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Unsanitary millions


Alex Navalny – blogger who is known for his loud denunciations of corruption schemes - accused the Federal Service of corruption when creating a new site of the agency. According to Navalny, the cost of updating this site - 5 million rubles - may be considerably overstated, since independent experts evaluated the project only at 1.6 million rubles. 

The contest to carry out these works was super questionable.  Four companies submitted applications, one was not allowed to apply. Timelines proposed by the companies were, respectively, five, eight and nine days. The winner was the company LANIT with price of state contract of 4.95 million rubles, and performance period of 5 days, the blogger writes. Other three companies submitted applications for participation in the tender, one of which was not allowed to contest. Two others offered the job done for 5 million rubles, but the timeline was 8 and 9 days after the conclusion of a state contract. The new version of the same site differs little from the old one, according to Navalny.

The blogger also noted that "the site for 5 million rubles has 66 pages, most of which is a static display of text, links, and tables”. 

"We will direct this expertise to right place, Navalny promised in the post "Arbitrate between me and Onishchenko”. Navalny does not want to take into account arguments like "why to pounce for lousy five millions while there are billions stolen,": if they steal 5 million, tomorrow a billion will be stolen. After the appearance of this post by Navalny the site of Rospotrebnadzor collapsed. "That's fine. Rospotrebnadzor’s site for 162 thousand dollars has fallen because of a link on my blog. This is a powerful site with a powerful hosting ", debunker says ironically. 

Let us recall that Alexey Navalny has been known for such publications for several years, and they cause more and more serious response. In 2008 he organized a public organization "Union of minority shareholders”, which protects the rights of private investors and struggles for the increase of transparency of expenses by natural monopolies and state companies. Recently, a blogger-debunker created and headed an anti-corruption project "RosPil." Navalny is also an advisor to the governor of Kirovskaya Region, Nikita Belykh

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