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FSB starts and wins for the prosecution mafia?


Several police officers were arrested during the last week in the Moscow region, Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region is being searched, and central television broadly cover luxurious life of the Moscow region prosecutor and his deputies. In response, Attorney General of Russia holds press conferences, where it defends by blaming its persecutors of the Investigation Committee of Russia in poor performance. It is a matter for the resignation of Attorney General Yuri Chaika. Rumafia.com conducted its own investigation and found out why the management of law enforcement services (Fedral Security Service and the Investigation Committee vs. Prosecutor General of Russia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs) has locked in mortal combat for a little-known businessman Ivan Nazarov.

The whole world holds its breath watching numerous revolutions in the Arab despotisms, and the Russians watch their own much more interesting TV-drama in all the news on TV. They have got a unique opportunity to watch online for the combat of two clans in the law enforcement structures. At least the last five years similar struggle was waged without any noise and spikes in the public field.

And here are the subjects on central TV channels about the leaders of the prosecutor's office, living in luxury cottages and booking for banquets kilograms of black caviar, press conferences accusing the FSS and IC of the Russian Federation in “a mockery of the Constitution”. The stake in this battle is high – not only the position of Attorney General, but also the dominant position of one of the clans in law enforcement system of Russia for the coming years. And generals grappled because of the fate of hitherto unknown 30-year old businessman Ivan Nazarov.

Rumafia correspondent managed to trace the path of this young man from an ordinary heroin merchant to a man who kicks open the doors of the authorities cabinets and having enormous capital.


“Security officials” strike back

It is worth noting that this is not the first clash of two clans, which can extremely conditionally be divided into “security officials” and “liberals”. The first clan is focused on Vladimir Putin, and includes Viktor Ivanov, Vladimir Ustinov, Nikolay Patrushev, Yuri Zaostrovtsev, Alexander Bastrykin, Igor Sechin, Alexander Bortnikov. “Security officials” control the entire oil business, its representatives lead the FSS, IV of the RF,  Federal Drug Control Service, Ministry of Defense. The clan's position is that any dissent in the business environment, in official circles, in politics must be combated by the most decisive ways. “Liberals” tend to Dmitry Medvedev, these include Yuri Chaika, Rashid Nurgaliev, German Gref, Alexey Kudrin, Viktor Khristenko. The clan controls gas business, officials related thereto head Ministry of Internal Affairs, Prosecutor General, Ministry of Finance. It is believed that “liberals” are for the development of democratic institutions in the country and against radical solution to any disputes. However, all this division is very conditional. Totally in the Kremlin and the government there are 10-12 different groups, which depending on the situation participate in a conflict or not. And some leaders and members of both clans have mired in corruption long ago, and therefore are vulnerable to their rivals.

The first such online combat occurred more than ten years ago, in 2000. The conflict that time also because due to one unknown businessman Sergey Zuev, who owned shopping centers “Tri Kita” and “Grand”. Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Customs Committee of the RF announced that they revealed a large channel of smuggling of furniture, which was sold in the Zuev’c shopping centers. And quiet work of illegal channel was ensured by FSS generals.

Prosecutor General's Office, headed at the moment by “security official” Vladimir Ustinov, took all the materials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and closed criminal case. Immediately on the newspaper pages and on television screens a large amount of compromising information appeared on the patrons of smugglers from the security services. Vladimir Putin, who at that time listened to the “liberals” believing that there should be some kind of opposition to “security officials” (he later refused to support “liberals”, believing that they have enough favor from Dmitry Medvedev), appointed to lead a scandalous case of the independent investigator to his good friend Vladimir Loskutov, and operational support was mandated to Federal Drug Control Service, headed at that time by “liberal” Viktor Cherkesov (then “security official” Viktor Ivanov was appointed the head of the Federal Drug Control Service). A stubborn combat was around Zuev for six years until “liberals” finally won. Upon results of investigation, “Tri Kita” owner was arrested, “security forces” – General Attorney Vladimir Ustinov (“liberal” Yury Chaika took his place) and deputy director of the FSS Yuri Zaostrovtsev lost their positions, as well as the group of counterintelligence generals.

