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No one has cases for a financier


As "Kommersant" has learned, Department of Investigation in the Central Federal District of Investigation Committee of Russia stopped prosecuting the notorious financier Evgeny Dvoskin with the phrase "for lack of evidence" in his actions. Mr Dvoskin was suspected of extorting 10 million rubles from the former head of the bank "Intelfinans”, Mikhail Zavertyaev, which was accompanied by the application of light injury of the victim; but the financier managed to prove that at the time of the beating of the banker he had been testifying as a victim in another criminal case.

As Kommersant was told in the IC, the case of intentional infliction of bodily harm to Mr. Zavertyaev was terminated in connection with the lapse of its investigation. The incident occurred on Dec. 5, 2007. That day, two unidentified men, one of which looked like the financier Dvoskin, entered the office of chairman of CB Intelfinans, Mikhail Zavertyaev and severely beat the banker. In the words of Mr. Zavertyaev, after the fight he was treated in hospital for more than two months, but the examination found his injuries to be slight, and the criminal case, respectively, was initiated by not such a gross article 115 of the Criminal Code, which provides the offender with a fine, or short-term imprisonment. Having estimated those circumstances, the investigator concluded that it does not make any sense to investigate the crime for three years, as the maximum sanction for it is a 4-month arrest, and made a refusal decision.

Evgeny Dvoskin himself managed to get fended of incriminated extortion (Article 163 of the Criminal Code provides for up to 15 years imprisonment). According to the initial investigation, based mainly on the testimony of the victim Zavertyaev, the December demolition in the office "Intelfinansa" occurred because of the banker’s refusal to provide an irrecoverable (from his point of view) loan of 10 million rubles to unknown OOO “Nigma”. At first, chief accountant of "Intelfinans”, Elena Chernykh insisted on lending "Nigma”, and then the two visitors who came to support the ladu; they have not been identified. Mikhail Zavertyaev still claims that he confidently identified Evgeny Dvoskin as one of the extortionists, but the latter managed to convince the investigation of his innocence to this crime.

"During the interrogation, Dvoskin said that the he had spent the entire day on Dec. 5, 2007 in the detention department of the Tverskoy district of Moscow, where he gave testimony as a victim in another criminal case, Kommersant was told in IC. His alibi was confirmed subsequently by investigators and detectives who had been accompanying him. In addition, Dvoskin’s phone billing was verified; it confirmed the version presented by him. "

Having evaluated the evidence collected, the investigator of the case came to the conclusion that the suspect was not involved in extortion and refused to continue prosecution of Evgeny Dvoskin due to the absence of the body of the crime." Recently, the decision of the refusal decision was formally notified to all concerned.

The IC noted that the criminal case of theft of 10 million rubles from the bank "Intelfinans" is being investigated. Despite the failed attempt to extort money from the chairman Zavertyaev, this sum was nonetheless transferred to the account of firm-"fly-by-night" and disappeared immediately as soon as the beaten banker had been brought to the hospital.

Let us recall that law enforcement officers from different countries have long and unsuccessfully pursued the financier Evgeny Dvoskin. In 2001, a native of Odessa Dvoskin spent many years in the U.S., was found to be using a forged passport and was deported to his homeland. Two years later, the FBI accused him in absentia of fraud and money laundering. According to the agency, a group of financiers, which also includes Evgeny Dvoskin, made illegal transactions in securities by $ 2.3 million, and then "laundered" the money. In summer 2008, the businessman, at that time the Russian citizen, was sought through Interpol; he was detained during a private visit to Monaco, however, after having questioned him, the FBI refused to extradite Evgeny Dvoskin in the U.S. and to do further proceedings in the case.

Financier safely returned to Russia, where by that time, he had managed to accumulate substantial experience in countering the law enforcement system. Once at home in Odessa, Mr. Dvoskin, who used to bear his mother's name Slusker in the U.S., began vigorously to change his fundamental data: name, general civil and foreign passports, residence permits and citizenship, and ended up as a Russian citizen and resident of Moscow, Mr. Dvoskin. Police departments at various levels, respectively, began to track the "chains" of his life changes, but have not managed to catch the financier in any wrongdoing.

In 2007, the so-called banking operational investigative group headed by an investigator for particularly important cases of the investigative committee at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Gennady Shantin started rapid investigation of the financier, having suspected him of laundering tens of billions of rubles through Russian banks, but as a result the investigation participants themselves turned out to be the jail. Police officer Alexander Sharkevich tried to get fee of $ 400 thousand from Mr. Dvoskin for the termination of the prosecution, and he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for fraud in March last year by the Moscow City Court. In October of this year already the Presnensky district court in Moscow sentenced MIA officers Dmitry Tselyakov and Alexander Nosenko to six and five and a half years respectively. They were also convicted of fraud. According to the court, they tried to extort about $ 1.5 million from other bankers, who had allegedly came under suspicion in the investigation of criminal cases on "Laundering" of capital. Head of the banking group, Gennady Shantin was first demoted and then was recommended to leave the service, and he did so.

The laundering cases, including the criminal case of beating and stealing money from banker Zavertyaev, were split and "scattered" to different departments. Since then they have not reported on any results of the investigation of large-scale "encashment".

Source: Kommersant № 224 (4524) on 12/03/2010

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