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Vladimir Krupchak - Co-owner of the Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill


Surname: Krupchak

Name: Vladimir

Fathername: Yaroslavovich

Position: Co-owner of the Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill

The Biography:


Since December 2003 – member of the State Duma Federal Assembly of the fourth convocation, member of the faction "United Russia", member of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources and Environment;

Born January 29, 1958 in the Arkhangelsk region;

He graduated from the dental department of the Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute, and in 1994 received the Certificate of School of Business at the University of Portland (Oregon), and in 1998 graduated from the All-Russia Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute with a degree in management, doctor of economic sciences;

1980 - he worked as a dentist;

1991-1996 - General Director of ECP KP "Titan";

1994 - General Director of Open Society LHK "Northern Pulp";

since 1995 - Member of the Board of Directors of Open Society LHK "Northern Pulp";

1995 - Member of the Board of Directors of Company "Jubilee";

since 1995 - Member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Ust-Pokshensky LPH";

since 1996 - General Director of Open company PKP "Titan", General Director of IR "Titan-Invest, chairman of the Board of Directors of “Arhoblsnab";

1996-1998 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Arhangelskkontrakt ";

Since 1997 - Director General of JSC "Arkhbum”, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC" Arkhangelsk PPM";

1997-1998 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO "Arkhangelsk LDK # 1", JSC Company "Jubilee";

since 1998 - Member of the Boards of Directors of JSC "AZHKB", Open Society "ATSDT", Open Society "Arhangelskkontrakt", Open Society "Vaymugales", Open Society "Premier", "Ust-Pokshengsky LPH";

since 1999 - Member of the Board of Directors in “Karpogorsky LPH ", Open Society "Pinegales", OAO" Siya KLPH ", Open Society "Shalakushales", Open Society "Shalakushsky timber”, chairman of the Board of Directors of “Sawmill # 25";

From May 1999 to May 2000 - Member of the Board of Directors of JSCB "Russian capital”;

On June 18, 2000 was elected deputy to the Arkhangelsk Regional Assembly of the third convocation of the electoral district # 26, was nominated by voters; in the Assembly headed the committee on ecology, forestry industry and forestry sectors, in October 2000 was elected chairman of the Employers' Association of “Industrialists of Pomorye”; was elected member of the State Duma on single-mandate constituency # 61 (Arkhangelsk Region, Arkhangelsk Area.); Awarded the medal "For merits before Fatherland" II degree, married, has a son and a daughter.

Krupchak is not particularly fond of legislative activities.

He initiated the following laws:  

- Federal Law "On Amending the Federal Law "On the continental shelf of the Russian Federation”, and Federal Law "On the exclusive economic zone of Russia" in part to comply with the Federal Law “On Fishing and Conservation of aquatic biological resources " Date of entry in DG: 24.12.2004. Published.

- Federal Law "On amendments to some legislative acts of Russia and Repeal of certain provisions of the RF laws in connection with the adoption of the Federal Law "On Procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs"" Date of entry in DG: 07.09.2005. Published.

- Federal Law "On Amending the Federal Law "About fishing and preserving aquatic biological resources "and the Land Code of Russia" in the specification part of forming of the fishing grounds. Date of entry in DG: 30.05.2006. Published.

The Dossier:


In the mid-90 Vladimir Krupchak while still being a dentist at a military hospital in Arkhangelsk, with the help of his wife's father George Perfilov, chairman of KUGI of the Arkhangelsk region, made his way to the administration of Arkhangelsk pulp and paper mill (PPM) - Europe's largest company of this industry. Then Krupchak stopped paying wages to PPM employees and forced them to sell their shares. When the time of cash privatization auction came, partner of Krupchak - criminal authority Borisov - did not allow competitors to take part in it, and father-in-law of Krupchaka Perfilov controlled the process.

By Perfilov’s decision stock companies with numerous violations of legislation were introduced in the statutory fund of the holding "Northern Pulp", which was headed by Krupchak. CBK shares fell to him almost for nothing, but at the same time the State suffered damages amounting to 60 million dollars. The state originally planned to invest 20% stake of APPM in eponymous holding company, but Perfilov insisted on its transfer to the "North cellulose” and Krupchak then forwarded it to his “foreign partners". After that the package was sold and split up overseas many times, and in 2005 it got consolidated in the Austrian company "PalpMillHolding.
«No more pulling is possible", "Kompromat.ru" 22.09.2005, "Who would take a bribe?" "Parity-media", 14.11.2008.

Numerous criminal cases were brought for Krupchak, all of them related to theft of state funds to some respect. Business structure controlled by him appeared in all the cases.

On March 21, 2000 a criminal case against the former chairman of KUGI (committee for the administration of state property) of the Arkhangelsk region Perfilov and CEO LHK "Northern Pulp" Krupchak was filed on the fact of embezzlement or misappropriation of another's property. The criminal case was instituted in connection with the publication of Perfilov’s illegal orders, according to which 20% of the shares of APPM were made to the charter capital of LHK "Northern Pulp". On July 6, 2004 Tver district court in Moscow ordered the arrest of 20% shares in Open Society "Arkhangelsk PPM".

