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The Spaniards left the ‘Bratskaya’ gang without the thief


Vladimir Tyurin, better known as kingpin Tyurik, has been detained in Moscow at the request of Spanish authorities. In contrast to the Russian security services, the overseas colleagues managed to accuse the authority of laundering of proceeds gained in a criminal way, as well as creating a criminal association in Spain. The name of Turin became widely known in Russia thanks to the development of so-called " Makovoz Group” by the St. Petersburg criminal investigators.

According to Interfax, the staff of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department and the Russian Federal Security Service detained a 52-year Turin last night in the restaurant "Kupol" on the Novy Arbat. A law enforcement source told the publication that the kingpin was deprived of liberty based on an international arrest warrant, written out by the Spanish authorities, where Turin is accused of creating a criminal association and the legalization of criminal assets. In Russia, the detainee was referred to as the leader of the so-called " Bratsaya " organized criminal group (‘OPG’), which monitored the aluminum industry and forest areas of Bratsk in the 90’s, as well as business related to energy.

The OPG thundered across the country in 2004, when reputable businessman Oleg Makovoz and his companions were arrested in St. Petersburg, they were considered to be, as they say in the review references, "a structural division of "Bratskaya" OPG. At that time, the detectives had reasons to believe that Makovoz with accomplices had been involved in the assassination of one of the leaders of the Tambov "community” - Valery Ledovskikh in 1995, as well as the murder of members of the" Tambov" community - Gurevsky Yan and Georgy Pozdnyakov in 2000, the murder of Chief security in "Tatneft" - Alexander Kalyakin in 2001, and the murder of Rustam Ravilov nicknamed Roma Marshall (major figure in the "Kazanskaya" OPG) and several other serious crimes; Including contract murders in Moscow.

The MIA officers managed to persuade one of the group’s snipers - Dennis Dolgushin - to cooperate with the investigation, and Makovoz’s case gained a real chance to get to the court. However, not all the episodes reached the court. In 2006 the authority and his accomplices were found guilty of kidnapping and extortion of shares from the Director of the Kornilovsky Porcelain Factory, Geydar Imanov, in 2007 –there was in an attempt to State Duma deputy Bashir Kodzoev in Moscow; in 2009 - the murder of Ravilov. The name of Vladimir Tyurin was linked to this group almost immediately, but only at the level of intelligence data. For examplу the edition "Kommersant” wrote that it had been Tyurin interested in the elimination of the deputy Kodzoev.

Once in 2007, in St. Petersburg a so-called "night Governor” Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) was detained ; IC investigation team with Oleg Pipchenkov filed Kumarin a charge of the murder of his closest colleague Pozdnyakov. Charges were based, as they say, on the testimony of Oleg Makovoz and his colleague Valery Nekrasov. Makovoz became one of the witnesses in several cases by the IC. Perhaps an incentive for candor was an interview Barsukov gave to the newspaper "Vash Tayny Sovetnik” on the eve of the detention." He stated that with the knowledge of Tyurik, Makovoz had been going to eliminate him, as well as the head of the St. Petersburg MDIA, Piotrovski. Makovoz’s confessions did not stop the city court from finding him guilty on many cases, as a result he received nearly a quarter century sentence in prison.

It should be noted that Makovoz never concealed his first meeting with Oleg Tyurin. Thus, he told in an interview with MK about how he had met him: "It's hard to live and do business in Bratsk and not to be acquainted with one of the most influential people in Siberia. But our acquaintance is not connected with the business. We were doing sports in the same gym with Turin. I was seriously engaged in judo - it was necessary to keep the shape. And we have got acquainted in the gym. "

Thanks to the arrest of Turin, the Spanish law enforcement officers gathered in a whole bunch of Russian authorities and thieves with whom the Russian Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service could not do anything. As Fontanka already reported ", first so-called" Tambovsko-Malyshevskoe "community got under the horrible press of the Spanish justice. However, at present all persons involved in the loud case of the legalization of criminal assets and tax crimes are under “recognizance”. Then a famous kingpin known as Shakro-young came under the press. He is associated with the appearance Vladimir Tyurin in Spain. Now Shakro has received from the foreign justice seven and a half years for money laundering, and is preparing to be sent to Georgia.


Vladimir Tyurin was born in Bratsk in 1958. In his youth, he was convicted for not prestigious (from the standpoint of orthodox criminal world) articles of the Criminal Code. He has served a few years for the distribution of pornography. We also know that Turin is keen on bodybuilding and chess. Nevertheless, in the 90's he was attracted to the affairs of the Siberian criminal boss nicknamed Basil. The latter communicated to a known thief Jap. For the time Turin was known only within the Irkutskaya region. Turin became a thief-in-law on the recommendation of Jap. Basil did not like it. After that Basil was shot in 1998. Since then Oleg Makovoz had been with Tyurik. By the end of the 90’s Tyurik acquired major assets of pulp and paper production, the privatized railway junctions, and influence in the government. However, when the big business appeared in the region, Tyurin advantageously sold his assets and moved to Moscow and sent Makovoz posted on the Northwest.

Source: Fontanka.ru on 11/03/2010

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