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"Mysterious oligarch" will soon return from Israel to Russia


Russian-Israeli businessman Shalva Chigirinsky will soon return to Moscow where a construction of one of his biggest projects - Towers “Rossia” will be resumed, a source close to the entrepreneur informed "Interfax". Development company by Chigirinskiy “ST Tower”, part of the holding Russian Land, began construction of the tower "Rossia" in 2007.This skyscraper was to become the highest in Europe. However, the financial crisis, tax claims and conflict with the previous leadership of the Moscow made the businessman abandon the project and leave the country. 

But now 61-year-old Chigirinsky, who was considered "one of the most mysterious and enigmatic people living today in Israel” by the newspaper Yediot Ahronot, believes that all his problems have been resolved and the project will receive a second life. Instead of a single tower there will be three smaller ones constructed. In addition, they will place a business center in there.

Interfax emphasizes that Chigirinsky returned to work on projects in Russia after the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina had got in disgrace. It was her whom the businessman accused in his financial setbacks. The message by "Interfax” to some extent contradicts the content of a four-publication about Chigirinsky, which appeared Nov. 12, 2010 in Friday's application of the newspaper Yediot Ahronot. This edition quoted the businessman, who had allegedly said: "Ironically, I do not miss Russia. The best profession in Russia is a theft. If someone implements a project, he will immediately have it stolen.

In addition, they steal everything: people, projects, steal from the state..."  According to the same publication, he told his friends that he did not consider himself a fugitive and came to Israel because it was his birthplace. The newspaper Yediot Ahronot noted that Chigirinsky indeed was thinking to do the real estate business there, but then abandoned that idea. A native of Georgia, Shalva Chigirinsky is widely known for grandiose projects in construction and energy, many of which involved the city government of the former mayor Yuri Luzhkov. Back in 2008 Forbes magazine estimated his personal fortune at 2.3 billion dollars, placing him on the 58 place in the list of richest Russians. Judging by the British media, he lives in Israel since late 2009.

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