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Igor Shuvalov - First Deputy Prime Minister


Surname: Shuvalov

Name: Igor

Fathername: Ivanovich

Position: First Deputy Prime Minister


Born on January 4, 1967 in the Magadan region, but finished the school in 1984 in Moscow. After serving in the army (1985-1987), he entered the Lomonosov Moscow State University, graduated from law faculty majoring in “jurisprudence”.

In 1993 he joined the Ministry of External Affairs of the Russian Federation. He got acquainted with a businessman Alexander Mamut approximately at that period of time, and from 1993 to 1997 he worked in a law office “ALM-Consulting”, one of the founders of which Mamut was. In 1995-96 he was the founder of several companies engaged in the wholesale trade, real estate and banking.

In 1997, Shuvalov, under Mamut’s patronage joined the State Property Committee, where the team of Anatoly Chubais bossed. After the scandalous "writers’ case” in 1998, which caused damage to the reputation of Chubais and his staff, Shuvalov worked his way up and became the deputy head of the department, which by that time had become the ministry. In February 1998 Shuvalov entered the Board of Directors of ORT (abbreviated ОРТ—Общественное Российское Телевидение, Public Russian Television).

In 1998, after the resignation of the government of Viktor Chernomyrdin, Shuvalov became the head of the Russian Federal Property Fund (RFFI). According to media reports, Mamut again helped him to take this post. However, in August 1998 Shuvalov got acquainted with the head of the Presidential Administration Alexander Voloshin, after that he refused further cooperation with Mamut.

In the new government of Yevgeny Primakov (1998-1999) Shuvalov retained his post of the head of RFFI and remained at this very post during the premiership of Sergei Stepashin (1999) and Vladimir Putin (1999). At the same time he held senior positions in several state-controlled commercial structures: "The Russian State Insurance Company", ORT, the "All-Union Exhibition Center", "Gazprom".

In May 2000, Shuvalov was appointed the head of the Government of Russia – the Minister of Russia.

In June 2003, Shuvalov was transferred to the presidential administration as an assistant to Vladimir Putin, and in October Shuvalov became the deputy chief of the presidential administration, and in the spring of 2004, according to some reports, he could take the post of the sacked Kasyanov (Mikhail Fradkov became the new Prime Minister).

In January 2005, Shuvalov became the "sherpa" (personal representative of the President of Russia) in the "Group of eight, G8", which summit was held in St. Petersburg in July 2006. On this post he made speeches with a number of high-flown statements, actively contributed to raise of the international status of the Russian Federation.

During the preparation of the regular message from President Putin to Federal Assembly, according to the media reports, he rejected the text of a document prepared under the direction of Shuvalov - because of this, the message previously scheduled for the end of April 2006, was announced only in May. This incident didn’t have any visible effects on Shuvalov.
Source: peoples.ru

On May 12, 2008 Shuvalov was appointed the first deputy prime minister. He supervised the the following spheres: foreign economic sphere, the issues of technical regulation, intellectual property, civil defense, traffic safety, support for small businesses, state property management, property registration, tariff and anti-monopoly policies, the activities of natural monopolies.

Shuvalov is married, he has got a son and two daughters.
Source: “Kommersant” № 239 (4294) from 22.12.2009


Shuvalov’s career began to develop rapidly after a crucial meeting with the hereditary attorney Alexander Mamut. The circumstances of their acquaintance are not clear, but soon Shuvalov joins the law office "ALM", which stands for "Aleksandr Leonidovich Mamut". There he communicates with the significant people of the Russian business, got acquainted with Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. Soon Shuvalov became the director of the law office and in 1997 under the patronage of Mamut, Shuvalov was appointed the head of one of the departments in the Federal Committee of the Management of State Property.

Mamut appointed Shuvalov not for nothing, but for some selfish purposes. The privatization was in full swing and the bank of Mamut – the "Company on Project financing" - took part in competitions. The State Property Committee was headed by Alfred Koch at that time, who soon resigned. Immediately thereafter, Shuvalov became the deputy minister, and in May 1998 he was appointed to the post of Koch – again Mamut helped with the assistance of his longtime friend the Prime Minister Sergei Kiriyenko (Mamut’s bank credited subsidiary to Kiriyenko company “NORSI-oil”).

Shuvalov actively developed privatization plans, and at the same time he was engaged in the department discipline. And soon he joined the government office, thanks to a new patron – the head of the presidential administration Alexander Voloshin.

Shuvalov got acquainted with Voloshin in August 1998 when they both entered the working group by the acting Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. Finding the new patron, Shuvalov refused to cooperate with Mamut. The latter still takes offence on him.

