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Glushchenko declared the abduction of his daughter


Respected businessman Mikhail Glushchenko (Khokhol), who is accused of involvement in the triple murder of Russian citizens in Cyprus in 2004, declared the kidnapping of his daughter and blackmailing of him. According to him, it prevented him to testify against his former patron - Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin).


Since December last year, Mikhail Glushchenko has been repeatedly brought into the building on the Moika, 86-88, where the staff of Moscow Brigade of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is situated. Investigators’ interest to Khokhol can be attributed to the testimony of ex-deputy of the regional Legislative Session, Andrey Sachs Rybkin, who is now under arrest on charges of involvement in the raider attacks of a restaurant “Petersburgsky ugolok". According to "Fontanka", Rybkin was the first who remembered about the involvement of "Tambovsky" community to the assassination in 1999 of an oil tycoon of the Northwest - Pavel Kapysh.

Investigators hoped to learn new details of the story from Glushchenko, who agreed on co-operation. Allegedly the best known accomplice of Kumarin - Vyacheslav Drokov - convinced him not to scrimp on the revelations; they could talk in the building of the Investigation Department on the embankment of the river Moyka. By the way, such an active repentance of Drokov helped him decrease the term from 15 to 10.5 years and access a colony-settlement.

However, as sources of "Fontanka" informed, on January 17, Glushchenko was delivered at Moyka; he was "... darker the night ... at the very beginning of the conversation Glushchenko even dropped a tear ... He said that over the weekend a stranger visited him in his cell, who showed him a photograph with his five-year daughter, and said that in the case of testimony on Kumarin, she will be gone forever ... "

Listeners were surprised, because up to that moment, nobody knew about the existence of any minor child or her Yugoslav mother, according to Mikhail Ivanovich. Replying the investigators’ probing questions, Khokhol told only that they had met in Spain, and the child was conceived in the Ukraine in secret even from his closest circle.

Of course, after such a story, surveillance cameras in the detention facility number 5 were checked, where special block of Glushchenko was located, however, as they told us ironically ... “there was no record of a man wearing “mask" with a letter in his teeth was not found."

Lawyer of Yury Glushenko Khabarov said he did not know about the story of the daughter of his client. Last week he even had to look for his client, who had been suddenly transferred from the detention ward number 5 to medical block "Kresty". According to the lawyer, even the investigators of the St. Petersburg Investigation Department did not know about movement of Glushchenko from the isolation ward. Therefore, he could not comment on this information.

The lawyer suggested his own version of the movement of Khokhol. Glushchenko refused to cooperate with investigators and testify on Barsukov, Vladykovsky and others, and investigators ostensibly intended to use psychotropic drugs to obtain a confession from him.

Law enforcement officers, who are somehow involved in the investigation of cases around the figure of Kumarin, do not hide the irony about the new applications by Glushchenko.

Indeed, those who have been watching the biography of Glushchenko should remember that in the first criminal case on charges of rape, Glushchenko managed to defend his insanity. And in the early 90's in St. Petersburg, he was arrested in a car with a notorious Yuri Kolchin (sentenced as an organizer of the murder of Galina Starovoitova) and the usual: a grenade and a pistol. Glushenko explained the origin of weapons in writing: he told that at the boxing competitions in Turkey, he was recruited by their intelligence and was ordered to blow up the Zaporozhye Machine-Tool Plant, he has already received the first part of the weapons, but at the second meeting, officers could catch the resident with his help. As a result, only Kolchin was charged for weapons.


The head of the Baltic Financial and Industrial Group, Pavel Kapysh was killed in St Petersburg July 26, 1999. At the corner of University Embankment in broad daylight his motorcade was shot: armored jeep Chevrolet Saburban, which Kapysh was riding, was attacked by grenadier. The only victim was a businessman, one out of 7 security guards was slightly injured and no passers were hurt.

"Fontanka.ru" on 23/01/2011

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