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They started demolishing the houses on the territory of Serebryaniy Bor, Moscow, belonging to the...


Recently, in the Serebryaniy Bor (Tamanskaya st., ow. 1), the contractor of Moscow City Hall demolished five cottages, as a spokesman of prefect of the North-Western Administrative District (NWAD) of Moscow, Augustine Severin said. According to him, yet on January 21, 2010 the court considered these cottages unauthorized. The litigation began in 2007; when the prefecture discovered the illegal construction, the cottages had not been completed and no one resided in there, Severin clarified. Their owner was ZAO “Usadba D.V.D.”. But in fact the demolished cottages belong to AFK “Sistema” by Vladimir Yevtushenkov, the official of Moscow City Hall says.

The destroyed buildings were erected in 2005-2007. Three years ago, authorities file a suit against the owner within the framework of campaign combating unauthorized constructions in the territory of Moscow. Originally, the buildings belonged to the sports club "Atlant" (That NGO did not own any sports facilities and did not conduct any competitions), but then he ceded the right to ZAO "Usadba D.V.D”.

Change in ownership delayed the trial, which ended only at the beginning of this year. The arbitral tribunal found all the five cottages unauthorized structures slated for demolition. On this basis Prefecture of NWAD held an open auction and entered into state contract for works to demolish the buildings. The cottages were demolished immediately.

Evtushenkov himself and his son Felix, Vice President of AKF “Sistema”, live in cottages of Serebryaniy Bor. "Sistema" is the controlling shareholder of OOO “Mosdachtrest "- a successor to the Soviet organization managing prestigious villas for nomenclature. It possesses 40 hectares of Serebryaniy Bor, as well as a holiday village of 300-odd houses located there.

The representative of “Sistema”, Julia Belous reported only that ZAO "Usadba D.V.D." "is not included in the group as a landlord”. According to "SPARK-Interfax”, ZAO is equally owned by a certain Evgeny Merezhko and OOO "Notris", 99% of its shares is owned by senior vice president and head of the property complex of AFK “Sistema”, Sergey Drozdov. Now he is on vacation, they said in his reception room. In the "SPARK-Interfax has a notice of decision taken on April 22, 2010, under which “Usadba D.V.D." was incorporated to ZAO “Lamineya", 99% of which belongs to the vice president of corporate ownership of OAO “SITRONICS”, Oleg Shcherbakov.

Now Prefecture of NWAD is at law with "Mosdachtrest" about the demolition of 12 unfinished cottages on the 3rd line of Horoshevsky Serebryaniy Bor.

Serebryaniy Bor has been officially recognized as a natural monument of regional significance. This is the best place for residence in Moscow – private buildings in an ecologically clean area, director general of "Zemer", Ilya Terentyev said. According to him, one hundred square metres here costs $ 50 000-250 000, and the price of cottages starts at $ 2-3 million. The rent of the buildings in Serebryaniy Bor starts from $ 15,000 a month, Galina Kiseleva, head of the management lease of apartments of Corporation “Inkom” says.

Source: Vedomosti, 13.08.2010

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