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Nikolay Mdinaradze, the lawyer of the well-known mafia boss Tariel Oniani (Muluhov) said his client categorically denies the possibility of his involvement in the attempted murder of another crime boss, Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan). Let us recall, on the evening of the 16th September, in central Moscow unknown shot him in the stomach. Aslan Usoyan survived, he is in the Botkinskaya hospital but his condition is still grave.

As Nikolay Mdinaradze told on September, 20, Tariel Oniani "categorically rejects the mention of his name in the context of his implication" in the assassination of Aslan Usoyan. The lawyer also said that Muluhov is currently in jail and on "special terms" -for more than one year and three months. It is worth recalling that a few months ago the capital Khamovnichesky court sentenced Oniani to ten years of imprisonment for kidnapping and extortion. At the same time Nikolay Mdinaradze said that he did not known whether his client had turned to thejail management to enhance his security.

Meanwhile, RIA Novosti reports that the condition of Aslan Usoyana is still grave and there is still a threat to life - he is in intensive care and is connected to the apparatus sustaining pressure and blood circulation. They specify that the victim has already had two surgeries. According to the agency, the room of Ded Hasan is under increased security because "there is still a real risk of re-attack."

Earlier, sources in law enforcement agencies associated the crime with the criminal clans by Aslan Usoyan and Tariel Oniani confrontation. The conflict between them began about two years ago, and received wide publicity after Tariel Oniani had gathered members of his criminal community at the famous thieves' meeting on the ship in the middle of Klyazma reservoir in 2008 - in order to demonstrate his strength; however, it was broke up by commandos and operative officers of the Interior Ministry. Note that the native of Georgia, Aslan Usoyan for many years has been considered one of the most influential kingpins in the former Soviet Union. In 2008, a serious conflict broke out between him and Tariel Oniani because of the partition of the empire of Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro-young), who had been convicted in Spain. A longtime friend of Ded Hasan, Vyacheslav Ivankov (Jap) supported him in this dispute, he was wounded in the stomach in Moscow in July 2009 and died shortly afterwards. In the criminal world the responsibility for the attack has been put on Tariel Oniani. After that two closest associates of Taro were killed: Danashiya Vladimir (Lado) and Malkhaz Kitiya (Mahonia).Moscow detectives believe that the shot in Aslan Usoyan was a back lash of the clan.

Meanwhile it became known about the most recent "economic" conflict of the two thieves (Taro participated in it from the jail in absentia). According to investigators, it was connected with the territory of the former Cherkizovsky market in Moscow. Let us recall that in December last year, the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia declared 66.5 hectares of the land which was vacant after the demolition of the market in the area of fork in the Schelkovsky highway and Sirenevyj avenue a federal property, and a large-scale construction of residential houses of economy class was planned there. A few big private investors became interested in the land plot. On the one hand, the guarantors of allocation of the land for construction were Ded Hasan and his influential representatives of the Chechen Diaspora, but the Georgian criminal groups behind Taro (they had been unexpectedly supported by one of the major Moscow Slavic OPG), strongly opposed it. Both parties, according to the sources of Kommersant, "even got enlisted the support of some officials and security forces, but eventually the site came to the investors who had placed their stake on Ded. Policemen leave open the possibility that Taro, the loser a multimillion-dollar project eventually could give the go-ahead to eliminate the competitor.

Let us recall that the attempt on 73-year-old Aslan Usoyan was committed on September, 16 about half past eight p.m. near the building 12 / 7 on Tverskaya Street. Being surrounded by numerous guards, the authority came out of the car and was immediately shot in the abdomen, after which he was urgently hospitalized.

Source: Kommersant-Online, 20.09.2010

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