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Khristenko is seeking for a job


The son of the Minister of Industry and Trade, General Director of the oilfield service company "Rimera” - Vladimir Khristenko is leaving his post. RBC daily has learnt this from several sources on the market. It is possible that he will be offered the post in the company “Pharmstandard”. It is unknown yet whether the branch will benefit from a new young manager or not; the son of the Minister has already failed his task to make "Riemer" a major player in the oilfield market.

As it became known to RBC daily, permanent head of oilfield services and engineering units ChTPZ of the Company “Rimera"- Vladimir Khristenko is going to resign the post. He might take one of the leading posts or join the board of directors in “Pharmstandard,’ the largest producer of drugs in Russia, said to RBC daily several participants of pharmaceutical market. Yesterday in the Pharmstandard this information was neither confirmed, nor denied. According to the internet media, board chairman and principal owner of “Pharmstandard” Victor Haritonin has been a longtime friend of the family Khristenko-Golikov.

The press service of ChTPZ noted only that Vladimir Khristenko worked in "Riemer". Source of RBC daily, someone close to Mr. Khristenko said that he intends to continue training in one of the leading business schools, and to combine it with work in the group ChTPZ. At the same time, two sources of RBC daily from the oilfield market also have information that he is ready to leave the company.

Vladimir Khristenko came to CHTPZ in 2003 immediately after he had finished the Higher School of Economics. In 2007, when "Rimera" appeared on the market, he was appointed its president. The company started with engineering business, and then in 2008 it took up oilfield business. It bought the manufacturer of equipment for the oil industry OAO “Alnas" and a number of oilfield service companies in the regions.

However, "Riemer" never happened to bring those assets to the leaders. "Alnas" mired in debts, and at the end of the last year it became known that the company wanted to get out of the business. Two companies applied to FAS for purchasing ALNAS - Schlumberger (received the approval of the agency) and Chelyabinsk Metallurg, formerly affiliated with ChTPZ. The deal has not been closed yet, and the interest of possible buyers has cooled considerably, says the source of RBC daily on the market. "When the purchasing had started (then a well-known surname played its role), everybody concluded then that there was a serious player appearing in the private oilfield. But buying is one thing, and doing real work is another "- he said.

Source: RBC-daily from 03/03/2010

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