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Marina Ignatova - Deputy of the State Duma of RF of the fifth convocation


Surname: Ignatova

Name: Marina

Fathername: Valeryevna

Position: Deputy of the State Duma of RF of the fifth convocation



Born January 22, 1967 in Sumy, Ukrainian SSR.

Graduated from Moscow State Law Academy;

Since 1994, was chairman of the housing cooperative "Druzhba";

Since 1998, served as Director General of Vyazemsky house-building factory (Moscow region), then - president and co-owner of a group of companies "Druzhba" (construction, materials production, agribusiness, and the publishing business);

December 16, 2001 was elected to the Moscow Regional Duma of the third convocation of the electoral district № 7 (center: Domodedovo), was a member of the Committee on Problems of national economy and infrastructure development and the Committee on Land Use, Natural Resources and Environment;

December 2, 2007 elected to the State Duma of the fifth convocation of the federal list of candidates nominated by the All-Russian political party “Edinaya Rossia". She is a member of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship;

Member of the Presidium of the organization "Opora Rossii”; was awarded the honorary title "Honored Builder of the Moscow region"; has three children.

She is president of Foundation for the Study of Ancient Tuvinian fortress Por-Bajin (the Fund operates under the auspices of Minister Sergei Shoigu).
Source: lobbying.ru



Marina Ignatova began her career as a modest chairman in the Podmoskovny ZhSK (“housing construction cooperative”) in the early 90's. Based on it the ZAO GK "Druzhba" appeared with the participation of representatives of the gangs controlled by a thief in law Zechariah Kalashov (Shakro young). Ignatova also made friends with Basil Cherepanov (“Cherep”) - he was a co-owner of UAB and its protection racket. Eventually Cherep believed that he was giving too much money to Kalashov, and did not want to work under his leadership any longer. He stopped transferring money to "collective fund”. Kalash could not let this off, and in 2006 Cherepanov was killed.

In 1997, Ignatova was elected deputy to the Domodedovo district. She supported the local head of administration Leonid Kowalewski at struggle with the opposition; for that "Druzhba" was given a land for high-rise and commercial construction. This helped her enter the business. They began receiving funds from investors, which allowed Ignatova to open several offices in Moscow, to begin the reconstruction office at the Lubyanka, to get new sites for the construction, to takeover some agricultural enterprises on the pretext of "agricultural development".
Source: igolkin from 12.03.2010

Ignatova managed to convince the shareholders and co-owners of agricultural ZAO "PZ" Konstantinovo” and SHPK (integrated agricultural production centre) "Pavlovskaya" to sell their rights and securities. The rights of the shares were passed to Ignatova. During the purchasing period from 2002 to 2006, the shareholders and co-owners had not received any of the promised funds, despite the conclusion of the contract. The shareholders and co-owners received all the money only in 2006-2008, when almost all the land of two farms had been sold and after shareholders' repeated complaints and claims of frauds against Ignatova. SHPK "Pavlovskaya" did not exist any longer, ZAO "PZ" Konstantinov” was disbanded, pigs were slaughtered, the property was sold and rented. More than 500 villagers were thrown idle.

Meanwhile, according to conservative calculations, the yield earned by Marina Ignatova was 30 times higher than the costs she incurred when seizing the farms. The income from the land transactions amounted to $ 500 million. The seizure of agricultural land and its subsequent sale allowed the Moscow entrepreneur to move to the post of the State Duma deputy, to obtain personal enrichment in the form of expensive real estate worth tens of millions - abroad, at Rublyovka, in central Moscow, cars, as well as to divert the funds of the company to her bank accounts abroad, to put across a number of other operations successfully. For example, ZAO “Zatonsky" was purchased for $ 50-60 million and in a half years resold for about $ 180 million
Source: igolkin from 12.03.2010

Thanks to "Druzhba" Ignatova collected money from co-investors and squandered them inappropriately.
Source: igolkin from 12.03.2010

In 2002 interest holders entered into co-investment contracts of "Druzhba" for the construction of the neighborhood unit "Druzhba-2". It was expected that the construction of houses would be completed in 2004. By February 2009 only 8 houses out of 19 had been put into operation. By December 2009 they had put into operation three other homes.
Source: www.finansmag.ru on 05/04/2010