Though the victory of “liberals” was only temporary. After recovery from the defeat “security officials” took the offensive immediately. In 2007, Federal Drug Control Service General Alexander Bulbov went to jail who was involved in operational accompaniment of “Tri Kita” case. When “security officials” decided to shift the Finance Minister Alexey Kudrin from his position, his deputy, Sergei Storchak was put into the jail.

Now it is time for decisive struggle, which regarding shifted positions should not be inferior to the battle for Zuev. As the owner of “Tri Kita”, businessman Ivan Nazarov, on a large scale is not a principle figure for both clans. However further investigation may lead to the resignation of Yuri Chaika. Here is the matter of principle – whether “liberals” the year before the presidential election be able to defend “their person” and repel attacks of “security officials” or not.

“Security officials” also use the same methods as “liberals” used “Tri Kita” case. From a legal point of view their attacks are extremely weak. Virtually all attorneys and law enforcement officials, even those who do not like “prosecutors”, believe it is just ridiculous to bring the article 159 of the Criminal Code of the RF (fraud) for the organization of the network of underground clubs with gaming machines. And it was incriminated to Ivan Nazarov. “The investigation insists that gaming machines owned by Nazarov, were reprogrammed so that the chances of winning were minimal. This was the fraud as said one of former General Prosecutor's Office employees.  But gambling is generally prohibited except designated areas, all the rules about how often a person should win are accounting for the legal business, but it is completely clandestine here. What rules can be in the illegal casino? With the same success you can prosecute for fraud that drug dealers, who dilute heroin”.

However, it is obvious that for “security officials” the legal component is not crucial – external effect is the main factor. All newspapers and TV channels have already showed footage with prosecutors, who celebrate anniversaries in luxury restaurants by ordering kilograms of black caviar there, who fly in private planes abroad for the holidays, who build luxury houses on “occupied” Moscow region areas. All such whims of law enforcement officials were paid from the funds controlled by Nazarov.

Prosecutor General's Office flatly refuses to recognize the legitimacy of criminal cases regarding Nazarov and refuses to maintain applications for his arrest in a court. Head of the Main Department for Supervision of investigation of Prosecutor General's Office Andrey Nekrasov had already called the whole situation around the businessman and prosecutors “a mockery of the Constitution”.

From drug dealer to General’ Dima son-in-law

So who is this Ivan Nazarov, around whom so desperate fight between two Kremlin clans developed? As Rumafia managed to find out, Ivan was born in Moscow on Nov. 1, 1980 and his surname at birth was Voshchinin. Version of how he became Nazarov later was told to our correspondent by one businessman in Moscow region. According to his words, his father left the family of Ivan, so the mother gave the child her surname. After many years his father returned and turned out to be Vladimir Nazarov, the co-owner of the Moscow Region basketball club “Dinamo” (his second co-owner is a famous singer Lev Leshchenko). He did his best to help Vanya, and he took the surname from his father as a result.

However, the surname change is mostly connected with other circumstances. According to the information of law enforcement agencies, in the late 1990's and early 2000's a drug dealer Ivan Voshchinin worked in Moscow. From 1999 to 2001 police officers arrested prostitute Natalia Yurtaeva, small criminals Alexey Osipov, Daniil Girnyak, Sergey Nesterkin and a dozen people who were involved in the heroin dealing. They all testified that they got the goods from Vanya Voshchinin. In 2001 his home phone number was put on listening in, all went to the detention of the drug dealer. However, at the last moment he managed to escape from the police, and soon Vanya has become Nazarov, officially changing his surname.

The door to the world of big money and influential friends opened to Ivan his girl friend in early 2000s, named Dasha. More precisely, not herself, but her father – a respected lawyer, Dmitry Yakubowsky, better known as General Dima. The man covered with legends and built a spectacular career for himself accompanied by both the ups and downs.

In 1984 he was a senior consultant of the Presidium of Moscow Bar Association, and since 1987 he became chief secretary of administration of the Moscow prosecutor's office. In 1990 he led the Judiciary Committee for property valuation of Western Group of Forces and since that time he became a figurant of most major scandals involving corruption in the higher echelons of government and the withdrawal of giant capitals overseas. In 1994 Yakubowsky was put into the jail for five years for participation in the theft of manuscripts from the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg.

