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Sergey Bogdanchikov proved his loyalty to Sechin, putting his signatures \"wherein it is necessary\"


Putin may authorize a person Timchenko to become the new president of Rosneft, "because Igor Sechin already manages the company"

In late June the president's contract of the head of Rosneft Sergey Bogdanchikov was expired, he had held the post for twelve years. In the last years they had been prolonging his contract of employment, but not this time. Logically, he should leave the company. But the chairman of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, said that he cannot find the replacement, although they have been searching for it for a year and a half.

Rumors of Sergey Bogdanchikov’s resignation from Rosneft appeared regularly in the last few years, but this year no one doubted that he had no choice but to leave the company - his time has run out, and there is a battle for "his" protege in the power. The most appropriate event for the announcement of the resignation of Bogdanchikov could become an annual meeting of shareholders of "Rosneft", passed in mid-June in St. Petersburg. But its main intrigue vanished immediately: the main candidate for this place was missing in the hotel "Pribaltiyskaya" - Sergey Kudryashov, who had been Vice-President previously (now occupies the post of Deputy Minister of Energy) and ran for the board of directors on the government list. Igor Sechin did not come at the beginning, though he had always presided at the meeting in the past few years.

Despite his successes, Bogdanchikov has realized that there is no place for him in the company any longer, he can only look at it through the monitor or from the window of the helicopter, a source familiar personally with the president of Rosneft said. “No one is left from his old team. Last year and a half Bogdanchikov has not been involved in managing ", he says. In particular, vice-president Dmitry Bogdanov has already left the company, he was in charge of processing and marketing of oil and petroleum products, as well as vice-president of financial unit Sergey Makarov. Makarov left and got promotion for the post of head of Stroytransgaz, controlled by Gennady Timchenko, which was not incidentally, as a source close to Rosneft believes. Last year, even the son Bogdanchikov left Rosneft - Alexey, he is now working in Novatek, where the interests of Timchenko are also presented. At the beginning of the year, Sergey Bogdanchikov himself was not elected to the board of directors of Rosneftegaz, which owns more than 75% stake in Rosneft.

For several years Bogdanchikov had been satisfying the interests of the various Kremlin clans, but now the situation has changed, a source close to Rosneft says. According to him, the interests of the board chairman Igor Sechin and seller of the company’s oil Gennady Timchenko have come into conflict, and each of them is interested in appointing his insider to the post of the president. They wanted to replace Sergey Bogdanchikov by the law, in order not to break the contract, although his tenure as head of Rosneft was too long, the source believes. "There is a competition between Sechin and Timchenko - the two clans. Of course, Bogdanchikov has become a man of Sechin over time, but now the situation inside of the Kremlin has deteriorated, and everyone is looking for a suitable candidate ", he believes. He said that the arbiter on this issue will be Prime Minister personally, who is close to both players. "Certainly, whoever is unable to push through his course, will be compensated", the source said. However, according to the source close to the company, yet Timchenko has bigger chance, because Igor Sechin actually manages the company. "The hardest part will be to find a candidate promoting the interests of Timchenko, without coming into conflict with the chairman of the board of directors", he said.

Previously, the employees of Rosneft had an impression that the new leader will be Sergey Kudryashov, but the situation seems to have changed. Kudryashov, which is considered to be the candidate of Sechin, said that he had had no negotiations on this subject. Timchenko also promotes the former head of Gazprom Neft and Stroytransgaz Alexander Ryazanov and vice-president of Rosneft Edward Khudaynatov, but they refuse to comment on their career prospects. Also they call the current head of "Gazprom oil" Alexander Dyukov and head of Surgutneftegas, Vladimir Bogdanov to be among the applicants. “Probably they are included in this list only because they are prominent managers of oil", a source close to Rosneft considers. Bogdanchikov has not decided his future yet," his friend says. [...] Our interlocutor recalls that the name of the current head of "Rosneft" appeared in the parliamentary lists of United Russia in 2008, but the political career did not appeal to him at that time. The chairs of leaders of the promising oil regions are already occupied, and replacements in local government have taken place relatively recently - in February, the Duma lobbyist of Gazprom, Natalia Komarova was appointed the governor of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area. Another strategically important region for the company is Sakhalin – it is already headed by Alexander Khoroshavin who had come from Rosneft. Most likely, Bogdanchikov will take some dust-free and honorable position in the Federation Council, where they usually send particularly distinguished officials, Alexey Makarkin said. It must be said, he will have to get used to work practically for free. However, the money issue is to be on the second place for him: as it was estimated by the western press, during the years of presidency Bogdanchikov managed to bring hiss state up to $ 600 million

Source: © "Companiya", 12/07/2010

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