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Takeover of the alcohol plant KiN


sian security officials, headed by the chief of the UK at the Interior Ministry Aleksey Anichin, helped representative of Philip Morris in Russia to capture Moscow Wine and Cognac Plant Kin. Such a complaint sent by lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky to Helsinki Commission of the U.S. Congress. He is convinced that co-owner of KiN, Armen Eganyan goes in danger of the fate of the deceased lawyer Sergey Magnitskiy.

From 2005 to 2008, the complaint says, the security forces initiated a number of unjustified inspections of the company for tax evasion; forcing KiN enter into negotiations with the Russian businessman Igor Kesaev, owner of the Mercury Group, which is one of the distributors of Philip Morris in Russia.

Eganyan was advised to accept the fact that Kesaev "had saved" his company. According to the text of the complaint, those coercive negotiations resulted in an agreement under which Kesaev was to buy state share capital of the company and the shares of other owners –50% of the shares, in total (the lawyer says, the cost of the package is $ 120 million, according to conservative estimates). However, Kesaev did not fulfill the obligations under the contract and did not pay the fixed amount.

In his complaint Dobrovinsky mentions the head of the Investigative Committee (IC) at the Interior Ministry Aleksey Anichin, his deputy Alexander Matveev, head of the Prosecutor General Andrey Pechegin (, judging by the recent declaration of income, his wife is the richest woman in the prosecutor's office - 23.6 million rubles) and other officials.

The Helsinki Commission has acknowledged the receipt of the complaint by Dobrovinsky. "The Helsinki Commission intends to continue its work in this direction until the end", the representative of the Helsinki Commission Shelley Khan said to "Interfax", noting "the continued interest of the Commission to strengthen the rule of law in Russia."

In December 2008, there was a charge of fraud in large-scale prosecuted against Eganian. In April 2010 Eganyan was arrested, but released on bail two days later.

Dobrovinsky turned to the Helsinki Commission in order to save his client from the possible repetition of the fate of Magnitskiy. "I and my client has every reason to suppose that he will be arrested again, and there is no guarantee that he would not end up his life in prison like the unfortunate lawyer", Dobrovinsky said to Gazeta.ru.


Group Kin - one of the leaders of the alcohol industry in Russia. The Group’s assets include Moscow Wine and Cognac Plant Keen, winery Domaine des Broix in the region of Cognac, vodka production KiN. The Group produces a wide range of alcoholic products, including the French cognac of XO and Extra category, brandy from 3 to 10 years of aging, vodka, sweet liqueur.

Source: Gazeta.Ru on 07/13/2010

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