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Nanoparticles disappeared from the Petrik filters


Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) stated in its letter to the head of the Working Group of Public Chamber of the Novgorod region, Cherepavona Anna that the study of the sorbent, which is used in the Petrik filters "Golden Formula", has been held since 1996. Thus, 34 tests were carried out at Moscow University from 1999 to 2001. And by the conclusion made on 10.02.2000, the material HRCM (carbon mix of high reactivity, is used in particular in the filters "Golden Formula" - editorial) established itself as a highly versatile sorbent for the majority of indicators, standardized by SanPiN.

Moreover, HRCM has been studied in different years in different research centers - for example, in 1997-1998 it was tested at the Institute of Criminalistics of the FSB of the RF, and in 1995 in Nanotechnology laboratory (USA). In addition, in 2006 it was experienced in the University of California Irvine (USA) and University of California Davis (USA). The results showed that "no nanocarbon type structures like nanotubes, fullerenes, graphene and bulbous structures was found", the letter says, citing data from those research.

The new material was also studied by the regional toxicological and hygienic information center "Toxie" (Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia). The agency conducted a pilot study and made a conclusion of evidence of safety — drinkers of "the Petrik water" may not be afraid of the development of remote consequences and impact on reproductive function . Unfortunately, the letter did not indicate the year in which this finding was made.

But the Federal Service reports that the certificate of state registration of the BAA entitled "Golden Formula" was issued by Institute of Nutrition on 10.09.2009. In the same 2009 Federal State Institution of Science, Institute of Toxicology, Federal Medical-Biological Agency studied the safety and biological activity of the raw materials for HRCM production, used in water purification systems "Golden Formula".

Meanwhile, as it follows from the same letter, in the Novgorod region the project "Clean Water" has been started since 2007 and "for 2006-2009 the company “Golden Formula " established 1311 systems of after-treatment of drinking water in educational institutions of the city, 138 after-treatment of drinking water in the field of educational institutions and 75 systems in health institutions of the city and region ", as stated in the document.

The need for the installation of filters was due to poor water quality in the region. However, unfortunately, Rospotrebnadzor does not explain why the company "Golden Formula" was chosen to be the pilot project of "Clean Water" . But the main thing is it does not answer the question of what the grounds are allowing the installation of filters in children's institutions two years before their safety is confirmed.

Federal Service assures that the laboratory studies of water in the Novgorod region are held constantly. Thus, in March 2009, the holding "Golden Formula" concluded a contract with MUP "Novgorod Vodokanal» and FGUZ «Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in the Novgorod region». The letter does not report on how and on what basis those studies were conducted during the first two years after the installation of filters.

But both letters - to the Public Chamber and the Health Ministry - said that on July 20, 2010 in the kindergarten "Kolokolchik" in Veliky Novgorod the water samples passed through the filters were collected. The studies made by laboratory of mineralogical analysis methods nameв after Karpinski, revealed: "macro-and micro-particles (including nanoparticles) are absent in the supplied water samples."

It is worth noting that it was the application of nanotechnology in the filters of the holding "Golden Formula" and, according to their inventor - RANS academician Viktor Petrik, that was "a breakthrough in science» and allowed to clean drinking water up to unprecedented quality level. As already written by "Fontanka", all other parameters of these filters are no different from many treatment systems using thermo coal.

"The material that Petrik calls graphene, is called a thermal expanded carbon in the world and is known for a long time - roughly since the seventies. In our country, it is widely studied at the Institute of organometallic compounds and at the Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University, scientific secretary of the commission for the inspection of the works by Victor Petrik, head of the Department of Chemistry and Material Science of RAS, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Chalykh said to the correspondent of "Fontanka" . «Petrik said nothing new about the possibilities of its use. All of his development works are in the area of modernization, rather than of a scientific research", the scientist said.

Let us recall that it was the Commission's conclusion of the Academy of Sciences of the lack of scientific innovation in the development Petrik that caused a conflict of the inventor with the academicians. However, later, as they said at the Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene on the condition of anonymity ( filters by "Golden Formula" also have been tested there) the inventor preferred to "disown" of nanotechnology. "You see, the Ministry of Health order was issued , under which all systems using nanoparticles should undergo a more thorough check. After that, Petrik said that he had no "nano", they told in this facility with a laugh.

Source: "Fontanka.ru" from 24.08.2010

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