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Gaydamak believes that Jacques Chirac will help him


On January 19, in Paris court about the case of the sale of Soviet weapons to Angola in 1993-2000 will be opened. One of the main accused is a Russian-Israeli businessman Arcadi Gaydamak. According to local media, he requested ex-French President Jacques Chirac to appear for the trial. According to the businessman, while answering his questions Chirac will show that Gaydamak has become a pawn in a political game designed to prevent the election of former Interior Minister Charles Pasqua for the post of head of the state. Businessman claims to be a victim of a "severe legal error" because he had never been a partner of Pierre Falcone, who is accused in the "Angolagate”. Likewise, he stressed that he never was a companion of Pasqua, and did not engage in any arms shipments to Africa. As previously reported by portal IzRus, it is indicated in a 468-page indictment, launched in October 2008, that deals to supply arms to Angola had been carried out illegally in France by the Slovak company ZTZ, owned by Arcadi Gaydamak. The Soviet T-62 tanks, helicopters, warships, mines and ammunition were delivered to Africa. The total amount of contracts concluded in 1993-2000, amounted to 791 million dollars, and, Arkady Gaydamak ostensibly received 185 million of it. 

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