However, prison term only added weight to General Dima in certain circles. “In prison he often went into the fights with the “authorities” defending his position, constantly found himself in punishment cell because of the conflicts with the administration, this way he won recognition in criminal circles, – told the man who still communicates with Yakubowsky, - He is still a very powerful man, he is able to communicate with the disgraced oligarchs such as Boris Berezovsky and with the remaining persons “in charge”, for example, with Alexander Voloshin. In spite of all he is well received in Kremlin, and is on a first name basis with prosecution representatives of different rank.

Interlocutor of Rumafia correspondent replied this way to the question whether he now sees Yakubowsky as a shadow representative of the authorities or the criminal “authority”: “He just connects that and another”.

And in addicted to the adventures and keen young man Vanya Voshchinin-Nazarov enters General’s Dima family. Yakubowsky immediately has attached him to a businessman from the Pushkin district Valery Kazakov. Kazakov officially owned game halls and restaurants. But it was only the top of the business. In fact, Valery Kazakov in the early to mid-2000s was one of the main communicators between the leaders of Prosecutor General’s Office and businessmen, officials, law enforcement officers from the regions. He could solve almost any law enforcement and judicial problems, and controlled billions of judicial mafia. In 2008 more than a hundred limousines drove at Kazakov’s funeral. Duma deputies, senators, heads of districts and cities, a senior Interior Ministry and Prosecutor General's Office employees came to pay their last tribute to him.


The cut off head on a threshold of Office of Public Prosecutor  

Valery Kazakov was known by absolutely all people in Moscow, though something representing in this life. 
Actually in his face there was a dialogue with all corrupted top of the State Office of Public Prosecutor,  Moscow regional Office of Public Prosecutor, the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region. Just Kazakov explained to businessmen, heads of cities situated near Moscow and areas, to militiamen and regional public prosecutors "the game rules" established above. 

Who of what was guilty and how many should pay for it. Who and whom should appoint the head in various The municipal unitary enterprise. Whom to enter in founders of profitable firm, the market. Who will go on increase and who will leave authorities and law-enforcement structures. "Not consent people" with such rules waited numerous checks, criminal cases, the conclusion in a pre-trial detention centre. So, for example, the head of Pushkin area Vladimir Bashkirtsev has refused to be on friendly terms with "public prosecutor's", and he was brought at once the action, during a consequence the official has endured a stroke and as a result has left the post. By means of criminal cases cleaned also another "not consent person" – the mayor of Frjazino Vladimir Uhalkin.    

As a result under control "public prosecutor's" there was a considerable part of "tidbits" in Moscow suburbs: the gaming, sandy open-cast mines, ranges of destruction of garbage, the grounds intended for building etc. As grew in the posts public prosecutor's curators of Kazakov, its powers increased also. By 2007 heads of Offices of Public Prosecutor and divisions SEC (on struggle against economic crimes) began tens to come to Moscow suburbs from Southern Federal District (from Sochi, Mineral waters, the Caucasian republics). All of them wanted to discuss with Kazakov, and accordingly, with representatives of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, destiny of various criminal cases, possibility of appointment to this or that post, other questions. The businessman too began to go often to business trips, constantly expanding geography of the activity. All this process was accompanied by transfer from hand to hand suitcases with money.  


At such employment of Kazakov began to involve in conducting scale business of Ivan Nazarov. As a result Ivan Nazarov began to operate in the beginning gambling institutions and restaurants in Moscow suburbs, and then and has started to help to resolve various non-staff situations between representatives of law enforcement bodies situated near Moscow and businessmen. However, so far as concerned the large sums, for good reason undertook personally Kazakov. Ivan to a new role «solver of question» has accustomed quickly enough, especially the father-in-law General Dima was always ready to help him.

From small drug dealer Voshchinin-Nazarov has turned to the succeeding businessman and the collector of the collection of antiques. Yakubovsky and Kazakov have reduced him with many heads of  Moscow regional Office of Public Prosecutor and the State Office of Public Prosecutor, and also with influential businessmen. Among Nazarov's acquaintances there was Boris Berezovsky (as we have already written, General Dima till keeps in touch with the oligarch also). Ivan some times took out representatives of Moscow regional Office of Public Prosecutor to have a rest to France on Berezovsky's yachts. Those yachts which have been arrested one of these days on demand of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation. Also he carried out various commissions of the disgraced oligarch in Moscow. Nazarov has become very intimate and with Berezovsky's old colleague antiquary Yemelyan Zaharov who has in turn acquainted the young man with "authority" Alimzhan Tohtahunov more known, as Tajvanchik (Zaharov and Tohtahunov are co-founders of  firms "Artels" and "Arcade"). Under the influence of these people, Ivan began to collect a collection of painting and icons itself. However, despite all these communications, he continued to remain in the shadow of Valery Kazakov while that he has not killed.