In the spring of 2002 representatives of the company “Basic Element” suggested to buy from Krupchak a controlling stake of APPM, but Krupchak refused. Since then the security forces had been putting pressure on the company and on the group "Titan". For example, in early October there was series of searches in Arkhangelsk office of "Titan". Experts called initiated attention to companies of Krupchak "forest wars", as it had a powerful administrative resource, attracted by his main opponent - the head of Basic Element, Oleg Deripaska.

The essence of the conflict between Krupchak and Deripaska was that the aluminum magnate Deripaska wanted to create a single timber holding, for which he needed Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, the country's largest producers of cardboard. In autumn 2004 Deripaska managed to acquire 20% stake in the company, and representatives of "Basic Element" claimed a seat in the board of directors of APPM. Compromising on Krupchak was advantageous to Deripaska - so he could pressure him in order to include the company in his holding.
Rosbalt, "02/02/2005 "Forest wars "are back to the Arkhangelsk region," Exile of "Titan," "Vedomosti", 29/10/2003, "Offended voters" from Bazel Rosbalt, 27.10.2004, "Fontanka.Ru", 18/12/2009," "The Forest War" embarked on a criminal path"

On September 11, 2003 another criminal case was brought under Art. 159 Part 3, paragraph "b" of the Criminal Code (fraud) in fact of deliberate overstatement of contribution value of the MPs "Ruta" to the authorized capital LHK "Northern Pulp" 500 times. That was conducted by the general director of MPs "Ruta" V.I. Runov in collusion with Krupchak (LHK General Director and Director / owner of IPE "Titan"). That led to a wrongful taking of 60% of the “LHK" shares by the “third-party” investors, and to the subsequent assignment of the "Arkhangelsk PPM" shares and their partial sale. Firm "Ruth was a partner of the firm" Titan ", which was wholly owned by Krupchak. These two companies turn out to be the participants of the state shares theft. According to the investigation information, Runov was not more than a figurehead, but the true owner of the MP "Ruth" was Krupchak.
The Moscow Post, 02.10.2008 “Volodya - 10 percents”

In December 2004 criminal proceedings were instituted against Krupchak on the fact of theft of public funds. But Krupchak time managed to get to the State Duma in time, being elected from single-mandate constituency in Arkhangelsk, and thus received four years of parliamentary immunity to evade responsibility in the case of "Northern Pulp".

His election Krupchak owed to his fellow countryman, at that time the former head of the Central Election Commission Alexander Veshnyakov, who sent his representatives to the Supreme Court of Russia on the eve of elections to restore Krupchak in the electoral lists. Details of their relationship are not known yet; but it becomes clear from this fact that Veshnyakov owed something to Krupchak. The fact is that by the time Krupchak had been expelled from the party "United Russia" for "undermining the authority” of the Party and had been removed from the election because of vote-forgery. In early October 2004 an initiative group of citizens in the Arkhangelsk region was established for the early termination of the deputy Krupchak’s office as the one not justified the confidence of voters.
Fontanka.Ru, 18/12/2009, "The Forest War "embarked on a criminal path", "Who would take a bribe?" "Parity-media", 14.11.2008, LADNO.ru

Yet, Krupchak did not get to the new list of candidates in the Duma from the party “United Russia” - because of the personal order of President Vladimir Putin. Moreover, Krupchak was indicted in a criminal case "Northern Pulp", and he was declared wanted. Krupchak got detained when he flew from Simferopol, and suddenly he turned out to be a citizen of Ukraine on the documents. But Ukraine does not extradite its citizens to law enforcement authorities of foreign countries.

Based on the collected material on the criminal case "Northern Pulp" the Federal Property Management Agency filed lawsuit to Moscow Arbitration Court in order to oblige the "PalpMillHolding” which had kept the stolen state-owned shares APPM to compensate the harm caused to Russia, and return the shares.

November 6, 2009 the Moscow District Arbitration Court rejected the claim of the "Federal Property Management Agency" to recover from "PalpMillHoldinga" 20% of APPM, which were improperly disposed of during the privatization of the plant. And in early February 2010 "Federal Property Management Agency" appealed the solution to the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia. According to the plaintiff, the shares were improperly disposed of during the privatization of the plant. Experts indicate that the probability of decisions of previous instances cancellation in the Supreme Arbitration Court is negligible.
"Arkhangelsk PPM came up to you" "Kommersant-SPb" № 30 (4330) on 19/02/2010

It is also known about the cases of assault on the deputy head of the Arkhangelsk region administration A.F. Bulatov, who made public revelations of illegal activity of Krupchak; assaults on investigator of the Interior Ministry SU IC under NWFD of RF B.V. Strigaleva; and also case of killing the head of a small business "Ruta" A.V . Burdanov. But Krupchak’s participation in all these cases hasn’t been proved.

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