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Kirilenko criminal case dismissed


Search for Mr Kirilenko has now stopped. The ex-head of Stroymontazh has a legal right to be rehabilitated. Moreover, the warrant to arrest 200 apartments and non-residential premises has been lifted, so that Stroymontazh clients can retrieve their property, the company’s press-service says.  

The criminal case against Mr Kirilenko and director general of Kosmoblan Company (LLC) Mr Vladimir Zakharov was instituted on September 24, 2009 under Article 196 of the Criminal Code of the RF (premeditated bankruptcy). Since last summer Kirilenko had been on the international wanted list.

In autumn 2009 Stroymontazh Corporation (LLC) went to court to begin its bankruptcy after the company failed to pay one billion roubles loan to Baltiysky bank. Mr Kirilenko was a guarantee, so Baltiysky bank began to chase his property all other the world. 

City militia of St Petersburg has not confirmed the information that the case against Kirilenko was dissolved. As a proof of its statement the company’s press-service showed copies of resolution about the discontinuation of the case. Baltiysky bank did not comment the situation. 

Meanwhile Mr Kirilenko is currently dwelling abroad and does not plan to come back, dp.ru says. He is afraid of further persecution, says the press-service of Stroymontazh.

‘I believe we did everything right. It is the bank that stirred up the situation. For half a year no one could get anything. The shareholder did not get apartments, the budget – taxes, the lenders – their money’ – said Kirilenko 

Experts say it has no sense for Kirilenko to come back. He will not be able to carry on with new projects. On one hand, he has overcome the difficulties. On the other hand, he still has to pay the lenders. Even the agreement with majority of banks does not guarantee their loyalty in case he comes back. Another thing is the fact that the story with Baltiysky bank has not come to an end, which weighs heavily against Kirillenko’s return.

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