In 2008 public prosecutor's «have taken notice» of the large market located in Pushkin area of Moscow suburbs. To explain to owners of "game rule" have charged to same Kazakov who has ordered to enter into structure of founders of the market of the people named him. «Public prosecutor's »have not considered one: the market was supervised by really bloody two"authorities"Andrey Vershinin (Top) and Dmitry Lesnjakov (Wood). The first in 1990 was one of the most bloody insurgents ореховской groupings, and the second supervised in those days over a gang of killers, on which to the account of ten victims. They could worry and numerous criminal wars, and arrests of all nearest colleagues. As a result the last all stages of natural and unnatural selection have settled "authorities" in Pushkin area, in parallel they kept control of a number of objects in Krasnodar territory. According to field investigators, Wood and Top continued to solve all questions, as in 1990 – with the help such  “boys "," the marksman », pistols and automatic machines.


On August, 1st, 2008 Valery Kazakov left city Office of Public Prosecutor Pushkino when “Wood” and “Top” have approached to him up in arms. In broad daylight they have shot the businessman, and then the hunting knife have actually cut off a head from a body. Businessmen situated near Moscow consider till now that it was the demonstrative certificate – a head at steps of Office of Public Prosecutor. However, on interrogations Lesnjakov (he was arrested last year on charge in murder of Kazakov, «the thief in the law» Alik Minaljan and a number of other crimes) has declared that head cutting has been caused by "necessity". Ostensibly at "authorities" cartridges have come to an end, and the victim still submitted life signs.


After death of Kazakov there was a question on the one who becomes his receiver. However, here both public prosecutor's, and militiamen, and Yakubovsky were unanimous – anybody Ivan Nazarov with this role will not consult better.  

Public prosecutor's Organised Сriminal Group and "homosexuals"  

By the time of when Kazakov has been killed, and his place was occupied with Voshchinin-Nazarov, the vertical of a public prosecutor's mafia has already been built, natives of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Shchelkovo area of Moscow suburbs and Dmitry Yakubovsky's proteges entered into it mainly. According to special services, the hierarchy Organized  public prosecutor groupings looks as follows (we will name it for convenience in abbreviated form – OPPG).

The Leader of the OPPG is the head of the Main organizational-inspection management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Sindeev once beginning his career in the Shchelkovo area. In most GP he is named «the grey cardinal» without which approval almost any personnel appointments are impossible. As a result Sindeev has put on all key posts in Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow suburbs of the proteges, and then he has begun gradual "capture" and Offices of Public Prosecutor of Moscow. His "proteges" hold responsible posts in Office of Public Prosecutor of Krasnodar territory and a number of other regions. GP also «under an outset» is hammered by personnel representatives of interests of Sindeev. On the importance in this department with him, except for general public prosecutor Yury Chajki who completely trusts Sindeev, can be compared only the first assistant to the general public prosecutor Alexander Buksman and the assistant to the general public prosecutor Victor Grin.

 «The person №2» in OPPG is too the native of the Shchelkovo Office of Public Prosecutor Alexander Ignatenko, holding the post of the first assistant to the general public prosecutor of Moscow Region. This person in every way tries to show the riches when he is not in a uniform. On hands a Swiss watch from precious metals from 100 thousand euro (more often Ulysse Nardin Tourbillon), in a pocket platinum phone Vertu etc. Almost every month Ignatenko goes by the private plane rented by Ivan Nazarov, abroad. Favourite places: Seychelles, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, France. Ignatenko has the dense communications with the State Office of Public Prosecutor and besides Sindeev. His son is the old business partner of the son of public prosecutor Yury Chajki. According to one businessman situated near Moscow, offsprings of public prosecutor's heads supervise the consulting company which took part in capture of some Pulp-and-paper industrial complex, metal works, transport companies.

