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Son of ex-finance director of Yukos Alexey Holubovych got divorced in a Moscow style


London judge refused to continue "one of the most expensive and scandalous divorces in the world"

24-year-old Golubovich divorces his wife Elena. According the lawyer of Helena Golubovich, her client was unsatisfied with the decision of the Moscow trial of the divorce of the couple, as she expects more generous compensation, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Judge Thorpe, who considered the case, criticized the couple for wasting time of the British courts.

According to him, the priority of the British courts should be litigation of the Britons.

Elena Golubovich filed for divorce in February of this year.

Previously, Ilya Golubovich had presented twice a certificate of divorce from the Moscow court to the London court. Firstly, the British judge questioned the authenticity of the document, but later supported the decision of Russian court about a divorce.

The British court also made an intermediate solution, whereby Elena Golubovych had to receive from her husband 300 thousand pounds annually.

However, this decision was reversed because of Judge Thorp’s order.

Ilya Golubovich - son of the former finance director of Yukos, Alexey Golubovych. His mother is the owner of a large company "Russian Product". London is "the capital of divorce," British lawyer Alan Kaufman said, the judges themselves call London "the capital of divorce”. This is due to the fact that in 2000 the court produced an important decision, Kaufman said in an interview with bbcrussian.com.

In case of divorce the property has begun to be divided 50/50 between husbands and wives. Previously, the emphasis had been made on the needs of wives and meeting some of their requirements. After the decision of 2000, the courts have started ruling the cases of divorces that involving the division the couple's property in half.

Changing the law was associated with the women's rights.

Therefore, the wives of rich foreigners seek to divorce in the UK, while their husbands, for obvious reasons, oppose this.

According to Kaufman, an important point in the case of international divorces in Britain is the question of judicial jurisdiction. Many lawsuits are concentrated around this issue. In this regard, there are clearly defined principles.

In this case, the judge was unsatisfied with the fact that jurisdiction of British courts, in his opinion, was quite doubtful in respect of this matter.

Judge Thorpe said, as quoted by the Daily Telegraph, "I wonder if there should be more stringent allocation of the court’s time on such cases when the parties have no direct relation to our jurisdiction, and when the size of their financial resources allows to put heavy demands to our legal system.”

According to lawyer Alan Kaufman, the position of Judge raises certain questions, due to the fact that there is a clear separation of judicial jurisdiction and it must be respected, without advancing views on the priority of inner British trials.

At the same time, Kaufman does not believe that the decision of Judge Thorpe will create a precedent, as usually the judges determine a decision with a number of specific circumstances.

Source: BBC Russian Service from 14.07.2010

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