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No one expected Ded Hassan at home


A well-known crime boss, 73-year-old Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hassan) was recently accused by Ukrainian authorities of trying to enter the country on a false passport, and thus got deported to Russia. However, the Russian law enforcement agencies did not file any claims against.

Thief in law was detained on April, 26 in the VIP-hall of Kiev Borispol airport at which he had arrived from Moscow. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ded Hassan arrived to the country to arrange the meeting of thieves. According the operatives, it was organized for “the purpose of redistribution of spheres of influence in the criminal circles in Ukraine due to the death of Russian criminal authority Vyacheslav Ivankova (Jap)”.

"Mr Usoyan was arrested for attempting to cross the Ukrainian border with forged documents. As soon as the crime (forgery) was committed outside of Ukraine area, it was decided to hand over Mr. Usoyan to the law enforcement agencies of Russia," the chief adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Stogny said. According to Ukrainian officials, Aslan Usoyan "was convoyed to Moscow, where he was handed over to Russian authorities." After having a brief conversation with the operatives the thief in law left in an unknown direction.

Interestingly, the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies had previously had claims against Aslan Usoyan, they were more serious than the use of fake passports. In 2009 Former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko called Mr. Usoyan a contractor of the murder Ukrainian businessman Shabab Aloyan. The latter was shot in the city center, along with two guards - members Special Forces Division "Titan" of the State Security Service of Ukraine MIA - Lieutenant Andrey Brezhnev, and Senior Lieutenant Vladimir Isaiah.

After the crime the thieves Merab Asanidze (Chicora) and Basil Stanciu (Vasya Moldovan) were expelled from Ukraine as representatives of the interests of Ded Hassan there. Mr. Stanchu died in a car accident near his ancestral village in Moldova immediately after the expulsion. According to a source in the Interior Ministry of Russia, that was the real reason for the detention of Aslan Usoyana at Borispol airport, but not the fake passport. "Ded Hassan lost his people, and started visiting Ukraine frequently, that made our colleagues displeased. The passport was just an excuse: there no problem with it,» the source said.

Source: Kommersant № 75 (4375) on 28.04.2010

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