The story with Shuvalov's appointment on the post of the head of the government office was very interesting. It was reported that Voloshin and Mikhail Kasyanov agreed to include the presidential proteges Alexey Kudrin and Herman Gref in the composition of the government, so that they could appoint Shuvalov instead.

Shuvalov introduced strict regulations and a single computer database in the government office. There were even talks that he forced his subordinates to learn the Constitution aloud. He also held an examination of the staff checking their knowledge of their authorities.

Gradually, Shuvalov became a kind of informal deputy prime minister because many trusted him and listened to him. Shuvalov even made his own corrections to the documents prepared by ministries. Finally, the Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov got bored with this situation, he felt uncomfortable. Therefore, a new post was invented to Shuvalov (everyone agreed upon this post) – an Assistant to the President - that is, he was under the supervision and away from serious issues.
Source: "Profil" from 25.08.2003

Kasyanov himself motivated Shuvalov’s dismissal by the fact that he, according to Kasyanov, spent too much time on the problems of the individual businessmen and on the country real estate issues.
Source: "APN" from 31.10.2003

Perhaps Kasyanov’s assumptions were not groundless because in April 2003 the Prosecutor's Office examined the information on the acquisition of large estate property by Shuvalov. The question about his property occurred during the audit of the State Investment Corporation, dissolved by presidential decree in February 2003.

According to the investigators, shortly before the elimination of the State Investment Corporation, the country residence "Zarechie-4" on Skolkovskoye highway was transferred to the ownership of the companies controlled by Shuvalov,. The cost of the residence, however, was really paid to the management of the State Investment Corporation. According to one version, the sponsor of the transaction was the State Duma deputy from the LDPR (the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia) Suleiman Kerimov, who was close to Shuvalov. But the means, nevertheless, have never reached the corporation fund.
Source: "APN" 11.04.2003

Despite the new position, Shuvalov aimed at the chair of Kasyanov. He made new friends - the first deputy chief of the president office - Dmitry Kozak and the Head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Herman Gref and Shuvalov expected their help.
Source: "APN" from 31.10.2003

According to the rumors, Shuvalov was an active initiator of the resignation of Dmitri Rogozin, a special representative in Kaliningrad. He was not involved in the problems of the enclave, but his statements only aggravated the assumptions of the citizens of Kaliningrad that it was decided a long time ago to "sell" Kaliningrad to Europe. Shuvalov was involved in the development of the Kaliningrad Oblast, and Rogozin’s behavior could not please him.
Source: Pircenter.org from 10.11.2003

The unpleasant story was connected with the stepsister of Shuvalov, Elena Lebova-Shuvalova. She held the post of the director of the Children Activity Center “Istok” (i.e. “Source”) from April 2001, and both the parents and the teachers were very dissatisfied with her. Once Lebova-Shuvalova drank together with children at her lesson of the theatrical skill. Well, she even started her directorship with a grand banquet. At the same time, when Lebova-Shuvalova was appointed to the post of the Center director, the curator of the Center "Istok" Maya Shuklina got the flat from the municipality - perhaps it was not a coincidence.

Lebova-Shuvalova told her colleagues that her stepbrother was then a big boss, so she would arrange her orders and there was no use in complaining. By mentioning her brother, she also dismissed the claims of the officials from the municipality, no one wanted to communicate with her, so they didn’t even arrange any inspections in the Center.

And there was something worth of inspecting – Lebova-Shuvalova dismissed many people with violations of the law, she conducted paid lessons having no commercial licenses, and committed many other violations of the law. Parties were regular at the Children Activity Center. Parents had a poor choice: either they could enroll their children in activity centers far from their homes, or turn a blind eye to her tyranny.
Source: “B-F.Ru” from 22.11.2004

A funny episode which happened in the spring of 2004, was associated with the wife of Shuvalov Olga. Arriving at a beauty salon of Sergei Zverev, Olga lost a gold ring with diamonds. After an unsuccessful search, she turned to the police. The best officers were involved in the search, the salon was turned upside down, but the ring has never been found.
Source: "Komsomolskaya Pravda" from 27.04.2007

The case of the theft was tied up, that’s why Shuvalova was too lazy to appear later for questioning.
Source: “Komsomolskaya Pravda" from 27.04.2007

In 2007, Shuvalov told the reporters about an interesting episode, that he witnessed when he worked as a political consultant in the Ukraine in 2001. Ex-minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in the presence of Shuvalov proposed to Marat Gelman, the supporter of Viktor Yushchenko in the presidential election campaign, to buy compromising evidence on the daughter of Viktor Yushchenko Vitalina. According to Shuvalov, Lutsenko brought documents proving that Vitalina’s education was paid by the bank "Ukraine" (later this data was announced during the election campaign of Yushchenko). Lutsenko asked Gelman 8,000 dollars for these documents. Shuvalov didn’t tell how this story ended, as he said he was not aware of it himself.
Source: Information Agency “Rosbalt-Ukraine" from 10.04.2007

