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Kvetnoy came out of the shadow


Billionaire Lev Kvetnoy used to be a co-owner of Vnukovo airport. They used to talk about it privately, but now the businessman’s bank "National Standard” has disclosed this information.

Kvetnoy made his fortune by selling metallurgical assets to Alisher Usmanov and his partners four years ago. According to Forbes, In Kvetnoy has $ 1.3 billion, his largest asset is Novoroscement. The staff of airlines and officials said that Kvetnoy also used to be a co-owner of the Vnukovo airport, but no official confirmation has appeared by now.

Airport terminals are shared between three legal entities as a minimum. These are OAO "Airport" Vnukovo"(operates terminals for domestic flights): 75% is owned by Moscow and the rest is by "Vnukovo-Invest". The second one is OAO "International airport" Vnukovo "(it manages the international terminal): 75% is owned by Aviation Oil Company (controlled by shareholders of "Vnukovo-Invest "), the rest is in Moscow; And also "Vnukovo-Invest" (owns “Vnukovo-3 ").Shareholders of "Vnukovo-Invest" have been known (see pull-quote), but not the beneficiaries. Only the chairman of the board of directors of Vnukovo, Vitaly Vantsev admitted himself as a co-owner of the airport. In 2008, he spoke of the partners, but did not name them.

In 2005-2006, Kvetnoy was a member of the board of directors of Vnukovo Airport - as an independent director, Vantsev explained then, and then returned to the board in 2009 as a representative of the private shareholders of the airport, according to Vantsev.

But the fact that Kvetnoy himself is the beneficiary of "Vnukovo" has been found out only now – it came out of materials from the site of the bank "National Standard". The shareholder of the bank is the Cypriote "Axial Investments Limited”, it is said there, and its ultimate beneficiary is Kvetnoy. The same "Axial" is a co-owner of “Vnukovo-Invest” with a share of 6.79%. So, Kvetnoy controls at least 1.7% of the company, which operates the airport terminals for the internal flights, and 6.79% of the terminal "Sheremetyevo-3".

Kvetnoy’s share is much bigger; he is the principal owner of “Vnukovo-Invest ", Vantsev is the junior partner, according to a person close to the airport. An acquaintance of Kvetnoy confirms this as well, adding that the former metallurgist began buying up assets in "Vnukovo" back in 1994. Now the businessman has large stakes in other companies of the airport, the person from the airport claims: for example, in "RusJet (business jets operator) and “Vnukovo-cargo” (cargo handling).

Vantsev refused to comment, while Kvetnoy could not be reached.

Shareholders of "Vnukovo-Invest” – OOO “Silvani” (58.68%; owned by three Cypriot companies), ZAO "Company YUNOKS” (14.21%, a Cypriot shareholder), and ZAO “IK “OEMK-Invest " (6, 79%; belongs to the "Axial" by Kvetnoy). All the data came from the prospect of additional issue of shares of “Vnukovo-Invest " at 11.6 billion rubles; the shares will be bought by shareholders by financing the construction of business aviation complex "Vnukovo-3” and reducing the company's debt.

Source: Vedomosti on 11/11/2010

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