A criminal investigation was opened due to the facts of delays in delivery of projects and non-compliance with the interest-holders of "Druzhba", the Moscow region prosecutor Sergei Vasiliev said in the official briefing in 2005. He called the "Group of Companies "Druzhba" an unscrupulous developer which had been deceiving the citizens-co-investors; the construction of house in Mytischi had been made without a permission; he announced also that the leaders of that one company along with some others had been prosecuted. A few days later Ignatova held a press conference at which she said that the company did not appear in the list of unfair, that only one of its employees had had a criminal case filed against him (Article for "arbitrary behavior"), as for the construction permission in Mytischi – its term had just expired, and then it was in process of reissuance.
Source: Novaya Gazeta, 22.06.2009

The company faced problems as many of the documents and building permits had not been issued, Ignatova wanted to do it retroactively, but that time no one wanted to issue them, so the construction was halted.

After the Cherepanov's murder in 2002, Ignatova herself got hold of the company.

From 2005 to 2006 "Druzhba" had been on the verge of bankruptcy, but the funds of co-investors and investment in agricultural enterprises saved the company.
Source: igolkin from 12.03.2010

As a deputy, Ignatova sent the deputy requests to prosecutor for the "Druzhba", which is a conflict of interest in the world of legal practice. Then "Druzhba" had almost got checked by prosecutors.
Source: Novaya Gazeta, 22.06.2009

In 2006, e journalist Vladimir Solovyov stood up protecting the reputation of Ignatova by dropping her into his program, which theme was the persecution of the small and medium businesses., He also appealed to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika together with his friend and, a deputy of the State Duma Alexander Khinshtein requiring to prevent prosecutorial arbitrariness in relation to Ignatova. Shortly thereafter, Solovyov received from Ignatova an apartment built by "Druzhba" under the toll-free investment agreement. Ignatova thanked Similarly everybody who in some way or another defended her activities from the law enforcement interest. Mass media no longer mentioned the names of people loaded with benefits of Ignatova, but it was mentioned that one of them had a house built for about $ 5 million, another one had the land and non-residential premises transferred, some people had been given apartments like Solovyov.
Source: The Moscow Post dated 18.06.2008

In addition, in 2006 the Stupinsky district court ruled the search of Ignatova's house to determine her involvement in the murder of Cherepanov. But the deputy status defended her – they did not bring her to the case investigation.
Source: igolkin from 12.03.2010

In the summer of 2009, the interest holders deceived by Ignatova held a hunger strike in Domodedovo. On the first day, 25 protesters settled in the apartment of one of the houses of the new "Druzhba-2” and forwarded their requirements to the developer and the city administration. The hunger strike lasted for 11 days and then it was stopped as the people had got tired and they had been assured that the problem was to be solved, they would get their flats.
Source: www.ekcumep.ru

Deputy Alexander Khinshtein, who was involved in the problem of defrauded co-investors, spoke to the press that the problem in Domodedovo had been caused by the builder's quarrel with the local authorities. In 2001, Ignatova entered Mosobolduma, and the head of Domodedovo Leonid Kovalevsky supported her; and then the conflict began, after that starting from 2002 the Domodedovo officials refused to issue building permits and to take into operation the houses already constructed by "Druzhba".

According to Ignatova herself, this was due to political envy - her rating was twice the rating of Kovalevsky. She also believed that the delay in the delivery of houses was beneficial to officials because of an overpayment for non-transferred houses - water and power tariffs for builders are five times higher than for residents. Head of district administration Dmitry Gorodetsky said that "Druzhba" had begun building many houses without necessary permits, having planned to get them retroactively.
Source: "Russian Newsweek" from 29.06.2009

In December 2009, interest holders deceived by Ignatova (they did not receive apartments in residential complex "Druzhba-2” in Domodedovo in time, which had been built by the company of Ignatova) chained themselves with handcuffs to the building of the State Duma demanding a meeting with the Speaker of the Duma, Boris Gryzlov, and pleaded for bringing Ignatova to trial. The people were beaten by police, 12 of them were taken to the militia department. Ignatov told journalists she had heard nothing about the campaign, she had been engaged in public affairs irrelevant to the construction business. She generally called all the charges against her as a detractors' libel who wanted to take away her business.
Source: "Kommersant" № 239 (4294) on 22.12.2009

In April 2010 at Domodedovo three more houses of defrauded co-investors were commissioned in the neighborhood unit "Druzhba-2". Negotiations about the rest of the unfinished houses of co-investors are still in process.
Source: www.finansmag.ru on 05/04/2010

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