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The noble outlaw Jamison Reed Firestone


Jamison Firestone is a talking head of an anti-Russian PR campaign launched by William Browder, head of the offshore fund “Hermitage”, for whom Sergey Magnitsky used to work before he died in prison last year. The purpose of the PR campaign was to convince the public that the investigation team working on the case of Magnitskiy, had stolen from the Russian budget 5.4 billion rubles and to conceal it - killed Magnitskiy in prison.

Consulting firm “Firestone Duncan”, associateв with our character is in no way an American company, but a nimble Russian tampering with authorized capital of 8,000 rubles, formed in early 1995 to help foreigners to trade shares of Russian enterprises. In those hard times people in the West feared the companies with fashionable nowadays patriotic names like "Spyridon and the Sons”. And to please the ear of non-Russian, in Moscow, OOO “Firestone Duncan” was registered, specializing in consulting, legal and auditing services. Simply said: those were - from whom to buy, whom to sell, how to reduce taxes, how to withdraw money and not get into criminal setup with a fatal end.

This is how the composition of that company looked like. At the head - 23-year-old fellow just out of university, remarkably talented, it was he who invented ingenious tax schemes. I do not mention his name, I will but later on. His share in the company was 51%. Then the head of the legal department Andrey Sandakov (24%) – Firestone’s friend, who had worked on the fake work record book, as it came out later. Head of Audit Department, Igor Esipov (1%), a versatile man, has managed in his younger years, not only to become a strong auditor, but also to have served a four-year sentence for the robbery. This fact had no effect for the work of the company, but played a key role in the conflict between the partners. By the way, in 1996 Esipov brought Sergey Magnitskiy to the company and appointed him a deputy of his own. That had no relation to the criminal background of Esipova as well; Esipov knew Magnitskiy as a good auditor yet in the academy. And finally, Mr. Firestone (24%) - formally, he was the managing partner. And actually he was not too nervous when passing his beautiful foreign name for rent to the Russian prodigies. In the firm they called Firestone "the banner of capitalism." When searching for foreign customers they waved with this banner. On weekends it got dusted bluntly in the corner.

It should also be noted that it was not Firestone who had brought a client William Browder in 1996, but the director of the company. Having got Browder, the firm “Firestone Duncan" came out on a new level. Its revenues increased by an order. Profit for the year 1996 reached $ 2 million. This turned the heads of young businessmen and led to a dramatic late of OOO “Firestone Duncan ".

December 15, 1996 in two dozens of strong men, some of them wearing police uniforms and Kalashnikovs broke into the office of OOO “Firestone Duncan" on the street Dolgorukovskaya, 21, Building 1. Director General and Chief Auditor Esipov was escorted into a meeting room, where Jamison Firestone announced in the presence of six armed strangers that within a few months he had been fixing the illegal activities of the company, namely the theft of funds in the interest of William Browder, through the creation of illegal tax schemes . He did not want to participate in illegal activities any more and on that purpose he appealed to the U.S. embassy, which, in turn, submitted a statement to the Russian FSB and the tax police.

After saying all this, Jamison hid behind the stick and took out a carrot. He said that he gave the CEO and the auditor the last chance – they had to sign documents on the elimination of OOO “Firestone Duncan” and the appointment of Jameson Firestone and Andrey Sandakov members of the liquidation commission.

The newly formed liquidation committee made no liquidation of the company, but transferred all the assets, property and existing contracts to company “Firestone Duncan” registered ahead of time. However, it was no longer OOO, but ZAO. Firestone personally telephoned the firm's clients and said that its former director was arrested, and now they were to deal only with him, Jamison Firestone.

The freed shares of the CEO and the auditor in the company Esipov in the company “Firestone Duncan” were successfully divided by Firestone, and part of the stolen shares was transferred to Sergey Leonidovich Magnitskiy. In that new company Sergey Magnitskiy became in charge of the directions, which the ousted CEO and the auditor had managed previously.

In the middle of 1997, a criminal case was prosecuted with evident reluctance on “racketeering in a large scale by an organized group of persons". In the case a number of investigative actions were made. They found out the name of some participants of the raid, among which both active and former members of the security forces were. However, the investigation was frozen unexpectedly. Then it was reclassified from extortion to arbitrariness. Today we can say that the traces of this case were only in the accounting records, and the case itself does not exist physically. There is a number, other details, but when the Investigation Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs tried to claim the case for examination in the course the investigation of tax crimes by Browder, it became clear that no one can find it. All other criminal cases initiated at the request of the former general director of OOO "Firestone Duncan" have also disappeared - on defamation, death threats, and faking work record book for Sandakov Jr. to obtain a license for the provision of legal services. The only charge to trial was the accusation of Andrey Sandakov of not paying tax on income of physical person.

Source: Moskovsky Komsomolets, 29.07.2010

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