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Head of Russia’s youth agency was once gangsters’ employee


Naberezhnye Chelny (Tatarstan) prosecutor’s office has checked the allegations of Yakimenko’s connection to organised crime groups. In the course of investigation Nail Nuriakhmetov, a member of “Area 29” gang and co-founder of Akbars company, confirmed the fact that Yakemenko had worked for Akbars. He was also acquainted with other founders  and was the company’s partner. “When he (Nuriakhmetov) used to come to the office, he sometimes saw V. Yakemenko there”, Yashin quotes the materials of investigation. Nuriakhmetov confirmed that Yekemenko “knew for sure” at least 3 of 5 founders of the company. “He does not know exactly what duties V. Yakemenko performed while in the company. He did some paper work. V. Yakemenko worked for Akbars for 6 months”, the investigation papers say.    

Each of the founders of Akbars (and Yakemenko’s business partners) was convinced for gangsterism, organising a criminal group, abductions and 14 killings in the period from 1993 to 2001. Late in November 2010 the media already reported that Yakimenko had been connected with “Area 29”. Yakimenko's press office made a statement that «people who founded the company (Akbars) used Yakimenko's passport illegally». The head of Russia's youth agency first agreed on giving interview to on-line gazeta.ru. Then he asked to see the list of readers' questions before the interview. When the list was shown he decided not to answer the questions due to «urgent meeting».

Yashin says he is dissatisfied with the “quality of investigation”, because neither Yekemenko nor other co-founders of the company Aleksandr Vlasov and Yury Yeremin, who are serving time in a labour camp, have been questioned. He plans to assure the cancellation of the city prosecutor's office resolution to close criminal case. Yashin also wants to get explanation from sports minister Vitaly Mutko and prime-minister Vladimir Putin, Yakemenko's direct superiors, «how has the man affiliated to organised crime found a position in the executive authority?»


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