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God Nisanov - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company «Kievskaya Ploshchad»


Surname: Nisanov

Name: God

Fathername: Semenovich

Position: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company «Kievskaya Ploshchad»


Born on April 24, 1972 in a small town of Cuban (Azerbaijan)

In 1992 he arrived to Russia, started helping his fellow countryman Zarah Iliev in wholesale trade.

In 2001 he opened a trading-exhibition complex “Moscow” belonging to partners in Lublino

In 2005 company "Biscuit" supervised by Zarah Iliev and God Nisanov brought hotel “Ukraine” at auction of the government of Moscow

In 2006 he opened a trading complex "European" near the Kievsky station
Source: vedomosti.ruvedomosti.ru

Starting from the beginning of 90’s God Nisanov has had business in Moscow. According to mass-media, he is the co-owner of shopping centers "European" and «Kievskaya Ploshchad», furniture center "Grand", a trading-exhibition complex "Moscow", hotel "Ukraine" and Cherkizovsky market. In Soviet times God Nisanov’s father was the director of cannery where the most part of Nisanov’s clan worked. God graduated first from College of Finance and Credit and then Institute of Jurisprudence in Baku. And only after getting degree family relations let him enter into oil business — then he was in charge of transportation of the Azerbaijan oil products and supervised a certain part of sales.

The plan of privatization of city property including 50 % city share in hotel "Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya" at the Kievsky rail terminal became one of the last documents signed by Yury Luzhkov just before his resignation from a post of the mayor of Moscow. Other 50% of shares of this hotel since 2008 belong to the structure controlled by God Nisanov and Zarah Iliev. Then the city authorities were going to challenge the transaction as the former owner did not suggested the government of Moscow to buy up its share, but to but the things were not got going. From the end of 2009 God Nisanov through the press-service declared his interest in the full reacquisition of "Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya" and its subsequent reconstruction, but Y.Luzhkov's resignation can prevent it. Earlier all most liquid actives of a city were privatized non-transparently, experts consider, however, after Sergey Sabyanin's appointment to a post of the mayor of Moscow the situation can change.
Source: "Wikipedia"


Nisanov’s activity always remained in the background. His photo exists only in archives of the Air Forces. After getting degree Nisanov entered into family oil business: transported the Azerbaijan oil products and supervised sales. Till present he operates a part of the Azerbaijan oil portfolio.
Source: solomin from 11/17/2006

Nisanov moved to Russia in the late nineties, and got to the Cherkizovsky market where Zarah Iliev supervised a part of the territory by then Both of them were natives of mountain Jews. Subsequently Nisanov became the right hand of Iliev in construction projects.

Together with Iliev Nisanov began to supervise the complex "Moscow", shopping centers «Electronic paradise», "Panorama".
Source: solomin from 9/11/2006

In Moscow Nisanov also worked in AST group belonging to Nisanov’s compatriot Telman Ismailov and including TOO «KBF AST», owning controlling interest in OAO «Central military shop» (Voyentorg), ZAO "AST-Cherkizovo", OOO "AST Capstroy", OOO «AST International Environment», restaurant "Prague".
Source: solomin from 11/17/2006

In 2000-2005 Nisanov worked in OOO «Diamond cutters», the diamond-dressing company. Since 2003 –chairman of board of directors of construction company OAO «Safra Instruments».

Nissanov heads OOO “Grand Title” which possesses furniture shopping center "Grandee"
Source: NPA from 11/20/2007

In 2005 Nisanov and Iliev on behalf of OOO "Biscuit" purchased hotel "Ukraine", one of the well-known Stalin’s period skyscrapers of Moscow for the record sum of more than 7 billion rubles at the auction. The names of representatives of OOO "Biscuit" weren't called openly; Nisanov didn't give any comments about the transaction. But it was known that the founder of OOO was the company Streamway Limited in which list of representatives Nisanov and Iliev appeared.
Source: «Kommersant» № 221 (3305) from 11/24/2005

In 2006 police began auction check on hotel "Ukraine" sale - it was supposed that the fact of preliminary arrangement took place at auction. However they did not manage to prove anything.
Source: «Kommersant» № 16 (3347) from 1/31/2006

In 2006 Nisanov’s name appeared in the center of the scandal connected with building of shopping center "European", constructed by Nisanov’s company «Kievskaya Ploshchad», on the square in front of Kievsky railway terminal. Rosprirodnadzor wished to check up construction as the future parking of hotel should be located in water protection zone of the Moscow River, and building could damage Filevsky subway line.

