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Vitaly Arkhangelsky is being prepared for extradition


Central Investigation Department of St. Petersburg police department initiated another criminal case against the general director of OMG (previously known as "Oslo Marine"), Vitaly Arkhangelsky . The businessman is now charged with fraud of receiving a credit and the legalization of funds obtained by illegal means. It amounts to 56.5 million rubles. The issue of extradition of Arkhangelsky from abroad is being solved as he has been hiding there for a year.

A criminal case under article 174.1, Part 2, paragraph "a" (the legalization of funds acquired by criminal means, committed by a group of persons upon the prior agreement) was filed by the 7th Investigations Department of the GSU (Main Investigations Directorate, investigating the activities of organized crime) on July 26, 2010. Currently, the only defendant in the case is the CEO of OMG, Vitaly Arkhangelsky. As the police department reported to "Fontanka", the "legalization" component appeared during the investigation of fraud of obtaining a credit, which has been charged with Arkhangelsky.

According to investigators, in March 2009 (when the "Oslo Marine" began suffering severe financial problems), Arkhangelsky, together with some yet unidentified people, made the "Decision number 12" on behalf of OOO "West Terminal" (the firm is in the group) to get a loan in the St. Petersburg branch of OAO "Marine Joint-Stock Bank". The GUVD claim the appearance of the decision itself is a violation of the law, due to the fact Arkhangelsky is not the sole leader of "West Terminal", and, respectively, he could not take the decision on the conclusion of large deals, including those associated with obtaining a credit. Nevertheless, the document was submitted to the bank, and it made a positive solution and transferred 56.5 million rubles to the accounts of "West Terminal". The implementation of this scheme served as the basis for the filing the criminal case under article 159.4 (swindle in especially large size) of the Criminal Code by the GSU of the GUVD. At the time of the proceedings institution, the businessman was on holiday abroad, and then he wrote angry letters to President Medvedev, in which he required the police to stop its arbitrary behavior, persecuting his business. The head of OMG never returned from his holiday, and that was the basis for law enforcement officers to declare him on international wanted list, to detect his place of stay and to start collecting documents for his extradition.

Meanwhile, in the course of investigation of the fraud the investigators established the following route of the money obtained from “Marine Bank". As the police department reported to "Fontanka", Vitaly Arkhangelsky , using employees of OOO "West Terminal" transferred the funds received from the bank to the accounts of his firms. But then, as "Fontanka" has already written, referring to the creditors of OMG, the wife of the businessman bought a house in Nice worth of 1.4 million euros, 85 million rubles were transferred to the accounts of several companies to pay for souvenirs and land plots, although none of those is a core business of the organization.

Meanwhile, the Arbitration Court continues to deal with the numerous claims of creditors of OMG, in particular the Bank "Saint Petersburg", which tries to return the money provided to numerous entities of the group. The claims of the creditor were satisfied, the bank was permitted to put up the part of the Group’s property for sale to reimburse its expenses.

Let us recall, the Group OMG was created as a multi-structure, its main types of business were as follows: port and shipping services, insurance, leasing, development projects, processing and timber trade. The company owns the port of Vyborg, marine cargo handling terminal "Onega" specializing in handling RO/RO cargo, Vyborg Shipping Company and the West Terminal. As of the end of 2008, consolidated assets of the holding amounted to 30 billion rubles.

Source: Fontanka.Ru, 28.07.2010

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