 «The person №3» in OPPG – the public prosecutor of Moscow suburbs Alexander Mohov who began the career all in the same Shchelkovo Office of Public Prosecutor. «If I did not know, who actually Mohov I has decided that it the fair person, – has told Rumafia the businessman facing the public prosecutor of Moscow Region personally, – Any manners of the oligarch as at Ignatenko, he is dressed modestly, behaves too frostily, without  ponts. However, Vanja Nazarov (to Mohovu in 2010 60 years were executed exactly), always entered into an office of the public prosecutor without knock and behaved with it extremely familiarly».

Last year Mohov celebrated the anniversary in a big way – in sanatorium "Pine forest" has gathered more than 120 visitors, has been ordered some kg of black caviar, platform stars acted. All this magnificence by in 10 million roubles (nearby $350 000), was paid by Ivan Nazarov. Mohov during usual time tries not to show the riches, being put in real estate. He owns a townhouse in Troitsk, cottages in the Shchelkovo and Istrinsky areas. And now completes huge private residence on Rublevka. Mohov planned to drive there already in the new status. In the middle of February the assistant attorney-general on the Central federal district Vladimir Malinovsky should pass to work in Presidential Administration, and Sindeev has already prepared all necessary that released the place was occupied with Mohov. In turn Alexander Ignatenko should become the public prosecutor of Moscow suburbs. However, these shifts were prevented by employees of FSB and Investigating Committee the Russian Federations which have arrested Nazarov and given publicity a role of the high-ranking public prosecutors in his business, and also their magnificent life which obviously is not corresponding to officially declared incomes approximately in 1,2 million of roubles year (nearby $38 000). 

Next in POPG hierarchy you will find Ivan Nazarov with a group of so called “youngsters” -prosecutors (most of them are in their 30ies or close), all protegees of Yakubovsky, Sindeev and Ignatenko. 

To be more precise: Prosecutor of Krasnogorsk – Eugene Puzanov, Prosecutor of Istra – Mikhail Popkov, Prosecutor of Pushkino – Ruslan Rezumenko, Prosecutor of Noginsk – Vladimir Glebov, Prosecutor of Odintsovo – Roman Nimeshchenko (he is a little older than his colleagues), Head of Moscow Region Prosecutor’s Office #15 Dmitri Yrumov, Prosecutor of Serpukhov – Oleg Bazylyan, and Pavel Sedoikin – head of Regional Environmental Prosecutor’s Office. All those “youngsters” -prosecutors call “Godfather” Ignatenko their “Father” behind his back. 

“If you don’t know what they are, you would take them for regular socialites (party people)”, a source who spent a few vacations with the prosecutors’ crowd told our reporters. – You would find the most expensive clothes, watches, phones, cars. They only hang out in sophisticate clubs and restaurants. Kisses, hugs, slaps. They take private jets to most exclusive resorts abroad.  To an outsider, they will look like typical “golden youth” . According to the same source, Ivan Nazarov and Dmitri Yrumov are the most close friends in this group. “They have always spent time together, almost inseparable. They would appear after midnight in one of the most expensive clubs, many businessmen, especially family ones, would find this annoying. A lot of imes they would look weird, I suspect they used cocaine. They acted like celebrities – with ever present smiles on their faces, a bit of gayness. And even though they are not gay, people started referring to them as ones. When they found out, they ere not upset, but used this word to refer to themselves. Nazarov was heard saying at the party: “Where is my gay partner?” 

By the way, when a few years ago, Nazarov was considered not cool enough, he would feel offended, like a child. Not long before his arrest, Nazarov purchased a yellow Lamborghini with a license plate М555ММ from his former father-in-law (Yakubovsky). One of the officials said teasing him: Why couldn’t have they given you a cooler license plate? Don’t they appreciate you?” Ivan got very upset.

With compromising materials – into the President's Residence 


For a long period of time, Stanislav Buyanskiy, Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Region,  had been one of the active members of POPG mafia as well as one frequent party. In 2001, Buyanskiy, 21 at the time, came to work for Prosecutor’s Office of Odintsovo District. One of his first assignments was inquiry into investigation materials in Dmitri Yakubovskiy’s case. General Dima who was released from prison in 1999, took part in brutal beating of some businessman. After conferring with an experienced attorney, Buyanski made one of the most important decisions in his life – he signed a denial to initiate criminal proceedings in that case. Yakubovskiy couldn’t fail to notice this act and Byanskiy’s career literally skyrocketed after that. At the age of 24, he became a senior prosecutor (international commissions) at the Russian Federation Prosecutor’s Generals Office, and at the age of 28, he became Deputy Prosecutor of Moscow Region.