In 2008, Shuvalov, as an assistant to the president of Russia, made suggestions on the new structure of the federal executive bodies. He was entrusted to develop an algorithm of the interaction between the office of the future Prime Minister Putin and the administration of the future President Medvedev.
Source: “Kommersant”, 13.03.2008

As a vice-premier, Shuvalov did much for the common customs area, creating the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. He decided to take out the customs control to the external borders of the Union since July 2011, and he also agreed on a unified customs tariff rates. He also managed to pacify the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who was not satisfied with many of the customs terms, and who called "to stop bowing to Russia". Shuvalov reconciled the conflict, he created a national regime for some groups of the Belarusian goods for the acquisition by the Russian government and state corporations, solved many other problems.
Source: "Kommersant» № 96 (4151) from 30.05.2009

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2008, Shuvalov made a sensational statement that the Russian economy could become the sixth economy in the world by the end of 2008. It was said that his statement even eclipsed the speech of the President Medvedev.
Source: Annex to the newspaper “Kommersant-Petersburg” № 97 (4152) from 02.06.2009

In 2009, Shuvalov headed the organizing committee supporting Russia's bid to conduct the Footbal World Cup in 2018.
Source: "Kommersant» № 190 (4245) from 13.10.2009

At the same time he headed a commission of the economic development and integration (earlier Shuvalov headed anti-crisis commission of the Government).
Source: "Kommersant» № 240 (4295) from 23.12.2009

In 2009, Shuvalov played the role of the chief agent of the government to rescue Tolyatti company “AvtoVAZ”. In order to survive in the crisis, the company's management decided to arrange employment layoffs of the workers. Shuvalov went to Tolyatti with an inspection, refuted the official information about the dismissals on the plant, spoke about another multibillion package of state aid to the company, was also engaged in the persuasion of Renault to allocate money to “AvtoVAZ”.
Source: Magazine “Vlast” № 3 (857) from 25.01.2010

In 2010 Shuvalov supported the abolition of the taxation of profits in health and education spheres. According to his suggestion, a private business connected with the moulding of the human capital should be supported, and the abolition of the taxes would be very welcome.
Source: “Kommersant” № 10 (4310) from 22.01.2010

In the spring of 2010 Shuvalov signed a document in which the state refused to allow the joint-stock companies with the state participation not to pay dividends. The reason for signing the document was that the company "Svyazinvest" and "Sheremetyevo" used net profit to increase payments to staff and management. Shuvalov supported the abolition of the anti-crisis measures and the return of the lost profit to the state budget.
Source: "Kommersant» № 65 (4365) from 14.04.2010

In May 2010 Shuvalov supported the view of Vladimir Putin that the recommendation of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) to increase the area of the constructing Village of the Universiade 2013 should not be done. Shuvalov heads the organizing committee of the Universiade, and as the head of it, he decided to use the hotels and dormitories for the expansion of athletes’ accommodation, rather than spending extra money as the University Sports Federation proposed.
Source: Kommersant (Kazan) № 80 (4378) from 07.05.2010

Shuvalov also instructed the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economy, the Federal Antimonopoly Service to prepare amendments to the law "On state procurements". He suggested returning to the prequalification of the suppliers when ordering scientific researches and procurement of the high technology products. Earlier the main criterion for selecting the company was the proposed prices for their goods.
Source: "Kommersant» № 81 / B (4381) from 05.11.2010

In the middle of 2010 Shuvalov gave a direct order to the officials to soften in respect of the oil industry workers in the conflict over petrol prices. The Federal Antimonopoly Service afterwards reduced the fine imposed on “Rosneft” for inflated gasoline prices. Shuvalov called to fight not with the specific companies, but with the violations.
Source: "Kommersant» № 102 (4402) from 09.06.2010

On the Day of the competition in Suzdal Shuvalov claimed that you do not need to fight against “Transneft” and “Gazprom” as they are the leaders in development and the tremendous resources of the economy. At the same time Shuvalov called to develop the competition in the oil sphere. Though, he didn’t explain how it can be combined with the preservation of actual monopolies.
Source: Magazine “Vlast” № 23 (877) on 14.06.2010

In July 2010 at a meeting of the Ukrainian journalists with the chairman of the Security Service of the Ukraine Valery Horoshovsky, the journalists complained that Shuvalov manages the information policy in the Ukrainian TV channel "Inter". Horoshovsky confirmed that Shuvalov gives advice to TV channel, but promised to check whether a foreign citizen Shuvalov is employed in the Ukraine on legal grounds.
Source: Kommersant Ukraine № 124 from 23.07.2010

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