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Petrik has filtered out the Nobel Prize


While the Prime Minister congratulates the people of domestic science with getting the most prestigious prize, Academician Petrik brought accusations against the winners on the Web site of the Party he chairs. He argues that allegedly he had been stolen the Nobel Prize. He invented Graphene much earlier, though under a different name, and young scientists have used his accomplishments in a barbaric way.

The Inventor’s (as the RAS refers to him) work has repeatedly become a cause for a heated debate, and now he seems to be making a statement again. This time he has put his very shaky scientific status on the scales of public opinion against the Nobel Prize of the Russian natives - Andrey Geim and Novoselov Konstantin; he has also put the support he received from the chairman of the supreme council of the country's leading political party Boris Gryzlov against the recognition of the outstanding achievements of the Russian scientists by the leader of the same party, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

As soon as it became known that Novoselov and Geim were recognized winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics "for fundamental experiments with a two-dimensional material - graphene", Petrik is not long in coming. He was pretty fast with his loud statement on the website er.ru of United Russia party, where he called hard names saying the award was given to the scientists unfairly and the discovery of graphene did not belong to them. And, in fact, graphene is his child, despite the fact that according to his version the substance should be called on its properties: "the carbon mixture of highly reactive capability- HRCM”.

The inventor turned out to oppose the Academy of Sciences; still he confidently declares that he has been developing HRCM for more than 15 years. That is, when Novoselov and Geim just started their investigations, he had been destroying carbon bonds and extracted the same graphene from the graphite for 10 years. And on the basis of HRCM he made his filters.

As a result, Petrik accusations of the Nobel laureates in the theft of his "breakthrough in science” mean he has got in wrong the leader of UniRus, Vladimir Putin (on the eve of his birthday). Putin wrote in his congratulatory telegram to scientists: "You have written a bright page in the history of the World and Russian science, and into a chronicle of your famous alma mater, the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute", the press service of the government declared. Petrik "thumbed back" the glorious Chronicle: "I believe that all that is happening at the moment is a shameful page of the Russian Academy of Sciences", he said to the portal Er.ru.

Viktor Petrik promised to tell the truth about his invention, the site even made public announcement of the online interview with him by appointing a confrontation of opponents and supporters at 16 o’clock on October, 7. The first questions began to appear, but the administration of the portal discontinued its work "for technical reasons." The interview was postponed for the time being and references to it can now be found only through the direct link. Neither the materials of the site nor the announcements about it can be found.

However, if we assume that Petrik was "technically shelved" for political reasons, then there is nothing to be feared of. He may well provide the documents for the development and patents proving his superiority in the invention. However, it does not matter for the decision of the Nobel Committee. The situation with the party was wrong. As for the Award given to Geim and Novoselov, it was not for the allocation of graphene, which they got, sticking a graphite rod to an adhesive tape, but for experiments they made with a new substance.

"Fontanka" wrote repeatedly about filters of Petrik. The scientific community of the country in the face of Sciences disowned the inventor in recent years, by stating on April, 21 via its official website that the activity of Petrik lays "not in scientific area, but in business and invention area." Filters "Shoigu" and "Golden Formula ”ZF-MOE" have been tested many times not only by curious Russians, journalists, and academics. The results were very sad; it ended with a lawsuit. Moreover, no revolutionary nanoparts (graphene or HRCM) were found in the filters.

However, despite the entire contra, the ruling party protects the inventor. "EdRo” (United Russia) and Boris Gryzlov supported Petrik in his research. Moreover, the filters happened to be in the Novgorod region with the consent of the authorities. Since 2007 the project "Clean Water" started there, and during 2006-2009, the company "Golden Formula" set in 1311 Drinking water systems in educational establishments of the city, 138 Drinking water systems in the field of educational institutions and 75 systems in health care institutions of the city and region.

Source: "Fontanka.ru" on 10/07/2010

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