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President Medvedev has stood up for Attorney General and the Prosecutor\'s mafia


MOSCOW, February 21 - RIA News. Pressure on the investigation on the case of "protection racket” of gambling business in Moscow is unacceptable, those responsible must be brought to justice regardless of their positions, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at a nationwide coordination meeting of law enforcement.


“A few words with regard to started investigation concerning illegal organization of gambling business in Moscow region. I would like to say one thing: the laws – I think everybody in the hall understand that – must be the same for everyone. And those who transgress them, should be responsible regardless of position, no matter where they work – in the prosecutor's office, the Interior Ministry, Federal Security Service or other state institutions,” – he said.


Also Medvedev stressed that in no case can the conclusions be drawn about the guiltyness or innocence of the people before the announcement of verdict, “moreover to press on the investigation, involving the media”.


“This is unacceptable. That who will be noticed – will be fired regardless of ranks and titles,” – said the president.

Federal Security Service and Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation announced of the disclosure of the network of illegal gambling establishments in the Moscow region, which, according to the investigation information, worked for more than three years in 15 cities in the region. Illegal business brought from $5 to $10 million a month and was under protection racket of senior representatives of Moscow region prosecutor's office and police department, investigators said. Alleged organizer of the gaming network is an entrepreneur Ivan Nazarov, who was arrested on February 11 at Sheremetyevo airport, where he had returned from a holiday with the first deputy prosecutor of the Moscow region, Alexander Ignatenko.


According to investigation information, Nazarov had close contacts not only with the first deputy prosecutor of the region, but also with other senior security officials. And Nazarov’s grouping paid for foreign trips of the employees of the regional prosecutor's office and police department.

The General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation accused the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation in defamation and denigration of the prosecutor's office, a mockery of the constitution. General Prosecutor’s Office also stated that the head of the ministry, Yuri Chaika, has supported his deputy Vladimir Malinovsky who quashed the legal resolution of the first criminal case against Nazarov.

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