Despite his position, POPG leaders did not signle out Buyanskiy among other “youngsters” – prosecutors – not in the hierarchy of POPG, not money wise. 

One of Buyanskiy’s former colleagues said: “Stanislav is not a very smart person, by extremely ambitious. At some point in his life Buyanskiy decided that he is capable of becoming Prosecutor of Moscow Region, one of the leaders of the group and the one who would be getting a lion’s share of income. He started preparing a “coup”, collecting compromising materials on his colleagues and phonetapping their conversations. Yakubovskiy found out about it. He used to consider Buyanskiy his friend and protegee. They even had their summer cottages next to each other, next to Gorki 9, President’s residence in Odintsovo District.

As a result, they had an unpleasant conversation which ended physical. His other colleagues also found out about what he did and in a moment he turned into an outcast. Buyanskiy was seriously concerned about his life, but decided to go on with the game where his bid was everything he had. At first Deputy Prosecutor’s plan was to put on Youtube a video message to the president to denounce his former colleagues. Buyansky figured that after that they would lose their jobs, and he, being a fierce fighter against corruption, will get a promotion. But then he decided to act differently. 

Deputy Prosecutor decided instead to talk about the corruption to Archpriest Vladimir Volgin, who is also the spiritual father of Russian President's wife, Svetlana Medvedeva, and talks to the President himself. He promised to arrange a meeting with the President, where Buyanskiy could pass all the materials he had. But something went wrong.  While waiting for the president at the chapel at Gorki 9 "(Volgin took him there), a young man was detained by Federal Security Service. 

Having found out about this, “youngsters” – prosecutors hurried to pass the information to the media and making fun of Buyanskiy. It sounded like Deputy Prosecutor either got crazy or drunk and somehow and broke into President’s residence. After that Buyanskiy made an attempt to expose his fomer colleagues, but nobody took him seriously. As a result, he left abroad fearing retaliation, and has been living there.

Don’t want to deal with “Glamour” representative. 

Prosecutors mafia problems have really started after Valery Kazakov’s death. Many businessmen did not want to deal with Ivan Nazarov. “Everybody knew and respected Valera, he was a real, understanding person, the person you would want to deal with”, said one of the Moscow region businessmen. “And here comes some type of glamour guy in trendy jeans and tight shirt and starts “bending fingers”. You would not really want to give anything to this type of guy, to be quiet honest with you.

As a result, at the very beginning, people would literally line up at the front of Ignatenko’s office to confirm Nazarov’s powers. Alexander Shestun, head of Serpukhov Region, playing by the rules up to that point, has become one of Vania’s and other prosecutors’ guys worst enemies. Enlisting the support of the FSB, he started writing down all of his negotiations with Nazarov and Ignatenko.

And then they started arresting people. The first was Sergei Abrosimov, Chief Deputy at the Prosecutor General's Office in the Southern Federal District on October 3, 2009. (he used to be Prosecutor of Serpukov Region). They put handcuffs on him, shen Sergei came to get 5 mln roubles from Shestun. Abrosimov had never been an active POPG mafia member, even though his appointment was thanks to Sindeev’s recommendation. He might have been just one of the close people.

And then the final blow came on October 5, 2009. On that day Nazarov was to pick up from Shestun $2 mln and the papers confirming that head of the region put one of his own people in charge of the department.  When leaving, they wanted to put handcuffs on Vanya. But POPG then beat the secret service.  On October 5, Elena Bazanov, Shestun’s Deputy was arrested instead on the grounds of bribery. 

It took secret service more than a year and a half to prepare a new operation against the “prosecutors’ gang. On February 13, 2011 Nazarov was arrested and detained at the Sheremetyevo Airport, where he arrived along with Ignatenko from one of his famous voyages. However, the Prosecutor General's Office is not going to give up and is making efforts to release Vanya and protect the other "prosecutors". They realize that ,should they lose, it’s not only Yuri Chaika, who will be in jeopardy, but the entire clan of 'liberals'. It looks like the solutions to this conflict can only be found during informal talks between Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev

Sam Ippkinn,

Kate Finn


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