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Leader of the Orekhovo gang has been made a biography


Sergei Butorin (Osya), leader of the Medvedkovskaya-Orekhovskaya gang which acted in 90’s in Moscow, was recently extradited from Spain; then he has been brought a charge in new edition. Note that the new charge had been agreed previously with the Spanish prosecutor - this was a condition of extradition. Now the leader of Medvedkovskaya-Orekhovskaya gang is accused of "organizing a criminal group" (Article 210 of the Criminal Code), "banditry" (Article 209 of the Criminal Code), as well as 32 "killings" and "attempts" (Art. 30 and Art. 105 of the Criminal Code), which, according to investigators, were committed on the orders of the Osia.

According to investigators, on April 5, 1994 Sergei Butorin together with the former KGB lieutenant Gusyatinsky Gregory (Grisha Severny), developed and ran the Medvedkovskaya gang, organized killing in Moscow of "a reputable businessman” and leader of the Social Protection Fund of Sportsmen Otari Kvantrishvili (he failed to divide several refineries with Silvester). Mr. Kvantrishvili was shot by the killer of the Orekhovskaya gang people - a retired officer of internal troops, Commander of the Order of Courage Alex Sherstobitov (Lesha Soldat). The latter received a sentence of 23 years in a colony for two findings of the Moscow City Court.

In 1995, according to the case, during the internal bovvers Kultik, Dragon, Gregory Severny were killed, and then Osya headed the Orekhovskaya gang, and the brothers Oleg and Andrey Pylev from the Medvedkovskaya gang (the first one received imprisonment for life, while the second one - 21 years of the colony) Then they united and took control over dozens of companies, several banks, and large markets.

In addition, on the orders of Osya, as investigation assumed, a few businessmen and leaders of competing gangs had been killed by the Orekhovskaya gang members. Among the victims of the criminal groups there was a famous killer of the Kurgan gang Solonyk Alexander (Alexander of Macedon) killed together with his girlfriend, Svetlana Kotova on February 1, 1997 in Greece.

In the late 90’s Sergey Butorin and Pylev Brothers (by this time they had already moved to Spain) decided to "clean up" their "team", which became too expensive to maintain. According to investigation, since that time dozens of the "Orekhoskaya gang” members had been killed on the orders of Osya. As Pylev Brothers explained later in the court, along with Osya they acted on the principle of "the less we are - the more money we get."

Source: Kommersant »№ 55 (4355) on 31.03.2010

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