky was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in 2009, first person ever to get the award for information security projects.   

Kaspersky Senior had had access to state secrets long before he started his first business. In 1987 he graduated from High «Red-Bannered» School of the KGB. Until 1991 he worked for the Scientific and Research Institute of the USSR Defence Ministry.

Despite media reports about the abduction, the police has not commenced criminal proceedings for Ivan Kaspersky’s kidnapping, because his father has not filed official claim. The details of his son’s abduction are kept secret in the interests of investigation. 

According to the reports, he was snatched from an industrial area in the north-west of Russian capital at the junction of Moscow Ring Road and Marshal Zhukov Street in the morning on April, 19. He was on his way to the office of InfoWatch, company owned by his mother Natalya Kaspersky, at which he was an intern. Ivan is a 4th year student of the faculty of cybernetics and calculus mathematics of Moscow State University.

The Kaspersky has three sons, Ivan being their youngest son.

Forbes magazine ranked Yevgeny Kaspersky 125th among Russian billionaires. His wealth is estimated $ 800m. Kaspersky Senior has controlling interest in Kaspersky Lab firm. Natalya Kaspersky is a director general of the firm. She is on Finance magazine's list of the 50 most successful woman of Russia.


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