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The senator has asked the Russian colleagues from the United States not to stand up for the...


Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of Russia, Mikhail Margelov, made a sharp statement against the U.S. senators who have condemned the recent arrests of opposition members in Moscow. A senior official advised Americans not to teach Russia a democracy and not to make a "shamanic dance."

Despite the New Year holidays, the reaction to the statement of U.S. senators followed quickly. Margelov urged U.S. authorities not to teach Russia a democracy and not to disservice Russia's opposition, as "Interfax" reported.

Russian senator considers inappropriate the statements of American colleagues, John McCain and Joe Lieberman about the detention of the representatives of non-systemic opposition in the capital after the rally on December 31. "We'll figure out our matters on our own. I want gentlemen McCain and Lieberman, with whom we are well familiar, to hear me", Mikhail Margelov said.

According to him, amid the "reset" of the Russian-American relations and the successful process of ratifying the treaty on strategic offensive arms (START) those comments by the U.S. senators look "clunky".

Heavy, but successful ratification of the Strategic Nuclear Weapons Cuts Treaty in the U.S. Senate is the evidence of the success of Obama’s administration in fulfilling its promises to the international community and us, his Russian counterparts, and also gives a hope for further progress in the restart of the Russian-American relations ", Margelov noted.

According to him, Russia's response to this ratification was "a successful continuation of the ratification processes and procedures in the Federal Assembly." Finally, these procedures will be completed before the end of the winter of 2011, Margelov assumed.

"The statements of U.S. Senators McCain and Lieberman in support of a number of Russian opposition politicians detained in Moscow for administrative offenses are seen more awkward and inappropriate on such a background," the head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Federation Council said.

As Senator Margelov noted, " when becoming a president, Barack Obama promised not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessor: not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and not to impose democracy around the world by force."

"It would be good to see the United States keeping their promises in this field as in the case of ratification of the START Treaty," Russian senator said.

Margelov also believes that the opposition would not benefit from the intercession from abroad. “Disservice from abroad has never helped the Russian opposition”, he said. – The Bell of Herzen sounded from London, and students of Moscow University, blocking the Tverskaya street in 1905, did not awaken the Russian people." Reassurance from Washington will lead nowhere. "

"No one can solve our problems and build a modern democratic sovereign nation-state in Russia," the head of the committee added.

He noted that Russia adheres to a partnership approach in its relations with Washington and expects the same from the United States. "We did not make" shamanistic dances" neither after the leak of the American secret correspondence at (website) Wikileaks, nor laughed mischievously over the military and political setbacks in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mikhail Margelov said. “We did not jeer about the failures of Democrats and Republicans in the debate over health care reform or in other difficult domestic political affairs of the United States"

Senator of Russia believes that the Kremlin has deserved a similar approach from Washington by its uncritical attitude toward the U.S. "We act in partnership and wish the same for itself," Margelov concluded.

Source: [url]www.newsru.com[/url] on 06/01/2011

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