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Criminal kingpin extradited to Spain


Spanish police will interrogate Tariel Oniani extradited from Russia. He is involved in the so-called Russian mafia case, which was initiated in June 2005 after the law enforcement operation «Osa» when the police detained about 30 people. Some were set free, others face accusations of forming criminal syndicate and money laundering. The money of Russian underworld had been invested in real-estate in Costa del Sol's resort cities of Marbella, Fuengirola, Benalmadena and Torremolinos.


Twelve people were put on trial: Zakhary Kalashov (a.k.a. Shako the Junior), a kingpin, Aleksander Gofshtein, his layer and well-known Russian advocate, Oleg Vorontsov, former Boris Eltsin's advisor, Mikhail Mdinaradze and Konstantin Asatiani, Georgian businessmen, Aleksandr Minin, Natalia Serova and Alena Gotsulenko, Ukranian citizens and four Spaniards. Kalashov, Mdinaradze, Asatiani, Vorontsov, Minin and Serova were found guilty. Zakhary Kalashov was sentenced to the longest term, seven and a half years of imprisonment, and € 20 m fine. Four people were sentenced to two-five years of imprisonment and were also fined. Other defendants including Aleksandr Gofshtein and high-ranking Spanish tax officer Carlos Antonio Fernandez Acencio were acquitted.   


Judge Fernando Andrea, having examined the documents of investigation, issued an international warrant to arrest a number of Russian criminal bosses, namely Tariel Oniani.

The General Prosecutor’s Office had no objections against extradition: the criminal kingpin is not a Russian citizen. His passport had been nullified by the Federal Migration Service due to «breach of order of obtaining passport».

Tariel Oniani is turned over to Spain for a time being. When all investigative activities are over he will come back to Russia, where he serves 10 year sentence for the abduction of Moscow businessman Jonny Managadze. After the release he may found himself travelling to sunny Pyrenees. 


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