The assistant to head of Rosprirodnadzor Oleg Mitvol together with the deputy of the State Duma Sergey Mitrokhin, acting assistant to the nature protection public prosecutor of Moscow Dmitry Kavyshkin and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Khinstein tried to get to the shopping center construction site, but they were not allowed to get in by the employees of private security company. Having closed a plywood door of a window in which Khinstein pushed his fingers, they damaged his hand and then poured out concrete dust on heads of gathered persons. Under Nisanov’s version, at that time all his employees were away on vacation.

Mitvol and Khinstein applied to the Office of Public Prosecutor with the written statement.
Source: solomin from 9/11/2006

In September, 2006 Rosprirodnadzor and nature protection office of Public Prosecutor carried out complex examination of the construction process of "European" and decided that it followed necessary norms.
Source: solomin from 12/22/2006

In October 2006, the company «Kievskaya Ploshchad» won the trial with nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor.
Source: solomin from 11/17/2006

During their holidays Nisanov and Iliev co-operated with other ill-wishers of Mitvol – probably, therefore and they received such positive result of examination. The situation with "European" ended up pitiably for Mitvol: his career and reputation were at risk. At first Alexander Hinstein who made an official statement that he was satisfied with results of examination left to the the enemy’s party. At the same time, in mass-media there were scandalous details of Mitvol bulldozing to summer residences of well-known people in Moscow suburbs, and also the company "Sakhalin-2". The head of Rosprirodnadzor Sergey Say applied the Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources with the request to check up office activity of Mitvol and to discharge him of a post. It is entirely possible that Nisanov and Iliev did their best for this.
Source: solomin from 12/22/2006

Nisanov and Iliev have always had good relations with Luzhkov’s team. It’s absolutely clearly that behind hotel "Ukraine" purchase there were certain relations.

Also Nisanov made friends with Zurab Tsereteli, also Yury Luzhkov's favorite – together with him and Iliev they stated to announce intention to realize the project «Park of Miracles», analog to Disneyland in Nizhniy Mnevniki.
Source: solomin from 4/3/2007

Experts forecasted that Nisanov could become a part of LDPR fraction in the Duma of 2007-2011.
Source: NPA from 11/20/2007

However the Supreme Court cancelled registration of Nisanov as the candidate of LDPR in connection with absence at it the Russian citizenship. To be more exact, Nisanov did not have any citizenship. In spite of the fact that Nisanov’s partners informed that he was given Russian passport three times, the Supreme Court refused registration. Nisanov was going to challenge a judgment.
Source: "Kommersant" № 217/P (3793) from 11/26/2007

In 2007 Yury Luzhkov signed the order about prolongation of rent term for Cherkizovsky market till 2009. Earlier there were conversations about its closing.

Luzhkov's decision was preceded by arrival of Nisanov, Iliev and Ismailov to the Moscow mayoralty. After their visit the head of the Moscow Department of the consumer market and services Vladimir Malyshkov officially declared that the market would be closed up step by step. Instead of shopping rows it was planned to construct a housing estate. Thus, the market anyway remained with former owners. Inhabited building is also business favorable for them.
Source: solomin from 7/30/2007

In June, 2009 the market was closed.
Source: Magazine "Power" № 28 (832) from 7/20/2009

In November 2007, one of the towers at the hotel "Ukraine" fell down. Ill-wishers of Nisanov and Iliev got a new reason to destroy their business, however it was found out that the collapse was caused by non-observance of technologies even at building. Then malefactors used threats of physical violence to businessmen and their families. Nisanov and Iliev evacuated the families abroad and applied to police. Group of malefactors was detained and investigation began.
Source: solomin from 6/5/2008

In 2008, Nisanov and Iliev purchased company "Hotel-invest" which had owned 50% of OOO "Slavyanskaya", and became co-owners of hotel «Radisson SAS Slavyanskaya». After purchase it became known that the transaction could be challenged by the government of Moscow as it also was the shareholder, but it was not suggested the prior right of the share redeem.
Source: «Kommersant» № 137 (3954) from 8/6/2008

In 2009 Nisanov and Iliev decided to start cruise business having got five icebreaking yachts. They also created cruise company Radisson Royal Moscow.
Source: «Kommersant» № 208/P (4263) from 11/9/2009

In 2010 Nisanov and Iliev declared intentions to construct three hotels in Moscow - on Vernadsky prospect, Kutuzovsky and Leningradsky highway.
Source: «Kommersant» № 53/P (4353) from 3/29/2010

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