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Shakro-young developed "Friendship"with large investments


Today the State Duma deputy, Marina Ignatova is the owner of several major construction, investment, and agricultural enterprises located in the Moscow region. Business lady and an active public figure.

In the early 90's no one could assume that the chairman of a small Housing and Construction Cooperative in the Moscow area Marina Ignatova would make such a career breakthrough. However, the lady has shown remarkable capabilities. First, based on HCC JSC GC "Friendship" emerged. According to operational information, it occurred due to involvement of criminal groups controlled by a thief in the law Zacharias Kalashov (Shakro-young). Marina Ignatova had close relationship with a gang leader Vasily Cherepanov, known in some circles as "Skull". in fact, he was the protection racket, and the co-owner of construction business. In 2002, the authority was killed, then Marina Ignatova became a sovereign owner of the company.

In 1997, Marina Ignatova was elected to the Domodedovo district, and supported the local head in a struggle with the opposing Fund "Citizenship". No wonder, soon after that the company ZAO GK "Friendship" received a modest gift in the form of area of more than 30 hectares for high rise and commercial construction. Funds from investors flowed a river, allowing the owner of the company to open several offices in Moscow, to begin the office reconstruction at the Lubyanka, to get new sites under construction, and do capture raid of farms under the pretext of "agricultural development".

But the Entrepreneur has underestimated her own forces. Moreover,co-investors' money intended for construction of houses has been squandered inappropriately. Moscow region prosecutor opened a criminal case against ZAO GK "Friendship", the company got in the list of unscrupulous developers. Marina Valeryevna soured relations with the head of the Domodedovo district Leonid Kovalevsky. Given that the construction of housing has been built and maintained by the "Friendship" without proper paperwork and bringing investments, ZAO "GC" Friendship "is now having problems with the construction, which is virtually frozen. Defrauded real estate investors began to organize rallies and pickets, trying to attract the attention of the authorities.

In 2006, the Stupinskiy court of the Moscow region had ordered the search of Ignatova's housing on a submition of the local prosecutor; in order to investigate her involvement in the murder of a criminal authority. However, the status of deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma and assistance of senior supporters in law enforcement agencies allowed Marina Ignatova to avoid problems.

In 2005-2006 Construction Company "Friendship" turned to be on the verge of bankruptcy, but the previously invested money of holders and investors in the agricultural enterprises (under the best intentions "to develop Russia's agricultural sector") saved the company GK" Friendship " from bankruptcy. . Again she managed to convince the shareholders and the shareholders of agricultural enterprises ZAO "PZ" Konstantinovo and SKHPK «Pavlovskaya” of the Domodedovo district in MR to sell their rights and securities to her enterprises. At the same time during the period of purchase from 2002 to 2006 the shareholders and the shareholders had not received the promised funds, in spite of contracts concluded, according to which the funds were to be paid immediately.

Meanwhile, according to conservative estimates of the profit yield by Marina Ignatova, it turned out to be 30 times higher than the costs she incurred in the seizure of farms. Revenue from the land transactions amounted to $ 500 million. Seizure of agricultural land and subsequent sale of the suburban estate allowed the entrepreneur to get the post of State Duma deputy, to obtain personal enrichment in the form of expensive real estate worth of tens of millions allocated abroad, on Rublyovka, in the central Moscow; as well as automobiles; she managed to divert the funds of the company on her personal current accounts abroad, and to put across a number of other operations successfully. For example, together with ZAO «Zatonskoe" which had been purchased for $ 50-60 million.

While the defrauded real estate investors were protesting, and could not wait for their houses in Domodedovo, Mytishchi and Troits; while employees of agricultural enterprises were loosing their jobs and land, Marina Ignatova was an active member of the working group on the protection of investors and real estate investors, selling a large agricultural project worth tens of millions dollars in Silver-Prudskikh district of the Moscow region on the federal program, funded through the JSC "Agricultural Bank".

In addition, legislative authorities of Moscow have reasons to believe that the known thief in law Shakro-young has invested in the business of Ignatova.

However, a hope remains that the law enforcement and tax authorities have not lost interest in Marina Ignatova, and possibly are waiting for the moment when she loses the parliamentary immunity. However, the owner of "Friendship" has prevented such a scenario also: she married a citizen of England and bought several real estateproperties in this country. Just in case.

Source: igolkin on 12/03/2010

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