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Yegiazaryan brags false charity projects


What Yegiazaryan's promoters try to make show of is his numerous philanthropic activities which stopped due to his departure from Russia. On the site one can find a list of public organisations, which enjoyed Yegiazaryan's financial support. In fact, many of them has never seen a penny from or heard of Yegiazaryan.

The list, for instance, mentions a children's house N70 for children with health problems. Director of the house says: «Ashot Yegiazaryan has never helped neither the children's house nor the children. There has never been any charity events on his behalf for our foster children».

Director of the perish school of All Saints Church in former Novo-Alekseevsky monastary Elena Vladimirova writes in a reply: «Yegiazaryan has never been a school's sponsor. He has never transferred money to bank account of the perish school or supported us in a different way».

There was indeed a purchase of “a bus to transport underprivileged children to the Derzhavnyy recreation camp for children in Kuzminskoye” but the bus was a present from Yegiazaryan’s wife Natalya Tsagolova. “Mrs Tsagolova participated in a charity programme for children in June 2010 and donated 1.6 million roubles for purchasing a minibus,” - says a representative of the St Philaret orthodox brotherhood who patronised the camp. Ex-deputy's wife is a well-off person who lets in the property. «We own a couple of flats and let them. Actually that is the way we make living,» - says Mr Yegiazaryan.

Some positions on the list are undoubtedly fake. For example, there are a K.P. Pobedonostsev school in Moscow and an icon-painting school for women. No school bearing Pobedonostsev's name operates in Moscow. As for the icon-painting school, it is true that there are nunneries in the Orthodox church, but there are no icon-painting schools for women exclusively. And cannot be in principle.

Another act of Yegiazaryan's kindness was directed toward Moscow State University, his alma mater. The press-service of the university and vice-rector for maintenance  Aleksandr Chernyakov say they have never heard of Yegiazaryan and can not prove getting any donations from him.

Such charitable programmes as "providing aid to and maintenance of a residential home for the elderly in Moscow, producing a 72-minute religious documentary shot in Russia and Israel,  organizing a benefit evening for orphaned children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities, organizing aid for asylee children from the Crimea in 1998 and providing aid to and maintenance of a residential home for the elderly in Moscow" are not verifiable at all, and can not be proved neither authentic nor fake.

In Russia Yegiazaryan faces large-scale fraud charges. He is on international wanted list, because he fled from the prosecution to the USA.

Last week the State Duma approved his arrest. Apparently the next step would be to ask American side to extradite him. That is why Yegiazaryan makes all his best to show off his philanthropic activities and create an image of a good-doer, persecuted by the regime.

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